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Tan Xing, the only flawless daughter of General Schutz, lives a carefree life with a boy, raised by wolves. Loves sparks between them....she decides to bring her lover, whom she named Wolfie, into her world. What happens when she has to push Wolfie away inorder to protect him? Will she hate the world for killing her love? She's caught with the tragic death of her father. Going through thick and thin to avenge him, she discovers her father's killer is her lover, Wolfie, whose identity has completely changed. He was the well known terrific Lord Gade, whom everyone feared and crawled before him for mercy, the foster son of Emperor Wang.

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Chapter One

I've always lived a carefree life, being the Princess of Wangu City and the only daughter of General Schutz, life has always been in my favour. Even though being bullied by my half-brother and his mom was aweful, my life still had meaning because of two people. One was my dad, he always supported and took my side in every way possible. Second was my friend raised by wolves. He didn't have a name so I named him 'Wolfie'.

Wolfie and I went through a lot together, especially when I saved him and his family from the people's attacks. People from my hometown, always went to the Wangu Mountain, to hunt down wolves. They depended on the wolves' meat, as a source of income. I had tried my best to lure them away from the mountain, this way Wolfie was going to be safe.....but for how long.

My dad being the City Owner of Wangu, had to deal with the people's worries and needs.

"Your highness, it has been proven that there's a Wolf Monster residing on Wangu Mountain.." said one of the wolf hunters.

"We haven't hunted down any wolf meat for the whole year and our businesses are crumbling.. please your highness, help us...." The hunter said kneeling and bowing down before my father several times.

I had told my dad about Wolfie and his family of wolves, living on Wangu Mountain, so my dad took it as priority to stop harming the wolves for my sake. So each time wolf hunters approached my dad with this issue, ofcourse! My dad advised them to take up another job and that he was ready to help them out to build up another business. Things went on smoothly for Wolfie and his family, but once my dad went out for war, with my half-brother controlling affairs in my dad's absence, I was so scared he would take a rash decision, so I had to take precautions.....

"Little Master, some of our men were seriously injured after being to Wangu Mountain, they said they were attacked by the 'Wolf Monster'....." An old man spoke out from the rioting crowd. The people were so scared to death, I was happy my plan went to succession.

"Little Master... please save us.. please save us... please...." The rioting crowd cried out numerous times. My half-brother was confused, not knowing what to do, I could say he was really inexperienced when it came to handling political affairs.

"Everyone calm down, I can assure you that there's no Wolf Monster on that Mountain...it's just a myth.." The people cried out louder after listening to his words.

"Master, we can't continue like this, how can you say there's no Wolf Monster, our men were wounded upon returning from the mountain"

"It's said that the Wolf Monster is protecting the wolves', we don't have another means of survival..."

"Quiet! I understand your plea but there isn't any Monster on that Mountain, so you guys should continue with your hunt...This matter shouldn't be heard of again" said Tan Wei, my half-brother.

l had to do something about this, I couldn't let the people go back to Wangu Mountain.

I marched up to Country Office, where Tan Wei and his mom were. I stood at the centre, gaining everyone's attention, he's expression changed at the sight of me. But I ignored it anyway. After eavesdropping on their conversation, I had to find a way.....

"Little brat! what are you doing here?" He shouted out loud. I smiled softly at him, seeing that he was arrogant and proud, I knew I could use that against him.

"You called me little brat...you can't even handle the people's problem but you dare insult me, you're just like me..."


"How dare you insult me, as the heir of Wangu City, I can handle all their problems..." He spoke out confidently.

Yes! this is what I wanted....

"You're just a woman, you know nothing on polical affairs, so Get Out Of My Sight" He said in sharp tone.

"No need yelling brother, you just said I'm a woman.... Ofcourse I am. And because of that, I can't go up to fight the Wolf Monster on my own, it needs the bravest....Are you?" I looked merily at him, seeing him furious and burning with anger made me know I was on track. He looked at the people then at me, contemplating on what to do next.

"Ofcourse, I'm brave and I don't have to prove it to you" He said. I knew he doubted his words. Looking at the murmuring crowd behind me, I assured them that their Little Master was going to kill the Wolf Monster.

"You stupid girl, how dare you try to put your brother in danger...." My Stepmom cried out.

"Danger? Ofcourse not, my brother here is a brave warrior and is ready to serve the people. The word DANGER should be erased and replaced with SERVICE....." I turned to my brother, wanting to get his response. "Isn't it true... brother" His expression of fright changed to being willful.

"I don't need to go...... because there's no Wolf Monster.." He said sharply. The crowd cried out for him to bring them justice.

"You see brother Wei, the people trust you, you're their only Saviour, why be a weakling...."


"I'm not a weakling...you brat!!how dare you insult me.." He said rising up to his feet.

"Then prove it!Go up the Mountain, as the brave son you claim to be.....and hunt down the Monster, then the people will believe in you...." I spoke out confidently, walking up to the bitter crowd, they yelled out in unison, "We'll believe in you, if you kill the Monster..."

"We'll believe in you if you kill the Monster..." The people cried out repeatedly. Ofcourse, he needed the people's support as the to-be Crown Prince of Wangu City.....

"Fine!I will go up the Mountain and tame the Monster, but I won't let you off easily once I find out there's no Wolf Monster.." His death gaze met mine. His mom stood up and whispered something in his ear. I wondered what they were debating on.

"Are you sure you can do this, she's surely trying to bring you down."

"Don't worry Mother, there's no Wolf Monster, once I come back, I will teach her a lesson she won't ever forget"

" Good!"she said at ease.

Tan Wei walked up to me majestically, he stopped inches away from me, drawing out his sword to my face, he planted it by my neck....Was he threatening me?

"Safe journey, brother.." I said giving him a soft smile.

"Wait until I come back for you..." He said redrawing his sword away, placing it back in its shaft, as he walked away towards the door.

"If you're afraid, I can follow you...." I said confidently, with my hands thrust behind my back. I quietly walked up to him. His death gaze met mine again, he hated me more for indulging him in this. I could survive his attacks, he couldn't do more as long as my dad was there.

He walked away without saying a word, I knew for sure he wouldn't appreciate my help because I had my own plans.....

My first plan act went well as I expected. I needed a better one to scare him and his soldiers off....

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The End

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