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Vanessa Lee is a famous fashion designer and has a cosmetic line. At school, she is just Vannessa Collins with a disguise that she wears every day to school in order to live like a normal person. Though, her disguise results in her getting bullied daily. Apart from that, she falls for one of the popular boys in school, Asher Martinez. Vanessa is used to admiring him from a distance because who would fall for her. Will Asher notice her one day? If he does, will he notice her as the famous Vanessa Lee or the nerdy Vanessa Collins?

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Vanessa's POV

"Wake up Miss Vanessa, you're going to be late to school!" said Rose who was standing at the entrance of my room.

"Ugh, five more minutes please." I responded back to her. As you can tell, I wasn't a morning person.

"Fine Miss, I'll just bring the water," teased Rose as she started leaving my room. I knew she wouldn't hesitate to drop a gallon of water if I didn't wake up.

"No! I'm up" I groan as I started dragging myself off my bed.

"Miss Vanessa breakfast is ready..." Rose continued as she closed the door behind her and said, "don't forget your disguise." I nod, thanking her for the reminder.

I begin heading to the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth after I'm done. I dress into an oversized sweater, leggings, and some comfortable shoes. Then, I start putting my black wig and start drawing some freckles on my face. Finally, I put my thick black rimmed glasses on and head to the dining room to eat the delicious breakfast made for me.

Once I'm done eating my breakfast, I head towards the door and start walking towards the car after greeting all the workers and guards.

"Good Morning Michael, can you please drop me off at the same place?" Michael, my driver smiles before nodding at my question, then he closes the door behind me. As soon as he gets in the car, he starts driving not wasting any time.

Well, I guess this is a good time to introduce myself. I'm Vanessa Lee, owner of Vanessa Cosmetics and one of the biggest fashion designers in the world. I'm 18 years old and currently in my Senior year of high school.

I know you may be wondering how I managed to achieve all this at such a young age. Well, all of this is thanks to my adoptive mom Kaithlyn Lee. She has been supportive of me in every single way even by allowing me to be part of her family when I was 13.

I remember how caring she was when we first meet in the street after I ran away from home. I don't remember exactly but I might had lived two days in the streets before she brought me to her home. She treated me like her own daughter and introduced me to her son Eros. He considers me as his little sister. Until now, we are inseparable even if he has his own place and has started his family. However, his efforts of my success can't go unnoticed. He has been a great leader. Its been a couple of months since I've moved out of my mom's house and now I'm living on my own.

The reason for my disguise can be complicated or simple, depending on how you view it. My freshman and sophomore year of high school became too overwhelming. In my old school, there was a lot of 'barbies', it's how I like to call them. They were all friendly to me, way too friendly. In reality, they just wanted the popularity and money since I was somewhat successful at that time. The same would go for the boys, although it included some other things that I don't want to get into because it makes me cringe.

Anyways, I decided to move schools in my Junior year but I began wearing this disguise so people wouldn't recognize me. It's not like I don't like my life, but I guess I wanted to at least have a part of my day where I can be like any other kid. This disguise also allows me to study since at my old school people would have these stereotypes of me. An example was that I'm supposed to sit in my seat and just look pretty. Just to make it clear, I love studying.

In my current school, I finally get to enjoy the life of any other normal kid and study all I want. I wish I could say that I'm happy like this but let's just say some kids don't have anything else to do than bully people that they consider weak. If you are suspecting that I get bullied than unfortunately, you're right. I'm considered as the biggest nerd in this school and I get bullied daily by the barbies in this school. Who would have thought that instead of these people trying to surround me and try to be 'friends', they would instead be the ones who are laughing at me once they are finished bullying me.

"Miss Vanessa we're here," says Michael snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Thank you, Michael," I say to him and I get out the car. I start walking to school as he pulls out the curb. I always tell him to leave me a block away from school before people see me arrive in a car. If they saw driver and the car that I get out of, it would blow my cover.

I finally see the doors of Stillwater High School filled with students entering and hanging out before classes start or as I like to call it, hell.

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elle . elle .
Hi! First of, I have to say that I enjoy your introduction and I'm curious to see how Vanessa and her crush will meet :) Second, are you new on this app/website? Because I personally am and I would like to know if you have some recommandations for me to read? :)
January 05, 2021, 03:44

  • J A Jamie Aucapina
    Hi! Thank you for the comment! Unfortunately, I am new to this website. I don't really know any books that I would recommend you. If I see anything interesting, I will surely reach out and tell you. January 05, 2021, 14:24

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