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Vampire's have a special connection with their makers. I could always feel where mine was, and sometimes what he was feeling. That's why I know in his last moments alive, he felt fear.

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Monsters exist.

Vampires, were-beings, demons, and more, they all exist.

Humans found out during World War 1. We, and the humans fought beside each other, yet we hid what we were. It was hard. We had to move the Were-being’s bodies before they returned back to being an animal, and the vampires before they turned to dust. The demons were the lucky ones. The demons stayed looking human, even after death. They had long ago assimilated into human culture, despite their grotesque original bodies.

I fought along them, as a nurse. At the time females were still not accepted in battle by Human men. If only they knew that half of the nurses were Vampire woman, strong and brute, ready to fight. But no, Human men were not ready for that. Instead, we worked with the wounded, and captured what blood we could to feed our clans.

I was not the one to tell our secret. No, it someone of my clan, and someone of my squadron. I watched the faithful moment that led us to revealing our existence.

I could not blame him, which is why I let things go how they did. He was a new vampire, only 10 years changed. He grew up in a time of war, but if nothing, he found an everlasting love. A wolf were-being, whom he shared everything. We all watched as he began to cry tears of blood for his fallen lover, who clung so desperately to his chest. He was dying, and we all knew it. It was protocol to try remove anyone we knew to be like us, before they changed form in death. Yet, we simply could not approach.

The humans watched in shock as the dead man’s last breath left, and his body changed into a bloodstained wolf.

The Vampire screamed, and tears of blood streaked his cheeks crimson. They were best friends, lovers, and most of all, monsters. They had joined together, loved together, and decided together that they would die together in war. But when his lover had died before him, the young vampire had lost the last thing that was keeping him sane. That was a thing with some younger vampires, if they were turned in a time of chaos, they were often unstable.

The wooden stake was pulled from his pocket, it was meant for enemy vampires, and we knew. We knew what he was about to do. I tried to rush forward, but the wood hit his heart before I could stop him.

He stabbed himself with the stake, killing himself in front of everybody. As he turned to ash, his dust drifting over his fallen lover, the humans watched.

It started a chain of events that could not be stopped. Our kind was taught not to cry, but one by one our kin began to bleed tears of crimson. I too, cried for the Vampire man and his Wolf lover. The humans watched as were-beings shifted, animals of all sorts now mixing with the once human soldiers. They watched as the demons raged, their inhuman bodies twisting into their grotesque original forms. They too, cried, and with them, their elements cried with them. The earth shook, the wind howled, the sky wept and screamed, and the humans watched it all.

The war ended that day. There were now bigger things to worry about.

Monsters. Us.

The Vampire and Wolf had caused a revolution in us Monsters. We knew, we knew there was no more reason to hide, to fight, or to die.

At first, the humans were lost, confused, and scared.

If anyone knew anything, they knew humans were dangerous when they felt threatened.

World War 1 was ending. We should have been happy and celebrating, but instead tension and fear was amassing. We all knew that humans were dangerous, we lived beside them for years, of course we knew them well. Yet, they did not care if we were friends or family. We were the monsters they heard about growing up. It did not matter if the books were wrong, that we were different from those childish stories. We were still Monsters.

Now there was threat of another war. One of us, against them. None of us wanted it, but the humans felt like animals backed into a corner. Ironic as it was, the Were-beings were the most civil, speaking of peace and tranquility. They said for centuries we have lived together, why did knowing of our existence change how? It was a pitiful speech, only a few humans turned to agree.

Then, special humans also started to reveal themselves. As did the Fey, and then those who kept to themselves like the Cryptids, Elves, and Merpeople. Soon… The humans gave in. There was no fight to be won.

They could not stop us from existing. They knew they could never overpower so many unknown powers.

We only wanted to exist.

We only wanted love and peace.

There was too much war and death.

And so, the world changed.

And everything needed to change around it.

The species tended to stay in their own little towns and cities, but there was intermingling like we could have only dreamed before. There was a large memorial made for the Vampire and his Wolf Lover, the ones who changed the World.

Then laws were challenged. The laws no longer fit the new world, and its people.

At the time, gay marriage was not legal. We made it legal, and we made it legal for the intersex species like Fey, Cryptids, and some Humans to be accepted by law. Gender equality happened soon after, as did equal rights.

The world changed fast. Very fast.

The world before World War 1 was now gone. Now, it was a whole new world, with new laws, with new eyes, and new life and expectations.

Some humans tried to fight back, because they were stuck in what they knew. But some of us Vampires, who aged like wine, and Demons, now called Primordium, had thousands of years on them, and we had a lot more to go. Stubborn as humans were, they did not have anything on an immortal being.

And so, we lived.

And so, we changed.

And so, life continued.

Until it did not.

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To be continued... New chapter Every 15 days.

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