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Annabelle has been one of the most hated criminals in Obsidian but she is sick of living in the destruction of a place she should call home. A key, a dream and little to no hope are all she has left. Forced, controlled and threatened in a place where she marches along with an army of manipulated souls or becomes the phoenix rising from ashes of the houses she demolished. Some want power, others want peace. It is not good nor evil. It is not light nor dark. It's Just dictators and dreaded lives. Will she be able to trust again? Will she become the heroine that brings everyone out of their agony? Can a broken heart find the pieces to freedom?

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The mad butcher

''Not friends,not enemies,just strangers with some memories.''

Dear reader, I wish I can tell you that I trust, but it's too late.

Annabelle Price looked at the Heavy key in her hands and felt as hopeful as one can feel in a rabbit hole of destruction. She walked over to the window and reflected on her mysterious surroundings. She had always hated Dark Obsidian city with its fierce, fine fires. It encouraged her tendency to feel angry at herself. Something was rushing in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Rayan Ro. To Annabelle Ro was a hurt, salty butcher who wished her dead more than anyone. Annabelle sighed. She glanced at her reflection. She was a confident but broken, smoking addict with dark ginger hair, freckles and hazel eyes. Her family saw her as a freak, a maniac, a machine.

Her biggest concern though was probably Ro living in a tree not too far away. No matter what she did, she would never be innocent in the eyes of Rayan Ro. Rayan knew Annabelle in school and his family would sneak meat into her house when her parents were wanted by the mayor but lots has changed since then. The snow flurried and a phoenix was shot in the distance, making Annabelle feel even more anxious. As Annabelle stepped outside and Rayan came closer, she could see the mad glint in his eye.Rayan glared with all the madness in him like a wandering wolf. He said, in hushed tones,

"I won't let you get away."

Annabelle looked back, even more sorrowful and still fingering the Heavy key.

"Rayan, I am not the enemy here. I just did what I had to," she replied.

They looked at each other with demoralised feelings, like two damaged, defiant monsters crying at a hidden funeral, a funeral for the death of the people they once were.Annabelle regarded Rayan's mad eyes and stubborn look.

"I too want revenge but asking or hurting doesn't provide satisfaction, so I keep to myself, try doing the same," whispered Annabelle with a delighted grin.

Rayan looked livid, his emotions blushing like a broken, rusting lock, but only Annabelle had the key.

Annabelle walked back to observe the dead phoenix, Rayan followed. It was a messenger phoenix which meant it was just a tool the government used to spy on civilians. It wasn't even real.

'You need to leave this place,'

'We need to leave this place,' Annabelle replied, 'unless you want to be killed off course,' she added.

Rayan rolled his eyes and took a deep breath

'They can't get to me,' bragged Rayan

'Yes, because hiding in a tree behind the mayor's tower is a sensible place to stay,'

'If I leave I can't come back there will be no more obsidian city winters, but you can always come back,'

'I'd rather burn in hell than live another night in Obsidian and you are out here acting like obsidian winters are a dream come true. I am leaving today and you can come with me or die on a tree,''

'What's in it for me? You are the one who demolished our house, murdered my sister... You are the reason I live in a tree by the tower,'' shrieked Rayan angrily

''I had no choice,''

''You could have died instead,''

''Stop acting like it was my fault, yes, I was involved and yes I regret it, but I had no other choice, I am in the army Rayan our life isn't ours. Now will you help me escape or die on a tree?''

Rayan sighed and picked up his knife

''I'll come,''

''That's what I thought!'' responded Annabelle

Annabelle stepped back into the cold, damp room that she lived in or rather survived in. She called Rayan on the radio; they both knew for a fact that the radio was nothing but a spy tool that the government set up so they could keep controlling their army. She gestured to Rayan her lips were sealed, but her intentions were clear. Her eyes had no sound, but they spoke volumes you could almost hear her say ''smash it!''

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