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Based on a true fact, the text talks about the danger of communication between an aircraft and the command tower when the radio frequency is intercepted by a pirate radio.

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Pirate Radio

Interference by pirate radios in other communications especially in a major city can cause serious and even disastrous problems. For as if the daily difficulties that Brazilian pilots must face when landing their planes at Congonhas airport, which is right in the middle of the giant city of São Paulo, full of skyscrapers everywhere, are not enough, imagine the despair of these professionals when during communication with the command tower, they receive some divine calls because of the interference of some of these pirate radios. Besides the extra attention they must have to bring the aircraft to the ground safely, they must also filter which instruction comes from the tower and which comes from God's messenger. And which one should they take into consider!? And so was the landing of flight 3756, returning from somewhere in the south of Brazil to the domestic airport of São Paulo, on a day of bad weather and poor visibility. The pilots literally stood between heaven and earth.

(PILOT TO COMMAND TOWER) - "Requesting landing permission flight 3756...."

(INTERFERENCE) - "It is Jesus Christ, it is the LORD....LET US PRAY, GOD CALLS YOU"

(PILOT TO COMMAND TOWER) - "Flight 3756...we're having radio interference problems...permission awaiting."

(INTERFERENCE) - "Brothers.... hear the word of God. It comes now to you.... hold hands...LET’S PRAY..."

(PILOT TO COMMAND TOWER) - "Flight 3756...awaiting permission..."

(COMMAND TOWER) - "Good afternoon Flight 3756, there is a heavy traffic. Please wait about 3 minutes".

(PILOT for PASSENGERS) - "Dear passengers, we were just informed, that because of heavy traffic, we must await around three minutes to descend. The weather in São Paulo is not good, it is raining, and the temperature is about 23 Celcius degrees”.

(PILOT to CO-PILOT) - "What a horrible weather! We can't see anything".

(INTERFERENCE) - "Listen to the voice of God and trust him: "When you say: I don't see a way out, God says: I will guide your steps". Proverbs 3:5-6".

(CO-PILOT to PILOT) - "Let it be so!"

(PILOT to Co-PILOT) - "Let it be so, what?"

(CO-PILOT to PILOT) - "May God guide our steps and help us land in this bad weather," said the co-pilot laughing.

(PILOT to CO-PILOT) - "This is crazy. Write down that interference in the logbook". ...and then pilot and co-pilot heard the loud voice of the interference.


(PILOT TO COMMAND TOWER) - "Flight 3756, 3 minutes have passed, we are still waiting for permission to land”.

(INTERFERENCE) - "Brothers, come to the kingdom of the LORD...."

(COMMAND TOWER) - "Flight 3756, landing permission granted”.

(INTERFERENCE) - "Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. My yoke is easy, and my burden is light".

(PILOT to CO-PILOT) - "And now, do we follow God's command or the tower’s one? I hope we have understood correctly. Let us go down", said the pilot in a joking way, with the confidence that he had, yes, understood correctly the message from the tower.

(PILOT to PASSENGERS) - "Dear passengers, we have just received permission to descend. Please fasten your seat belts".

(INTERFERENCE) - "And the LORD has punished those who did not follow his command".

(A frightened passenger) - "May God protect us"!

(PILOT for PASSENGERS) - "Dear passengers, we have just landed in São Paulo".


(PILOT FOR PASSENGERS) - "For your safety, keep your seat belts fastened until the aircraft has stopped completely".

(CO-PILOT to PILOT) - "And let us pray tonight to thank the Lord for guiding us to the runway safely," said the co-pilot relieved and laughing at the danger already overcome!

(PILOT TO CO-PILOT) - "No doubt! Amen".

(The same terrified passenger) - "Thanks to our good Lord, we are safe on dry land! Tomorrow I go to church to pray and give thanks".

It is definitely a miracle that so many planes have managed to arrive intact in Congonhas in the midst of so many welcome messages from God's radio!

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Margot Schneider Margot Schneider é o pseudônimo adotado pela escritora brasileira, nascida em Santos. Mudou-se para São Paulo, estudou Ciências da Computação o que lhe permitiu mais tarde trabalhar como desenvolvedora de sistemas de informação na Suíça, onde mora desde o ano 2000. A escritora adora tocar piano, violão, ler, viajar, conhecer gente, conversar, aprender outras culturas, novas línguas e atualmente só usa os computadores para trocar e-mails e escrever, mais uma paixão descoberta.

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