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What happens when a doctor isn't all good?

Short Story Not for children under 13.

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“Mom, it's gonna be okay. Just keep breathing. The doctor will heal you,” Mallory frantically pleaded.

She had rushed from her house in the middle of a farm with cornfields in the middle of the night to take her mother to the doctor’s house. Her brother, Alik, had woken her up because her mother had fallen off her bed and stopped breathing. She kept convulsing. Mallory was scared at first but Alik had told her to be strong and had stuck her in the back of the car to comfort her mom.

They made it there within ten minutes. Dr. Sidero rushed the mom to the side patients room and told the brother to watch over her. He needed Mallory to go help him gather supplies.


Once in the back room, Dr. Sidero shut and locked the door, then flipped the lights off. Dr. Sidero had no plans to help their mom. He had only wanted Mallory. He stripped his clothes off and moved towards her. She felt him and started to panic. Things only escalated after that.

Alik was still trying to help his mother. She had started feeling a lot of pain and soon after she just kept screaming at the top of her lungs. With his mother yelling as loud as she was, he didn’t hear his sisters shriek.

That night Mallory lost her innocence and her mother. Alik blamed himself, but Mallory tried to console. Never did she tell him about the doctor. She concealed her pregnancy until it was time to time to give birth.

Exactly nine months later, Mallory was once again screaming from pain. Alik had no idea what to do and didn’t understand what was wrong. Finally Mallory told him that she was pregnant and needed to go to a hospital.

“There are no hospitals around here. We would have to drive an hour, but I don’t think you will make it that long and I don’t think I could help with your birth process. Ew,” Alik stated while grimacing.

“B-but I can wait an hour. I c-c-can just explain what to do. It’ll b-be okay,” Mallory exclaimed through sobs. She was reliving the memories of how this baby came to be and was hormonal.

“No, you can not last that long. We are taking you to Dr. Sidero. He can help you. He tried to help mom, but I failed. So he will help you.”

“NO, NO, NO, Please don’t. I don’t want to go to him. I can’t. I need a hospital,” Mallory repeated over and over.

“Sis, come on. We need to get you to him. Ugh, god you are heavy when you wanna be. Quit fighting me. You know you want this baby out of you.”

Alik drags Mallory to his Volkswagen Microbus and gently sets her in the back seat. He then throws a blanket on her which she chucks back at him. She continually kicks and screams the next ten minutes. Alik tries to comfort her, when he noticed Dr. Sidero was driving on the other side of the road.

Alik jumps out of the Microbus and flags Dr. Sidero down. Dr. Sidero stops and asks what’s wrong. Alik opens up the Microbus door and points at his sister with a worried glance. Dr. Sidero laughs to himself but keeps his composure. Alik and Dr. Sidero lift Mallory out of the Microbus and set her down next to the cornfield. Much to both of their displeasure, she starts kicking at anything she can reach. She was refusing to let Dr. Sidero even get within two feet of her.

Finally Dr. Sidero tells Alik to go to his office and grab pain pills and anaesthesia. Alik hops back into the Microbus and floors it. He wants to get to town as fast as possible and grab what he needs. He knows his sister needs it and doesn’t want to be at fault for her death, like his mother.

While Alik was out, Dr. Sidero smiled menacingly at Mallory.

“Oh child, how good fate has been to me.”

“No, NO!” she screamed as he pulled out a knife.

“Don’t worry, I have changed my ways. The knife is for your c-section. Now don’t move, if you do, the baby might not make it.”

As much as Mallory wanted to run away, she had to think about her baby. She took a deep breath and shut her eyes. Dr. Sidero moved closer and started cutting. At first, it didn’t seem too bad until he started running the knife along her stomach. She screamed in pain and didn’t even notice the baby was out of her. She at last saw the baby, lying a few feet from her.

“Ok, the baby is out, now help me!” Mallory wailed.

“Be patient, I have to tend to the baby first, just lay still and shut your eyes.”

Mallory obeyed and just laid there, waiting and waiting. She opened her eyes and saw a faint outline. She was just about to ask about Alik when she felt another plunge into her stomach. Dr. Sidero stood up and smiled at his work.

Alik, on the other hand, couldn’t find pain pills or anaesthesia in Dr. Sidero’s office. He hopped back into the Microbus and was almost about to drive further, until he heard a faint scream. Alik floored it back to find his sister, fearing she or the baby was hurt.

Just before Dr. Sidero put Mallory into his car, the baby started crying uncontrollably. Dr. Sidero did everything he could, but it just wouldn’t stop. He finally cut off a piece of Mallory’s stomach and shoved it into the baby’s mouth.

“Stupid baby, why must I waste my dinner on you,” he grumbled.

Realizing that the stomach left some blood on the baby blanket, he decided to make good use of it. He used the blood to write the name Crimson on the blanket. He suddenly heard the sound of a car and panicked at the thought of it being Alik. Dr. Sidero left the baby and drove off with Mallory’s corpse in the backseat.

Alik finally made it back, and jumped out of the Microbus. He stood there stunned by what he saw. The doctor, Mallory, the doctor’s car had disappeared. He walked further and found the baby. He scooped up the baby as tears rolled down his face. How could I have let this happen? How could I have been so stupid? He wiped the tears from his eyes only to see a word written on a blanket.

“Crimson,” he spoke aloud, “if that’s what fate shall name you, then I’ll name you Crimson too.” He and Crimson got back into the Microbus and drove home.

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The End

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