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The Journal of Austin that got reborn as a fox Prince in a land of magic and darkness. learn how he suddenly finds himself in a new world trying his best not to get entangled in a web of plots. filled whit magic creation and falling for his childhood friend. Read his Journal to get a third person view of his story... feel free to comment or give me suggestions.

Fantasy Medieval For over 18 only. © All Rights Reserved.

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I heard a slap and felt a little pain on my ass. I open my eyes and see a blurry wooden floor below me. What the heck is going on! Why am I dangling from the roof…?


I try to turn as I feel my butt on fire, too find that poor idiot that just woke me up. Yes, I am a normally angry when I wake up. My family knows this! and I am aware of it too, so I try to find whoever that is stupid enuf to slap me when I am asleep!

I manage to find the… doctor? I steer intensely at him as he was holding an arm up to strike again. He noticed my death look and got scared. Then I notice, as he leaned down towards me that he was a huge dude. He pulled down his white scarf that covered his face, as he got closer to me I got stunned to see that he really was… big… I keep my death steer at him. I was about to lean back but I felt I had almost no control over my body. I see him hold his hand slightly from my mouth. I cannot move but heck I can bite! Just a little closer…

Payback time! I lean forward and bite with all my might! Take that!... I feel he quickly pulls away his hand. I look at him steering at me in shock.

I hear some people talk in a weird language… I twist my upside-down body over and see a blurry vision of a woman in a bed.

I feel my body being laid straight and the doc bend over me laying on a table and he opens my mouth and inspect me. A little startled I start to think back to yesterday.

I was sick and had a heavy breath. I been sick for a week but last night I really got sick. I even set my alarm to go wake me up early in the morning to go to the doctor to check if I had that Covid virus everybody talked about. I had asthma so I was in that so called risk group, but never though much of it. Anyway, I remember laying down, but my breath was so heavy, so I stuffed a pillow behind my back and was half sitting when I fell asleep. Did I have it? I guess the paramedics had to break my door down to get me… wait did they put me on that tube thing for 3 weeks in a coma?

“hey doc COVID-19 back off and putt you mask on!” I say out to him, but I only heard my voice gurgle ga-ga and weird voice came out.

I guess the tube thing must have hurt my voice. I see the doc bend away smiling at me. Good he got the picture. Yee, I know I am moody when I wake up, but I do have common sense! I do not want a life on my conscience. Well, he did slap me, but I guess that was CPR or something.

I see the doc come back and started to wash my body with a cloth and I gueeeees…

“hey doc! That if off limit I don’t care who you are!”
 (Graa Gaa Gru Gaa!)

I give him a death steer again and I see he smile and laugh at me as I squirm by body. He said something to that woman again smiling. This time I see how huge he really is standing next to me. A giant… what kind of steroids or growth pills did they feed you? I keep staring at the doc with big eyes. He notices my stair. but I just cannot seem to break away my look. He moves his finger smiling at me. But I notice he stops and flinch before moving it to the side of my cheek. I look nervus at his finger the size of my arm… I guess? He gently strokes my chin smiling at me. Eehh… I look awkward back at him. But before I could think he wrapped me in a big blanket and lifted me up. I was so stunned at him carrying me like a baby in his arms walking over to a bed and put me down.

I was still stunned as he smiled at me and looked up at the other side of me taking his hands away. I look over but being wrapped in big blanket makes it hard to move my head. I see this the shape of a woman bending towards me before I feel my bed move

“Wow! Help!” I cried out loud thinking the bed being flipped over.
 (weeh Waah…)

The movement stopped and I looked up at a beautiful woman looking at me scared from my voice. She is huge… is everybody a giant? Eh… she looks gorgeous. I looked at her stunned as she looked nervus up at the doc speaking in a soft gentle voice that made my hearth feel calm. I could see the doc move back to me and he gently pushed me closer to her. I just looked stunned at him and the beautiful woman that was looking at me nervously. The doc said something again to her and she nodded nervus to him before looking down at me.

She slowly and gently moved her hand closer to me. I was just honestly lost for words at this weird situation that my mind just blanked out. But when her warm soft hand touched my cheek, I felt this lovely smell in the air and I just felt my whole body relax. Feeling the tiredness coming over me I blinked my eyes a few times before yawning.

I must admit that when she lifted me up towards her big head I was scared. But when she kissed my head and was looking at me with her big blue eyes and smiling her soft smile at me, I felt so relaxed and had this safe warm feeling that I must have passed out…

I woke up in a daze. I felt so tired, but I guess they was giving me food in a bottle, I was too tired to even open my eyes. I just wanted to sleep. I guess I must have been sleeping for a long time because I just drank the milk and fell asleep feeling my body ache a little but that overwhelming sweet smell of safety just made me so tired that I think I fell asleep with the bottle in my mouth.

I woke up and the woman was smiling at me with those big blue eyes of her talking to me.

“I do not understand. English?”
 (iee gee ga, ga-ga)

I look at the woman who smiled at me more fiddling with her robe. I guess I must have damaged my vocal cord more than I… what is she doing? Is this a flash show or something?

I saw the woman undress and pulled me closer, I tried to back off but before I knew it that darn smell got to me and I was… drinking?

Wait! Hold on? What the heck is going on? I look confused around stunned feeling my mouth doing its own thing.

I am so shocked of her feeding me. She was literally feeding me… I looked around feeling weirded out, hoping No one was watching me. I could not move and was still wrapped in a blanket.

My eyes are better now, and I could see almost perfect. Still a little blurry. Wooden bed. Cheap looking sheets. Wooden building? No hospital I have ever seen had this wooden design. I look back in shock at the woman smiling at me. Furry ears… eh… my mouth finely stopped eating.

She smiled at me and put me over her shoulder and tapped my back ever so gently. I burped. She gently put me down in her arms but held me more upright I got a better view of the room. Yes, my jaw dropped from that mid-century medieval look. I looked around managing to move my head more and more. I guess she must have seen me looking around because she pointed at the chair and spoke a word that was weird. I moved my head to the other bed, and she followed my sight and spoke out the words. This continued for a few moments before I looked down at the blanket moving my feet little by little.

She giggled at me with a lovely smile and gently unwrapped my blanket. What the…? I see my feet butt got distracted by a tail lying next to my foot. The woman gently held my toes and spoke.


I understood her… I moved my eyes at the tail looking at it. She gently held the tail, and I felt my whole body jolt at her touching it. I saw the tail move away from her gently touch. I heard myself giggle from the jolt. She just looked at me with big eyes biting her lip smiling at me. She then gently took the tail again. But this time I was prepared for it as she gently held the tail

“tail” she looked at me.


I guess my vocal cord is still… eh… yee am I dreaming? Is this some sort of nightmare? I my mind just went “yes” I was so stunned at this awesome dream that my mind just went to auto mode. Feeling relaxed I smiled at My tail as I manage to move it a little in her hand. She gently moved her finger and tickled. I started to laugh in a childish giggle holding my hands towards my tail laughing. She moved my tail to my hands and gave it to me. It was soft and fluffy… yep, I just described a part of me fluffy. Yep, that’s enuf sleep time for me. I moved the tail to my mouth and bite down on it thinking I had to wake up from this dream. I got a doctor appointment to get to, and I cannot laze around in a fantasy dream no matter how fluffy my tail is… yee lets never use that word again.

I feel pain jolting from my tail sending tears out of my eyes. I do not make a sound. but trust me. if you had a tail and bite down on it you would feel cry too...

I let go of my tail closing my eyes ready to wake up… and well… because that hurt like heck… feeling she hugged me gently in her arms. I realize that I did not wake up, feeling weak and yee scared to the tip of my tail. pun intended… hey, I just learned I was stuck here do not judge me. Okey… I got to stop thinking to myself like that. It is probably not healthy.

She tried to move away from her hug since I was quiet but made this tiny “eep” sound every time she tried. I had a rather good life before, family that loves me good friends and my own apartment. It was not perfect, but I was happy. There was no drama or something like that… well except I had asthma and that covid crap. But I live… lived in a rich country with free health care and we did not lack anything. No war… no cursed death truck… just going to sleep early for a doctor appointment...

I was sad. And I stayed in her embrace longer that I care to admit… she had put the blanket over me and leaned back and picked up a book and started to read out loud to me.

Her soft voice was soothing and soft. I just laid there listing to her voice. for some reason I recognize some of the words. Girl. Boy. Mage. Cave. Arcane. Beasts. I got the gist of the story from that story. And from what I puzzled together was that it was a party hunting monsters in a cave using magic, it was a romantic story and well I liked it. It was like the novels from my world and I do not know when, but after I while I had started purring like a cat in her warm embrace if I had to guess I think it was when she started cuddling my head. Feeling tired after the shock I fell asleep.

For the first time I slept for a long time. I think I had been feed a few times, but I was too tired to notice. And well I was depressed. I missed my real mom. And I guess I had cried in my sleep because I woke up when she was drying my eyes looking worried at me. Her look was the same that my real mom used to give me when I had stumbled my foot in the table.

 I felt more depressed. She took my tail carefully and checked if I still had pain gently touching where I had bitten on it.

I gently giggled when she accidentally tickled me. She froze up for a moment, but I saw a great relief on her face after my little giggle. I realized I had made her worry a lot. And I honestly do not know what or how, but it was like my entire being realized she was my mom now.

I notice she had a little sweat on her face, was she sick? The doctor came walking in and he was a little nervous as he rushed up to her and checked her temperature and gave her some medicine. I noticed he was a human doctor. No ears or tail. But he seemed friendly and kind. They talked a little before my mom laid back with the doctor’s help. I heard the words “need rest” and “sick”

He was about to pick me up, but I just made a tiny growl at him. I did not want to leave mom.

“I have…. He must have it too.” i heard some words again.

The doctor nodded sad at her and looked at me before he patted me on the head looking worried. I heard him say something, but I could only make out the word protect. 

I made my best effort to nod to him and he looked stunned at me, but just shakes his head walking away with a smile checking his own temperature with his hand.

My mom laid me down on her chest and folded the blanket gently over me and picked up the book and started reading to me the warm from her felt higher than normal and but her sweet smell felt so comforting and her voice as she read to me was so soothing that I fell asleep.

I woke up feeling something was wrong. Mom was burning up. She was asleep, but I could see pain on her face. I got worried. Really worried. I tried calling for help.



I looked to the door and listen. No one came… mom placed her hand on me.

“be strong my dear… I love you.” i heard my mom's voice sounded weak.

Mom fell asleep… she was barely breathing. The fear builds up in my body I did not know what to do. I tried to call for help. But for no avail. I laid down feeling helpless and felt my tears flow down my face.

I prayed to everything and everyone…. Please don’t take my mom away… I closed my eyes and focused prayed harder and harder.

“take me. Take me instead!”

Tears flooded down my eyes and felt a powerful force flowing out of my body. I open my eyes and saw a green powerful glowing mist engulf us both dancing around like a wave on the ocean.

As I saw everything turn fade away... I felt happy. Something saved my mom… that was all I needed. I felt complete. and I did not care if I died for good this time. She got saved.

“your unselfish deeds are rewarded. Prove my trust in you. Fight the darkness.”
 That was the last words I heard before everything went black.

I got woken up by someone holding me and checking me like I had bitten my tail again. I open my eyes and see mom looking at me worried again. She was holding my tail that had turned from my brown color to a barely noticeable golden brown. I just looked at her and smiled from ear to ear.

Tears was flowing down my face as I held my arms up toward her. Mom’s eyes teared up and she hugged me. I could almost not breath. but I did not care, her warm hug and her sweet soothing smell was like heaven to me. She eased up on her hug, but she did not let me go. We stayed like that for a long time. The sun started to shine true the windows.

“my dear. you must have saved my life. I do not know how, but it is a miracle.”
 mom looked at me with loving eyes and she glowed of a mother’s pride.

“eep?” I tilted my head confused at her. Me? I did not safe you the green light did.

“you can understand me?” mom asked stunned at me tilting my head like I was asking “me?”

I just nodded my head gently understanding every word she told me. Knowing I had to learn how to speak. Well wait until my body was able too.

“my child it’s a miracle. You cured me from the darkness.”
 she kissed my head and hugged me more before she held me gently in her arms and smiled down on me. Her ear twitches towards the door and she cuddled me up in the blanket making a hush sign to me. I pretend to sleep as she leaned back. The door opened. And I glanced over and saw the doctor standing there looking stunned at mom.

“Miss Telly. Your… um… how are you feeling?” the doctor asked rushing over.

“much better doctor. I guess your prognoses was wrong. Not that I am blaming you. It is just nice that someone is wrong sometimes.” Telly smiled at him.

The doctor checked her temperature and gave her a full check-up.

“how is the little biter doing? Is he healthy any signs of darkness?” the doctor moved his hand towards me.

I made smelled in the air and growled and bite in the air, pretending to dream. I could hear my mom giggle.

“I think he is dreaming of your finger again.” Telly Said giggling.

“eh… yes. He seems fine, I can check on him later. Do you mind giving a sample Miss Telly? I know you seem fine. But I just want to confirm with my own eyes. It would ease my mind?” doctor asked my mom.

I felt my mom nod at him and stretched her arm out to him. I glanced over and see he was about to take some blood from mom, so I closed my eye and growled out biting in the air.

 I could hear him scuffle back a little and I felt my mom giggle at him. But after a while I could smell iron in the air.

“do you think… I could get a sample of his blood too?” the doctor asked.

“um… I guess you could try. But he is sleeping. And the last time you woke him up eh… should be fine… I can cuddle with him, so he stays calm.” Mom said to him giggling.

“eh… right. Well, we need to take a sample anyway. So please hold him.” The doctor asked nervous.

I felt my mom cuddle my head and I felt a pinch in my arm. Tail bite hurt more but I did not like the little pinch. So, I growled a little still pretending to sleep. I felt the doctor’s hands twitch a little and au… I should not have done that.

“shh dear it’s fine. It’s just the nice doctor looking at you.” Mom cuddles my head, making me forget the pinch. Wonder how she can do that...

“there all done. I must say your son is most amazing. I have not seen him cry out loud once.” The Doctor said smiling at Telly.

I hear my mom and the doctor talking for a while. Mom was still cuddling me, so yes as you could imagine, having your eyes closed and being cuddled… makes you fall asleep.

I woke up later in the day and I can tell you being a baby is hard. I can barely move my body and I cannot speak, being force fed eh… milk is something I can be without. Yes. the sweet smell got to me. I am not proud of it and I cannot control it, but I come to terms with it. Mostly because if I start to resist. or trying to avoid… mom holds up the book to me. I really thought she was going to hit me the first time, so I froze up.

Mom is smart. she learned fast that I like being read to. The stories are fascinating and the hero use magic to fight evil beasts. Mom is a good storyteller, she got so engaged in telling the story one time that I eh… bathing in milk is good for the skin right… anyway after that she calmed down when reading, and as you can probably guess I fell asleep again.

A couple of days have passed like this but on the plus side I have grown. I ran out of the room… yee right… I am still a little toddler who still cannot speak. But I can move my arms more and I even practise moving my tail. Mom laughed when I accidentally flung the tail in my mouth and looked terrified at it. Tail and biting are not something I want to repeat okey… that hurt… why am I arguing with myself? I don’t care I need to talk to someone and who is better to talk to then myself…

Well, there you have it I have it I have gone crazy from eh… only eating milk. Don’t get me wrong it’s not bad and well it changes taste according to what mom eats… she ate a peach looking fruit and the smell was so good it made my stomach growl. The milk tasted so good I accidentally bite down to chew.

“Eep! No teeth dear.”
 Mom looked at me firmly, but she sat me up and peeled tiny juicy part of the peach and gave it to me. It was so delicious and good. But curse my luck because after I swallowed it, I bit my tongue… Seriously who gives sharp teeth to infants… as I cursed in my head feeling the pain in my tongue. mom must have noticed that I hurt myself and was about to lift me up…

A white and pink ich fountain sprayed out of my mouth. I looked worried at mom who was covered in puke… I am so dead… Mom leaned forward calling for the doctor and checked my tongue. The doctor came in and saw the mess I have made and my mom checking my mouth. I guess he must have freaked out because he rushed over asking if I where okey. He seemed pale and scared when he looked at me. I guess he is worried for my health… I can forgive him for waking me up after that.

The doc moved his hand to check my mouth but froze and looked at my mom. Right! I bite him a few days ago… wait from what I have gathered so far… we have been in isolation. The only people I have seen is the doc and mom… did I infect him when I bite him?... that though scared me. If I knew I was in quarantine I would never bitten him no matter how mad I was…

“don’t bite the nice doctor dear.” Mom smiled at me in her arms. I did not nod to her, but I just smiled showing I understood.

I looked at the doc who was still frozen looking at me. He was still afraid I might bite him. I guess I must be more convincing. I held my tiny arms towards him. I saw him smile at me, he picked me up and checked my tongue. He held me careful in his arms walking over to what looked like a changing table?... he took away the blanket and washed me. I looked over to mom and saw she was changing the bed on her own I turned back to the doc when she started to change cloths. I am not a pervert!...

Beside she is my mother now. She is the reason I feel safe. She comforts me when I get sad. Yes. she caught me sobbing a couple of times when I miss my own world. And it is not like I went, yeey new mom from the first moment… but I cannot fool my new hearth… it tells me this is mom… this is safety… this is that unconditional love a child has for her mom… the purest love in the world…

The doc finally wrapped me in a new blanket… I don’t like it... I want my old blanket back but yee white and pink stuff smells when it came out of me so… I am good, I guess… doc carried me back to mom and waited until she was done getting the bed made. I guess he was happy that I did not bite him. He was gently rocking me from side to side in his arms… okey I am not going to lie the motion was calming, not like mother’s smell and I did not fall asleep, but it made me feel relax… I am a baby don’t judge me! Eh… I guess I am judging myself… well You/me get the idea… Shut up!

Mom got back in bed and the doc handed me gently back to her warm soothing arms. She nuzzles me smiling and cuddles me saying I did good job not biting the good doctor.

Pff… trust me I was tempted when he gave me a wash… I just smiled at her feeling a yawn… should not have yawned because she took it for feeding time… and yep you guessed it… flash time.

Stunned I glanced over at the doc smiling at my mom’s milk part. My food perv!...
 Eh… wait is he smiling at me? What did I…? Right! “food” part is natural for a doctor...

The I taste the milk and that daze got to me again… I hear them talk about the test being good and that my mom was indeed not infected. And that he have arrange a carriage for us tomorrow… that was I could get before my mind drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the morning alone in the bed surrounded by blankets around me. It was a creepy feeling not waking up in my mom’s warm and comfy arms. I tried to look around, but the blanket was wrapped around me tight. I could see the ceiling had some sun glance on it, so I knew it was morning. Wait didn’t the doc say we would go home. Carriage… I guess this is a medieval age.

Please don’t be one of those protagonist king status that always end bad. No noble stuff that always ends in tragedy… I am domed… okey I can survive this… plan! Get strong, escape. Get stronger be undefeated… eh that almost ends in some sort of tragedy. Think… I see my mom walk over to me smiling when she see that I am awake.

“aww sweetheart. You got to make some noise when you wake up. Mommy is here.”
 I guess I was more scared than I thought thinking of this novel fantasy world. She picked me up and wiped away some tears from my face. She held me close and her sweet smell hit my nose calming me down straight away.

“we are going home dear. Ready?” mom smiled at me and held me closer in her arms. I guess she is looking forward to it and is nervous about it too… Ooh novel deity of luck whatever your name is please have some mercy on a young toddler… I pray in my mind as mom picked up a leather bag from the floor.

She walked out the door and doc escorted her down the hall. I just looked worried up at mom, but she held a straight face with a humble smile. Her dark hear glanced in the light as she walked. I think she is noble… fuck… I can survive that stay calm… we got to the door and doc knocked on it and the doors open. Two guards held the doors as we walked out… I manage to glance over at a guard that smiled at me when I did. Plate Armor and holding a pike. Yep, medieval times for sure… I guess I must learn sword skills to survive…

I notice two more guards at the horse carriage. Eh… the carriage looks fancy… it might just be the hospital’s carriage not a noble carriage… one of the guards opens the door for mom and she stepped inside smiling. She sat down and one of the guards came inside and sat down on the opposite side. He opened a hatch, and I was able to see the other guard smiling towards me before turning to his friend.

“we are ready. Let’s move out.” the guard said. He closed the hatch, and I felt my mom held me closer in her arms as the carriage started to move. I looked at her and she was smiling towards me. Cuddling my cheek.

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