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Boy meets girl, not exactly at the right time but even with that con their connection can't be denied.

Short Story Not for children under 13. © Felicia Evreux

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No More Abuse

Siobhan had to admit that she was tired of this friend with benefits situation she was dealing with, tired of the scenes and jealousy of a man she didn’t even have a real sentimental relationship with.

She was sick of his behavior and even if she couldn’t bear the idea of losing him, she decided she couldn’t keep allowing that he treated her that way.

Who the hell does he think he is, who gave him all that power over her?

She ran out of reasons attempting to justify his ways of keeping her so “controlled”, it just wasn’t healthy.

She barely even had self-esteem and it was his fault but so was hers, because she let him wreck her in so many ways simply because she wanted him to keep her.

Ethan would get mad at her for her every reaction, she didn’t even know what she did wrong most of the time.

If she decided to let him know, out of courtesy that she was going to her maternal grandparents' beach house with her uncles and aunts from both sides, he’d always tried to convince her to stay.

If she, god forbid, dared to challenge him he’d give her the cold shoulders for weeks, he once didn’t talk to her in a month. All because she left for the summer.

– If you want this to end so badly, fine – she exclaimed –. I never knew what we had anyway

– That’s not what I meant, just let me talk

– No, I’m done – she shook her head –. I don’t want this anymore – she took a step forward aimed to leave his side for good but as always, he stopped her taking her arm

– Let’s not rush things

– It’s been enough, I don’t even know what this is and I’m running out of patience

– Siobhan …

– Just leave me alone – she interrupted –. Let’s just end all of this on good terms now that we can, I think that we can agree in that we tried but we aren’t couple material so we should go back to having a simple friendship – she tried to get out of his grip but couldn’t –. Let go! – She demanded as she realized the strength he was applying

– I want to talk this over if you would just let me have a say in this

– I really am exhausted of your behavior – she sank the subject and tried to retrieve her arm –. Let go of me right now – she raised her voice after verifying he didn’t want to make things easy for her.

He hated scandals, he simply expected that she would lower her head and obey. Always taking her for granted.

Some stranger was passing by, he could perfectly hear Siobhan’s last phrase and decided to help since the guy could be either a kidnapper or an abusive boyfriend and he hated that fellow males tended to use their strength to force females to do what they wanted.

– She told you to let go of her. Are you deaf? – Jared, the stranger stood right in front of Ethan and took a step forward to remove Ethan’s hand from Siobhan’s arm

Ethan forced himself to behave and stop himself from punching that tosspot in the face or something, what led him to back off pacifically was Siobhan’s glance. Those green eyes and pursed lips were throwing fire arrows at his form and showed no mercy.

– I think it’s time for you to leave, Ethan – she didn’t take her eyes off the male mentioned and he knew that wasn’t a good sign

He put his hands up in surrender and then turned to walk away.

Siobhan sighed with some sort of remorse deep down because there was a witness of Ethan’s macho personality. The fact the witness was a stranger made her feel embarrassed, to say the least. She regretted that she wanted to make a scene.

– I’m terribly sorry you heard that

– I’m actually glad I did, you seemed to be in trouble – he mentioned and glanced down at her arm –. Are you okay, though?

– I am but although it’s not supposed to be this way I’m used to him acting this way. I’ve learned to handle him and stay unaffected at some point, most of our fights are because of his tantrums and happens quite often – she cleared her throat

“Why am I saying this out loud?” she thought. She didn’t know this guy, was she supposed to be that sincere with him?

– For what it’s worth, I’m sorry you had to go through this type of relationship

– Thanks – she kept her answer short, unwilling to say more personal stuff

She usually didn’t talk about her concerns or problems with unknown people, no matter how friendly they looked. It just wasn’t like her so she didn’t know why exactly she was doing that.

“I can’t believe I allowed that though, but I’m glad he’ll leave me alone for once and for all thanks to your intervention” she wanted to say.

– I don’t doubt that you know how to handle him, I just wanted to make sure he didn’t hurt you – he commented –. May I see? – He offered his hand, she looked up at him and he managed to stare back though her eyes were beyond distractive, they were not that special if you saw it with perspective but they definitely were attractive, then she let him take a look at her arm –. No redness, he seemed to be holding you quite strongly but I don’t think it’ll leave you a bruise so you’re alright

–Yes, I guess so – she grimaced –. I’ll try to get a pomade and hopefully, I’ll be able to prevent any type of mark that can come up later – she said –. Thanks anyways

– No problem – he smiled lightly –. What’s your name? – He tried

Right at that moment, a car parked in front of them.

– I have to go – she shrugged apologetically

– Okay – he smiled, this time trying to hide his disappointment –. Stay safe

– You too – she smiled lightly as she opened the door –. Goodbye

He resisted the urge of begging for her name and phone number.

“How do I reach you?” he wanted to ask but obliged himself to simply watch her leave, reluctantly.

Which was extremely hard when his gaze found hers through the car’s clear glass but instead of throwing himself in the car’s way he simply waved, she returned it and then Jared saw how the vehicle the young woman of attractive eyes was in blended in the traffic.

He sighed and made his way to his car.

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