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Part 1

NOV. 23. 2025

A Tournament had been announced…All who would fight and wanted a challenge would be allowed to participate. All you needed was to be 16 or older and new how to battle…

CHAPTER 1 Assemble The Challenge

Naioko Kenza was a young man with golden hair and aqua blue eyes. He was a magic caster that studied magic for years. He had heard rumors of an upcoming tournament in Japan so he planned to leave Saturday which was three days away…

Kenza sat on his bed reading through his spell book when a sudden knock came at his door. He used psychic magic to levitate his book back into a drawer next to his bed. When he used the psychic levitation ability, the item would be outlined with a purple light as it drifted across the air.

He opened the door to find his girlfriend Mioda Arusaki waiting at his door. She had purple hair with hazel eyes along with freckles on her face. “Hey Mioda, surprised to see you here”

“What do you mean? Of course I’d come visit you as often as I can”

“Right, so how’s your week been? I’m planning to leave for an event on Saturday”

What!? You were going to leave and you didn’t even tell me!?” He held her close holder her as she lightly hit his abdomen. “Even if it was for a short time, you should’ve let me know!”

“Mioda, you have two days with me before I go, it’s not like I’m leaving in a few hours” She just buried her face into his black shirt as he hugged her. She looked up at him responding: “Well, lucky for you, I have some time off so I can go with you to where every you’re going!”

“Eh, I don’t think you wanna go to where I’m headed”

“Why not!?” She protested. He patted her head responding: “I heard about an upcoming fighting tournament in Japan so I thought I would join. Not sure what the prize is, but just in it for the challenge and do something exciting”

“Are you saying I can’t join cuz I’m a girl!?”

“No, that’s not it, I just don’t want you getting hurt if you end up going up against someone that’s too difficult. Trust me, I’m sure I’ll be in bad shape by the end of the tournament…but that won’t keep me from trying”

She looking into his eyes and smiled before kissing his cheek. “Fine, I’ll stay here and wait for you to get back”

“Thx Mioda”


Naioko Kenza prepared for the 14 hour flight as he sat in his seat while other passengers put away there belongs and found their seats. He decided to wait until it was getting dark to study his spell book. He wasn’t sure how average people would react to a boy reading a spell book. Even though it wasn’t the middle ages, people did have a tendency to overreact to minor things no matter what they were…

As it grew dark, he watched as the last bit of sunlight vanished under the horizon. Making sure no one was focusing on him, he reached into his black book bag under his seat, pulling out his brown hardcover book of spells. The cover of the book had a purple star in the center with the title:

Spells Of all Magic

The young man opened it to the table of contents, the light above him on to help him read. The spells were in order of type of magic and tier. A tier was a ranking system of how advanced each spell was. His spells ranged from 1st tier-7th tier. He was sure magic went up to 11th, but couldn’t find any spells in that class. The highest he was able to find were a few from 8th tier.

7th and higher was considered legendary, nearly god-like magic that very few magic users could reach and the fact there weren’t many wizards and other casters, the chance of him finding a high tier magic user was about 5%...

Finally at about 6:00 AM, the plane pulled into it’s gate, Naioko was a little groggy from only sleeping a few hours, but by the time he was off the plane, he began to wake up. An abrupt hand touched his shoulder. He turned around to see his partner smirking at him before giving him a big hug. “Since when were you on the flight!?” She giggled, telling him she managed to get a seat on the same flight even with there only being three seats left.

(Hmph, seems I’ll have to practice that aura sensing ability so I can keep track of her when she’s near by. Though, at my current state, I’m sure I’ll only be able to locate her when she’s in a 20 meter range or so) “Please tell me you’re not participating in the fight”

“Obviously, I flew all the way here, might as well join in the fun” Kenza placed his hand over his face shaking his head, but didn’t have time making a scene at an airport, so he made his way to the baggage claim to retrieve his stuff and waited for Mioda to get hers…

After taking a taxi to the location of the tournament to make sure they new where it was being held, they got a room in a hotel nearby. It was busy with other people either coming to watch, or fight in the tournament…

The Following Day…

There was great hype for the upcoming event. Many crowded the arena from the outside toward the entrance. A guard in front of the line told all who weren’t participating in the fights to remain outside in an orderly and allow the participants through. Naioko and Mioda squeezed past several people before making their way to the front.


“Naioko Kenza”

“Mioda Arusaki” The man dressed in a black suit wrote their names down on a holographic clipboard before allowing them through. The pair made their way inside, finding themselves in a long hallway with windows aligning the left side. As they proceeded down the hall, they could see the fighting arena blow them, a large square made of black tiles that took up about 6,200 square feet, plenty of space for long range fighting or gaining distance on your opponent.

Passing the arena at the end of the hall they came to a large door that said: “Rooms” They found a large living room area with two doors, to the left was the men’s sleeping quarters, and to the right was the women’s. She wrapped her arms around his right arm leaning on him. Just then an A.I robot that was about five feet came out from the men’s quarters.

“Welcome to the warrior’s domain, we hope you have a nice stay and fight your hardest in the coming battles. My data tells me the first match is scheduled to begin in…an hour. So make sure you’re ready by the time your fight begins. Female and male participants are allowed in their partner’s rooms, but if they are causing issues, they will be given one warning, then suspended from the tournament. One more thing, each fight will be randomly selected for our schedule and will be featured on our T.V screens in all domain rooms”

They watched as the little robot left by pushing open the door with it’s claw hand. Mioda was now happy they were allowed to be in the same room together aside from the public living area. They looked at the small holographic screen on the desk in the middle wall of the room to see their names. Their room number was right beside them. Arusaki put her stuff in her room then went over to Naioko’s room where he laid on his queen-sized bed with black sheets and white pillows.

She landed on top of him, nearly knocking the wind out of him. Easy babe, I could be the first match and need to be at 100%” She giggle as she laid on top of him, snuggling into him while the A.C blew a cold breeze throughout the room. Not long after, they heard others beginning to enter their rooms. Kenza noticed a clock that read 5:00 PM, he set it for 5:55 PM in case he needed a few minutes to ready himself…

The young fighter awoke to his alarm going off, startling his girlfriend in the process. “Time to check the roster” He told her, shaking his head to wake up more. The T.V in their room had the schedule up. Naioko only bothered looking out the first three rounds…“Seems as though I’m not fighting for awhile, that’ll give me extra time to perfect my skills and better ready myself”

“Same, I don’t see my name on the first few rounds either. I expected to be dragged into the 1st or 2nd match” They made their way out into the living area where plenty of fighters were preparing for their fight. Others who didn’t have a scheduled match decided to sit on the black leather furniture in the middle of the room to watch the fight on the large flat screen above the fire place.

At that moment the screen switched to the black-shiny marble stage with their host standing in the center. “Welcome one and all to the first ever Sukioma tournament of warriors! For those participating in this event, I thank you for your want for a challenge and can assure you there’ll be plenty. Now, I know you all came here for a fight so I’ll finish up by introducing our first combatants: First up we have Hemori Keoto!”

They all watched as a dark-haired man stepped onto the top-left corner of the stage. He wore a white formal suit with a black rose. Some found it odd, but when it came to fighting, it was mainly about technique and fighting experience, not so much as clothing. A blade could be seen at his side in a scabbard, the usual thing that held a blade.

The young warrior held his right hand up for the crowd before lowering it back to his side. “His opponent will be Masato Engu!” His foe stepped up onto the opposite end of the stage, she had aqua blue hair with golden eyes. She also wore a long glittery dress. “Alright you two, I want a clean fight, meaning if they lose consciousness or surrender, you are to halt your attack”

The fighters nodded in agreement as their host made their way off stage… “Begin”

Hemori gripped his blade at his side, waiting for his combatant to make a move. Suddenly the necklace around Masato’s neck began to glow with a dark-purple light. An abrupt transparent shape of an angel formed around her. The angel’s form was entirely made of a purple mana and was nearly 20 feet tall.

“Hmm, interesting…seems we have a similar ability” With an abrupt movement, he vanished from sight. The angel alerted her to turn around as the foe could be seen slowly sliding his sword back to his side. That’s when Masato could feel slashes wounding her spirit’s transparent body. A faint crack could be seen on the female angle’s arm.

“Damn, Sahara...use holy light!” The tall being raised her hand into the air, causing a golden light to come down from the sky since the arena didn’t have a roof. Keoto blocked with his blade just in time to siphon the ray of light into his blade.

“What is this!?”

“I absorbed your angel’s power making it my own” His body and blade became outlined with the golden light. “Allow me to show you my boosted power” The transparent angel threw her palm down in an attempt to crush the target. However, Hemori swung his blade just in time, causing his combatant’s creature to get it’s arm cut off. Instead of being bloody, the arm shattered into wisps of purple light since it was a mere spirit made of mana.

(Why are you holing back, why not finish this?) The spirit within his blade suggested. The warrior ignored the voice focusing on his target. “Looks like I’ll have to go wit plan B” She took a deep breath as her transparent angel broke apart into a million small wisps of mana. The audience watched as all the tiny bits of purple light covered the girl’s body like armor. “Time to finish this” She responded, her body covered in purple light like a thin barrier.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Keto instantly pulled his blade out, making several slashing motions. The crowd saw blue energy fling from his blade with each attack. Engu evaded the X-shaped projectiles using the ability boost from the mana surrounding her body. “Take this!” Ascending into the air she threw a fierce punch right for the swordsmen. Again the warrior managed to block the impact using his sword.

Masato felt her power instantly drain the moment she struck the blade. With his power boosted, Hemori slashed his target repeatedly before withdrawing once more. The blue-haired girl turned around planning to attack once more but felt the abrupt effect of his opponent’s sword attack. Her body shook before collapsing in the center of the stage.

Naioko watched as the female warrior hit the ground unable to continue. “Wow, he actually pulled it off” He commented. Some were also surprised while others in the living room just say they saw it coming.

CHAPTER 2 Fight Harder

“What a great match, hopefully the duels with grow more intense as we progress through the tournament!” The large audience watching from above the arena in the halls clapped and cheered for the warrior as he raise his arm up in victory before walking over to his opponent to help her up. She was badly bruised but still conscious. She got to her feet and they walked off stage back to their quarters.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, we’ll take a brief 15 minute break to let the next pair ready themselves for the coming duel”

Naioko decided to stand up and stretch while everyone waited for the next battle to begin. “Hopefully they give it their all this time, I feel like last round they were holding back or not fighting at their full potential” one of the participants commented sitting on the black leather couch with two others.

“Come on don’t be like that, it was just the first round, not many expect the first round to be that intense. Plus they could be saving their energy for their next fight if they end up having to fight more than one a day. Especially when it gets down to the last few, then you’ll really have to start managing how much energy you use per round”

Arusaki cuddled up to him not saying anything but looking up at him as he finished talking. The young warrior patted his girlfriend’s head as he sat back down on the couch…

Finally the second round was beginning, the two warriors were named: Mark Kiodo V.S Sabora Misaki…

Mark had dirty-blonde hair with green eyes, he also wore a brown and yellow mercenary outfit. The torso and pants were brown while his sleeves and under-shirt were yellow. Sabora had golden hair with blue eyes, she wore a black dress with white glitter all over it. All watched as they faced each other on opposite sides of the stage.


Mark smirked as a being manifested beside him it looked as if it was made of space or dark-purple flames covered in sparkles. “What is that!? This is supposed to be a 1V1 battle!” Sabora cried out. Kiodo laughed replying: “I assure you this is a one on one, this creature here is how I fight. It’s referred to as an Outra, a super-natural being psychically-linked to me”

“Very well, I’ll go along with how you fight, behold my being as well!” The girl pulled out three cards from her pocket before picking one from her deck. The moment she faced the card toward her target, a creature began to form beside her just like his outra.

(Hmm, what is this…does she have the ability to store outras within mere cards!?) He saw what looked like a pale minotaur with black horns and red eyes. “Attack Mokidus!” She ordered. The buff minotaur stepped forward aiming it’s palm toward the young outra-user. Kiodo had his other form into a wall-like shape, still looking like space. The mythical creature unleashed a barrage of lighting from it’s palm, striking the outra as the stage filled with light.

Mark could feel the surge of lightning traveling through his body. The warrior fell to his knees in pain as his ally began to become transparent from his weakened state. “Damn it, I thought my outra Shadow Wisp would’ve been strong enough to absorb the attack with only a portion hurting me…Whatever, I’m sure I’m strong enough to deal with her ally”

As Misaki’s creature prepared to attack once more, the boy’s other created a dome around their assailants, trapping them along with their attack. The lightning bolt deflected off the barrier, bouncing around picking up speed. Shadow Wisp began to condense the sphere of dark energy to make it harder for the targets to evade their attack. The bolt of electricity darted toward Sabora, but at the last second, Mokidus dove in the way, getting electrocuted by it’s own attack.

The barrier went down and the crowd was in surprise by how dramatic the fight was going. With a sigh Masaki returned her creature back to her guard before holding up her two remaining cards. “Didn’t expect you to turn the tide so quickly, but I still have two creatures left at my disposal”

“Don’t worry, you haven’t even seen the full capabilities of my outra, it’s one of the most unique ones to ever exist” She started at him for a moment before revealing her 2nd creature. All watched as a monster that looked like a tall-buff zombie with dark-blue skin with electricity flowing throw circular plates all over his body.

“Interesting…allow me to show you the legendary ability of Shadow Wisp!” All watched in suspense as the dark outra began to change form…his outra was now a knight in gold armor holding a great-sword with purple mana flowing around it.

“So you can change it’s appearance, big deal”

“It’s more than just visually, my outra has the ability to transform into anything it’s siphoned. If he covers your zombie and absorbs it’s essence, I’ll be able to transform Shadow Wisp into it as well!” Her eyes widened for a moment before commanding her creature to attack. At that moment, tons of smaller zombies began forming around the monster, advancing toward them.

“Heh, take them out Wisp” His transformed other gripped his great sword in one hand, charging the horde of undead. The assailants tried scratching his gold armor but couldn’t break through his armor. With one fierce slash the knight caused every zombie to fall to the ground in pieces. Each undead with it’s head still intact crawled toward the outra, but the one’s that were decapitated turned to dust.

(Well that’s good to know, looks like I know the zombie’s weakness) Wisp used his super-human strength to crush the heads of the seven remaining undead, utterly defeating the pawns. “Now then, will your monster fight him head-on, or do you have one last trick up your sleeve?” She hesitated for a moment before shouting: “Zombera, end this fight!” The large creature let out a deep roar before slamming it’s palms down o the black stage.

Naioko watched with interest when the creature caused a dozen bolts of lightning to rain down. However, many were shocked when the outra held his blade up, siphoning most of the power from the attack. “Too bad” Mark taunted as electricity swarmed around his other’s body. Wisp dashed forward with great speed while the monster crossed it’s arms to block.

In mere moments the outra stood a few feet behind the creature with his back to it as the undead monster fell to pieces. Many watched as their mouths fell open in shock. “That was incredible” Naioko commented in his chair. A few warriors agreed not taking their eyes of the screen.

(Crap, seems I’m down to my last card) She called the defeated monster back as she held her last and final card in her deck. She looked at her foe who just smirked with his arms crossed. Misaki summoned her final monster which was a massive lava creature with rock covering his abdomen and legs like clothes. “He may not be as strong as my other creatures, but he should be enough to melt your creature. Lavia, melt this fool!”

A few gasps were heard in the audience as the 30 feet tall monster threw a ball of lava right for their target. Shadow wisp threw his great sword right for the thick ball of lava. The moment they made contact, the ball blew up with smoke filling the stage. Lavia let out a deep roar while the outra advanced toward the monster full speed. The creature threw a punch but missed by an inch. The outra held his hand out in the direction of his blade spiraling in mid-air, causing it to spin over to him like telekinesis.

With incredible speed, the other cut-off the monster’s right arm that had tried to strike him. It fell to the ground becoming a puddle of magma. Sabora stood there motionless, unable to think of a way to win at this point. “Game over” Her foe responded as his outra slashed the monster repeatedly until her final pawn was nothing but a pile of magma. “Seems I’ve won” He commented with a bow.

She walked off stage in frustration while Mark called his outra back, while enjoying the applause…

“What a match! To think those two would have such powers! I hope to see what you do in your 2nd match Kiodo. Now then, we’ll give a brief break to allow our upcoming warriors ready themselves for their match”

“That was a great match, I’m also excited to see what we’ll see in the 3rd match” Kenza commented while Mioda had fallen asleep in her partner’s lap. “Hmph, didn’t expect her to fall asleep while the tournament was live.” He brushed his hand through her soft hair while focusing on the T.V…

Finally began the 3rd match: Jiraya Yoko V.S Ryuchi Zimkai. Jiraya had long white hair wearing a white cloak with a black outline. The man’s eyes were dark-red as if possessed. Ryuchi had short black hair with hazel eyes and wore a formal tux as if he had just gotten back from a wedding.


Ryuchi began to release an immense amount of power, beginning to shake the entire arena. He was engulfed in a red aura like an uncontrollable fire. His opponent just watched and waited for him to finish powering up. Once Jiraya was ready, he advanced toward his target. As the warrior threw a devastating punch with his red aura nearly covering his entire hand.

Instead of guarding, Zimkai stood motionless as an invisible barrier shattered like glass the moment it was struck. All could see the shards of mana fly by. Once his assailant was caught off guard, Ryuchi clapped his hands together, causing his target to become incased within a thick layer of ice. Just as the ice began to crack from the man’s overwhelming strength, the magic caster created a wall of arrows made of blue mana, sending them all right for Yoko.

He broke free, but was utterly pierced several times by the magic projectiles right through his body. The crowd watched as he fell to his knees, bruises all over his body. “Impressive, I wasn’t expecting you to be a magic user, but never the less, I will show you just how powerful I am” Once more Yoko built up his power to it’s limit, his eyes glowing red as energy whipped around his body.

Zimkai was unsure if he could handle that much power head-on, quickly he slapped his palm down onto the stage, creating traps all over the square. They were invisible so his foe had no clue where one would appear. “Heh, seems I’ve got you scared if you have to resort to setting traps like that” Ryuchi ignored his taunting waiting for the powered up assailant to attempt an attack once more. The caster motioned his foe to attack.

Jiraya cracked his neck before ascending into the air, hoping to avoid any of the hidden traps set for him. The moment Yoko flew toward him, his target aimed his palm in his direction as a green aura swarmed around his hand. “Time haze!” A green wave of light filled the arena washing over the soaring warrior. In just mere moments he could feel his body slowing down. Once he was just a few tiles away, Ryuchi walked over to the frozen opponent and used his magic to boost his strength before sending a powerful blow to Jiraya’s abdomen.

Stepping out of the way the time haze wore-off, causing time to move again. Yoko threw a punch but realized the mage was no longer in front of him. The combatant struck the stage, activating one of the hidden traps. A sudden explosion went off, sending him rolling a few tiles away. Luckily he managed to stop himself.

“Well done, I didn’t think you’d get this much damage on me so easily, but considering how magic works I’m sure you’ve used up a good portion of your mana just to pull it off” Quickly the man sent a fierce red energy blast across the stage. Zimkai smirked, holding his palm out to form yet another barrier. The blast instantly shattered it, blowing up in front of the young caster.

“That’s pay back for your trap. However, unlike you that attack didn’t require much energy to use”

“Heh, you think I’m out of mana? Then why don’t we test that? An all-out attack with my remaining power against yours” Ryuchi held his palm up as a sphere made of blue mana formed above him. It looked like a blue sun over the stage. It was large but the magic-user condensed it down to the size of a bowling ball. “Get ready Jiraya, for my finishing attack”

The white-haired man was uneasy, but confident he had enough power to over-power his opponent’s attack. He charged up an immense amount of energy in his left hand, preparing to unleash a counter-attack. (Now!) The audience watched as both commenced their attack. Zimkai threw his sphere of mana while Yoko send a fierce blast of red energy in it’s direction.

Instead of exploding on contact, the beam only slowed the projectile down. All could see the ball of power slowly getting closer. (Damn it…why won’t-the attack go back!? Does he really have more power than I originally assumed?) Thinking of no other way, Yoko put his free hand into the blast as well. His attack grew bigger but still not pushing it back, only keeping it in place. (We’re…equal!?) He though even after putting more effort into it.

“I’ve won this fight” Ryuchi commented. The viewers watched as the caster snapped his fingers. The medium-sized sphere of blue light began to grow bigger, slowly turning violet. Those capable of sensing energy could feel incredible power emanating from it. Jiraya could feel himself becoming weaker until he couldn’t even fire a blast from his palm any longer. The warrior fell to his hands and knees as the last bit of his red aura could be seen siphoned away into the massive violet ball of light.

Instead of finishing his combatant off with the overwhelming attack, Zimkai condensed it into his palm before absorbing it. His thin body grew more muscular as the violet aura swarmed around his body. “Are we done here?” The caster asked as he stood over his weakened enemy. The man dropped his head in defeat. “I…submit” Once more the crowd could be heard, cheering for the winner while Jiraya walked off stage.

“What a turn around! To think he had such an ability up his sleeve! I’ll be surprised to see if anyone can beat such a powerful wizard!”

CHAPTER 3: Try Your Hardest Naioko

Kenza and were laying in his dorm when the screen on his wall beeped. “Message for Naioko Kena: You will participate in the 4th match, be ready” The warrior checked his watch it read: “8:00 A.M” He wasn’t much of a morning person, but was sure waking up now was better than 5:00 A.M when he went to school. The man rubbed his face trying to shrug off the fatigue before getting out of bed.

After cleaning himself up and waking up, he walked back over to the bed where he found Mioda already awake sitting on the bed. “Looks like my 1st match is today” He said walking over to her. She pressed her head against as stomach as he kissed her forehead then walked over to the door preparing to leave for his first fight. Mioda got up and followed the man through the hall into the living room before he gave her a kiss on the lips. The others in the room just rolled their eyes or looked away.

Arusaki sat on the couch while her boyfriend left for his dual. Naioko was a little nervous, but knew once the battle began he wouldn’t be so uneasy. The crowd cheered as the wizard steeped onto the stage, holding his fist up like he saw the other participant did to show his confidence.

“Here we have Naioko Kenza…and his opponent: Levi Connors. The young warrior had aqua blue hair with gold eyes. He was kinda short and wore black knight armor that gleamed with the sun shining down on it.


The armored fighter opened his palm, creating a blade made completely out of gray energy. “If there’s anyone that’s going to win this tournament it’s gonna be me” Kenza smirked as green magical energy floated around his body.

“How do you know if you haven’t even seen me fight before?”

“Then we’ll just have to see” With an abrupt movement, Levi unleashed a barrage of slashes with his blade. His target clapped his palms, creating a cyclone around him to protect himself from the coming blows. Even with it being pure air, the moment his combatant’s attack made contact with his cyclone, He could feel it shake from the sheer power of his enemy.

Once they vanished, Kenza had his cyclone reform in front of him, sending it toward the black night. (Hmph, this may be a problem) With barley any time to strategize, Connors struck the stage with his blade, causing a barrier to form around him to protect himself from the coming disaster. The cyclone attempted to lift him up but had no luck. The caster decided to cease his attack, causing the whirlwind to disappear.

“Nice strategy, but it’s going to take a lot more than a mere tornado to stop me” Without pausing the fighter dashed across the stage with his blade tightly in his grasp. Naioko made a swiping motion to the left with his hand, causing a wall of flames to go up between him and his opponent. However, Levi didn’t slow down, he continued forward, soaring through the flames with minor burns on his armor.

“Too slow!” The knight swung his blade with fierce strength. Just before he struck, the young wizard stopped the blade with both hands clapped against it. Levi forced the blade down, putting immense power into it his target could feel his hands burning from the energy sword. The tiles beneath them began cracking apart as Naioko went down to one knee with sweat running down his face. “Shit…mana magic: Piercing shockwave!”

The caster’s body was engulfed with purple electricity when it was suddenly sent out in all directions. The armored assailant tried his best to keep his balance, but was sent backwards across the stage. Luckily he managed to catch himself so he wouldn’t fall off the stage even though there wasn’t out of bounds. As quick as he could Kenza fired an ice beam right for the staggering knight.

Connors managed to ready himself just in time to block with his energy blade. Since the sword was made of mana instead of being a solid weapon, it went right through it, instantly freezing him in a solid rock of ice. “Got em!”

“Wow, seems Kenza has froze his opponent in a thick layer of ice, what an attack!” The host commented as he sat in a private seat on a balcony above the stage but separated from the crowd of people in the halls. His ice trick only worked for a few seconds before his target broke out, sending shrapnels of ice in random directions. Naioko managed to protect himself with a magical force-field that didn’t use energy.

“Is this where we start fighting seriously?” Kenza taunted as he brushed his golden hair from his blue eyes. His opponent began to laugh out of frustration, lifting his hand into the air. The young mage watched as spinning blades made of red energy formed above him. They looked like giant shurikens as he threw them right for the young caster. Naioko struck the stage, creating several barriers of ice in between him and the coming projectiles.

Sadly the dual shurikens shredded through the ice as if it were mere glass. “Oh no!” He dashed backwards just moments before one of the spiraling blades made their way through the final barricade. Letting himself fall onto his back, he watched as the two blades flew over him before vanishing in a gust of red smoke. (That was a close one, seems I’ll have to use some high-tier spells if I’m going to win this fight) “Spiritual magic: Dance of the limbo dragon!”

Throwing his left arm out, a black dragon with a red and blue eye made out of mana soared straight for it’s target. Levi attempted to decapitate the creature using his spinning blades of energy once more. The projectiles pierced the creature but barley had any effect, the creature reattached without hesitation. Everyone was shocked when they saw the snake-like dragon enter the warrior through his mouth until all of it’s body was inside.

Connors looked at him then back at his body, wondering what the creature’s plan was. That’s when he realized he couldn’t move, his body began to feel weak as if it were being drained. “What kind of magic is this!?”

“It’s a high-tier spell called: Dance of the limbo dragon, it has multiple uses, but I’m sure you’re already aware what I’m using the creature for. I may be a nice person…but I’m willing to do anything necessary to assure my victory” Levi could feel himself growing weaker by the minute, in an attempt to cancel the spell he gripped his energy blade in his hand, throwing it with his last bit of stamina.

Even with his low stamina he managed to send the blade soaring across the wide stage. However, with his body drained the limbo dragon left the foe’s body, flying back toward it’s summoner at a fast rate, managing to reach him in time. The knight watched as the dragon opened it’s mouth wide to swallow the sword made of pure power. The moment it swallowed the blade, it’s body turned a light blue with electricity surging around it’s long body.

“Return to me limbo dragon!” The spirit phased inside the caster’s body, causing his power to become twice as powerful. “W-wow, the feeling of this power is almost hard to handle but seems the 6th tier magic spell worked well for a first use. The knight could feel the superior energy building up within his opponent. “Y-you cheater” He coughed out before collapsing onto the stage.

The crowd roared louder than ever as the caster bowed for them before heading back to him room to check on Mioda. “What a great match and with that siphoning spell he used, I’m excited to see him and Ryuchi face off in a future dual! But for now, we’ll wait I normal 15 minute break for our next fight”

Naioko stepped into the living room where Arusaki leapt toward him into a hug while a few of the fighters in the room applauded for him. “Your fight was great babe, got worried at first until you pulled out that dragon spirit that turned the battle around”

“Thanks, it was an advanced spell I studied in my book but this was my first time using it in battle. I’m just glad it worked the way it should” Kenza kissed his girlfriend’s forehead and told her he was a little tired from the match and was just gonna watch the next fight in his room. She held his hand telling him she wanted to come too. He smiled as they made their way through the hall back to his room where they laid in bed. Naioko soon fell asleep to Mioda’s surprise. She giggled before falling asleep beside him…

“Let us begin the 5th battle! Danny Aquel V.S Sero Uroga!” Danny had black hair brushed to the right with green eyes, he wore all black with a cape similar to what a villain would probably wear. Meanwhile Sero had blood-red hair with blue eyes. He was dressed in a mere black long-sleeve shirt with blue jeans.


The dark-haired fighter smirked, taking off at an incredible velocity. Just as he threw a blow toward his combatant’s face, he felt himself get punched with such force, he was sent nearly back to the other side of the stage where he had started. “What the heck was that!?”

“You should’ve known it wouldn’t be so easy if you actually watched the other battles, always expect your enemy to be prepared for the first attack. Now, allow me to show you how a real warrior executes the first attack” Danny put his arms up in hopes of deflecting whatever attack his foe had in store for him. The warrior’s eyes became gold in a flash of light catching Aquel off-guard.

Suddenly the warrior dressed in black was standing in from of him, before he had time to react, Sero struck his target with a single blow to his abdomen. Danny was send off the stage, smashing into the thick gray concreate wall that surrounded them. The force of his impact left a large crack in the wall as he hit the ground on his stomach.

“Ack, he has strength and some speed…but I have to win this fight to continue the tournament!” Slowly he stood back up, floating back over to the arena. “You got lucky on that one, but I won’t let you treat me like a punching bag!” Creating a whip made out of lightning, the young combatant slashed with great speed. However, no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t land a blow on his target.

“Is this really the best you can do? I was expecting something better”

“Fine, time to go all-out! It might be a little early, but seems I don’t have a choice” He held the blue lightning whip in his right hand while opening his left hand, creating a similar one, this time made out of flames. “Let’s go!” Aquel began swinging his weapons at a fast rate, having them fling forward at Uroga. When the target ascended up in an attempt to escape their range, the flaming whip wrapped around Danny’s left wrist. He could feel an immense burning pain the longer it was in contact with him.

“Heh, now for your other wrist!” Aquel prepared to send his other whip fling toward his target when Sero abruptly pulled back with his arm, causing the assailant to lose his balance, getting pulled over to the bound fighter. Catching him by the throat, the redhead slammed him into the stage. With the air knocked out of him, both whips vanished from his inability to concentrate on them.

“My, does this mean the battle’s already over? Feels as though we just started” His combatant took a deep breath before getting back up. “Ugh, looks like I have one last technique to try and insure my victory” Sero smirked waiting for his foe to reveal his secret attack.

“Inner-magic: Sense boost, maximum strength, overwhelming endurance!” His body outlined in rainbow colors as all three of his spells powered him up to his limit. Uroga could see his foe’s body becoming more muscular and buff from the power surging within his body. “Prepare yourself, for my last resort!” Danny moved at great speed, throwing an overwhelming punch toward his foe once more. Sero could feel incredible power emanating from his combatant’s body.

The defending warrior stopped his attack with his bare hand, but cold feel pain rushing through his arm as if it were about to break from the sheer force of his opponent’s strike. (Damn, just the force of his punch nearly broke my hand, just how much power does he have from just a simple magic spell!?) instantly Uroga roundhouse-kicked his enemy in the side of the face, but had no effect!

“What!? Just how strong has his magic made him!?” His target grabbed his leg, slamming him around the stage before throwing his foe up into the air. Sero fell from nearly 50 feet up, still dizzy from Danny’s attack. With just seconds left, his vision became stable and he concentrated all his energy into his left hand. (Alright Aquel, let’s see just how strong your endurance is!) Simultaneously they struck one another’s fist with excruciating power.

Their power was so immense, the entire stage was destroyed with fragments flying in random directions. Once more great pain rushed through his arm, but didn’t let it stop him from finishing the fight. Both combatants began exchanging blows at full power. Not may could keep up with their speed, but felt the shockwave of each connection between their punches.

Uroga felt as those his fists were about to break, but powered through the pain. (There!) With everything he had, the red-headed warrior struck his opponent with every ounce of strength he had. Danny was launched backwards, smashing into the wall of the arena, hitting the ground. The standing fighter fell to one knee out of breath. Looking down at his hand, he saw blood running down his fingers from the strain off punching moments ago.

“Huff…huff…well, looks like I managed to secure my victory. If that attack hadn’t worked, I’m sure he would’ve won, cuz that was all my strength I had”

“Way to go Sero Uroga, wasn’t expecting the two of you to cause so much damage. You really had a lot of power. We’ll take an hour break to repair the stage and walls for the 6th and final match of the day!”

Kenza managed to watch the last few minutes of the fight from the warrior getting thrown into the air, to them winning the match. “I might’ve missed the first half, but I’m kinda excited to fight that red-haired man in a 1V1 match”

“I’m sure you could beat him” Arusaki said sitting up in bed as they watched the winner leave the destroyed stage. The screen then went black with red text that said: “We’ll return in a moment…” Naioko fell back onto the bed playing with his girl’s purple hair that shined from the slight sunlight from the window to the right-side of their room.

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