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Arranged to be married after the death of her father, Addison Rhylie tries hard to make the stranger miserable. Sebastian Clark tries and fails to make Addison fall in love with him. Battles are faced and tragedies occur. Is their bond strong enough to keep them together? Or will it all end in heartbreak?

Romance Chick-lit For over 18 only.

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Chapter One

Standing on the stage, receiving my diploma from Principal Hawkins seemed to be where realization kicked in. I got to know that it's my final day in this school. Sadness washed over me, though the overwhelming sensation of completion. That is what made all sadness evaporate.

Though even that was short lived. "Addison? Is that you?" My eyes searched the crowd frantically as I ascended the stairs of the stage. My heartbeat quickened as fear spiraled up my spine.

Searching the crowd for where the voice came from. But no one seemed even the slightest bit suspicious. My head moved around searching for anything, though nothing stood out.

"Addison, follow me, this way." That voice again, it came from my left side. Following the direction the voice came from to my left it led to the exit of the auditorium. "Yes this way, come on, hurry up." Says the voice in a hushed whisper on my right as I exit the door.

Turning right down the hall, walking in an agitated pace. "Just a little further." From my right side again as I reach the end of the hallway. Walking to the reception area, I am met with silence. The reception seems to be deserted as I make my way further down, towards the exit door leading to the school's parking lot. Slightly parting the glass doors, I exit the building. Searching my surroundings for any sign of another person's presence. The chill from the voice sent goose bumps all over my body.

"Hey you?" Says that same deep voice coming from around the corner on my left. Walking in a menacingly slow pace, I look around frantically for any evidence of another's presence. Furrowing my brows confusedly, I turn left as I come to the end of the building. Darkness fills my vision as I've come to a dead end in an alleyway. My breathing builds up, as the silence around me strikes a nerve.

Looking around while blinking repeatedly, trying to adjust my eyes to the darkness around me. "Hey you?" That voice again, coming from the far right corner of the alleyway. "Who? Me?" I ask suspiciously as I try squinting my eyes to make out the black figure in the corner. A slight chesty chuckle comes from the unknown figure in the corner. The goose bumps seem more visible as his laugh fills my ears.

"Yeah! You, gorgeous." Comes the deep voice of the stranger once more. Trying to find the confidence, I attempt speaking. Furrowing my brows slightly I ask. "Was it you? The one that was calling me?" Shakily I step forward, eyes still squinted trying to make out the dark figure. "Why yes gorgeous, now follow me." Says the dark figure stepping forward past me into the light.

Turning around confused, my eyes following the figure as it comes into view. My breathing gets hitched at the sight. Clad in a black washed jeans lying low with a silver chain hanging from the left pocket, paired with a black V-neck t-shirt. Though the shirt seams too tight as it hugs his lean torso. Black sneakers with silver pins on either side. Bringing my eyes up to his chin, I take note of his smooth and sharp jawline. Up to his pink plump lips, across his long nose. I keep my eyes set on his beautiful grey almost white eyes, he winks suddenly.

Furrowing my brows I shake my head slightly and move my eyes up to his perfectly shaped brows. Though my breathing remains laboured. Further up to his smooth forehead where his hair lay softly like feathers. A warm hand placed on my left cheek startles me out of my gawking. Breathing hard at the strangers touch, I try finding my confidence.

Bringing my right hand up slowly looking into those gorgeous eyes of the stranger and place my hand on his as I get caught in his eyes. Slowly I close my eyes and remove his hand from my cheek, though something my finger brushed across caught my attention.

It feels cool as I brush my fingertips lightly over it. A smooth silver ring comes to view as I gently open my eyes to stare at his large hand. "If you're done you can follow me." Says his deep voice as I stare at his ring on his right forefin-... Wait! What did he just say? "Follow you? Where to?" I ask slowly as I raise my right eye brow, moving my eyes from his ring to his eyes. Something washes over me, and it feels scary. Smirking, he makes his way over to the parking lot. I confusedly follow him down the lot to a secluded parking space, which holds the presence of two bulky guys in black suits.

I feel my chest tighten at the sight of them. My heartbeat accelerating at an incredible speed.

Each guy on either side of the parking space, both looking equally strong and scary. The hard stares and ticking jaws show they are not to be messed with. Behind them is a shiny black car. I'm not really a car person but it looks to be a Mercedes Benz. Silver linings are at the bottom of each door, the windows darkly tinted so as to not be able to view the inside.

"Climb in now." Says the deep voice of who I'm yet to know the name of from the right side of the car. My right hand on my right hip squinting my eyes menacingly at the guy. "You're kidding right?" I say stunned that he thinks he has control at this moment. Staring at him I notice the tick in his jaw line as he tries to control himself.

"Never would I ever 'kid' as you say." He says in a strangled voice of anger. I try avoiding his eyes by looking around myself. As my eyes drift I notice the two guys standing behind me with crossed arms over their chests. "Get in!" Exclaims the guy on the right, closest to the cars back door holding it open.

Taking in a long breath I straighten my posture. "And what happens if I don't listen to you?" I ask shakily as I stare at the tall bulky guy. "Well then if that's how it's going to be... Boys?" Comes the stranger's voice amused from behind me.

Two strong holds capture my arms in swift motions before that sentence was even completed. The hands lift me up and put me into the back seat of the black car, the door shuts immediately after I touch the seat. The banging of three more doors shutting causes me to jump in my seat. "Relax, I am not a bad guy okay" Says the stranger with the deep voice.

Turning to my left I am met with the gentle gaze of the stranger, grey eyes staring deeply into my hazel ones. "Then tell me what's happening. And don't even think about lying to me." I tell him in a stern voice as I cross my arms across my chest, chin held high. Exhaling slowly the stranger starts speaking in a soft voice.

"Your mom told me to fetch you and bring you to the house as soon as possible, there is urgent business that needs to be discussed." I stare at him dumbfounded, uncrossing my arms and placing it on my thighs. "Humph. Okay, but what does it have to do with you?" I ask with a raised brow as I look into his grey orbs.

Smirking, the stranger speaks. "That will be discussed later, but for now let's get going shall we?" He says the last part facing the bulky guys in the front. Nodding lightly the car starts reversing, out of the parking lot and towards the gate at the end on the right side. Onto the highway towards my house to discuss who knows what.

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