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Eternal Beauty

⚠Warning: This is a translation. It could contain grammartical errors.


- Could I come in? – The young man said to her while he is watching into her eyes.

She with an unexpressed face invited him into her apartment.

- Play some music please, just for relax, something classic and soft – The young man ordered with a friendly smile and calm tone of voice.

The young girl went so quickly to put on music, fulfilling the orders of the man, she was completely silent and submissive.

A soft melody began to sound; the man approached her and timidly took her hand and said softly in her ear – Shall we dance? – And discreetly they began to dance.

- Oh! You are so beautiful, your beauty should be eternal – he said in her ear.

- Thank you, you are right – she answered and they began to kiss passionately.

Suddenly, the man felt a bite on his neck. All his blood was sucked out as if a parasite doing it. He saw how the lights were go out slowly until he finally passed away.

The man fell withered on the floor of that luxury apartment. The young girl kept watching him and with a slight smile told him – My beauty always be eternal, thanks for collaborate with me -

She took a red rose and threw it over the dead body of the man, proceeding to leave the place and fading into the darkness.

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The End

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