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•~•~•~ It's been seven years since he rejected me to be with an alpha female. It's been four years since I left my pack. Finally after much persuasion, I decided to come back-well-just for the annual summer alpha gala. And that's when it all changes.

Romance Erotic For over 21 (adults) only.

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Chapter 1

I sit and look at the two suitcases on my bed.

I contemplate on zipping them up or just folding all the clothes back into my closet.

I can't go back...not to their pitiful gazes and the possibility of seeing him again. He should be there since he's now an alpha.

"Oh God I can't do this",I mutter.

My family may have no problem coming to see me but I can't go there,it's been far to long but father requires all his children by his side and I've been avoiding this for four years; besides I stopped my family from coming over for over a year to avoid this conversation but somehow I got convinced.

The summer alpha gala week is going to begin this night and I don't think I could put up the big girl front if I see him today.

I have everything packed and I just need the courage to zip them up and haul the suitcases down stairs. I close my eyes and take a deep breath before exhaling the doubt away.

I go over to my bed and hurriedly zip the suitcases before I change my mind,sealing my fate. I pick up my red handbag and then drag the suitcases out of my room,down the stairs and out of my apartment. I enter the elevator with the bags and push the button for the ground floor.

"The driver is waiting miss.Archibald",the door man says as I walk out of the elevator.

I just nod at him, hauling my suitcase behind me and he stops me.

"Let me"

"Thank you",I mutter and walk ahead.

I needed to keep my self busy so I just play with my fingers. I was nervous as hell...screw it I was scared , nervous , doubtful and just plain unsure. Was I going to go through this okay?

Another door man opens the door for me and I step out,exposed to the sun and the mild humid breeze. I see the black BMW that's meant to pick me up.

I walk down the short flight of stairs towards it as the driver steps out immediately.

"Good to see you again miss.Archibald",he acknowledges as he opens the door for me.

"How are you Derek?" I ask and smile at him.

"Good", he simply replies as he shuts the door when I enter the car.

The doorman with my suitcase comes out of the building and Derek opens the boot of the car and he eases my suitcases into it.

Derek shuts the boots and enters the car and soon we're zooming off.

"How are the preparations for the SAG?"

"They're going really well.The castle is looking beautiful"

I smile.

"And my sisters?"

"Your mother is adamant on Faye wearing a dress—Quinn is taking care of the palace and Faye and your mother are constantly fighting", I chuckle at the last bit.

My heart squeezes at the mention of my sisters and I manage to squeeze out the last question.

"And Noel?"

"He found his mate last year. Alia. A very nice red head that can control your big headed brother" he chuckles softly.

I smile and try not to let tears fall. I didn't even contact my twin brother. What kind of person was I and all they've ever done is to look out for me.

My family was so beautiful before I moved and hopefully,it still is. Noel was the first and he was the best big brother anyone could ask for growing up even though we were the same age ;Faye,the tomboy and wild child of the family who hated dresses and who I loved pranking people with and finally the my youngest sister,the last sweet child,Quinn,she was the most respectful,the sweetest and the most innocent,we all protected her when she was little and she was the baby of the house.

But they would be all grown up now,twenty four doesn't suit me so I wonder how it'll suit Noel and I can't imagine how huge he'd look, I'm sure Finn is quite the trouble maker at nineteen and I can't believe baby Quinn would be eighteen in few months.

"Everyone misses you",Derek said out of nowhere.

I just nod because I know and I've missed them too, "and we were all so sad that you stayed away for four years", he continued.

"I'm sorry"

"There's no need for that because everyone is so happy for your arrival",he gives me a reassuring smile from the rearview mirror.

After a ride of over six hours,we finally go through the gates of Archibald castle.

The car stops in front of the castle and I look at it through the window. Derek steps out.

I'm so scared to step out. Even though Derek said they were so happy that I was arriving,I just couldn't help it but wonder if they hated me or were at least pissed at me.

Derek opens my door and holds out a hand for me with a reassuring smile. I hesitantly take his hand.

Immediately I step out,I hear my name. I turn around and I see only yellow before the air is knocked out of me as I stumble a bit.

"We missed you" Faye mutters.

"So very much" Quinn continues.

I hug them back,ignoring the fact that I can hardly breath and this movement encourages them because they hug tighter.

"Can't breath" I manage to wheeze.

They pull back and I'm met with two blondes giving me bright smiles.

Faye's hair now is in a wavy bob cut which suited her while Quinn still kept hers straight.

"I didn't expect you to come Odetta" Quinn says.

"Neither did I" I say and I can't help it,the tears start to fall.

"I missed you so much" I hug both of them as my voice cracks.

They hug me back and when we pull away Quinn blue eyes are filled with tears while Faye is smiling at me.

"Odetta my baby,my goodness" my mum shrieks as she runs down the stairs and flings her self at me.

I hug her back, "hi mom" ,I mutter.

She strokes my head and I want to cry because I've missed the feeling, "I missed you so much. Why didn't you call? we didn't want to bother you" she says as she pulled back.

Her brown hair is in a bun and her brown eyes are teary. Her eyes crinkled as she pulled her lips into a small smile

She hold my cheek in my hands. "How are you coping?"

"I'm doing well. I missed you",I whisper.

"Oh my baby" she exclaims and hugs me again.

I ignore the fact that she's blocking my air flow and I inhale her sweet homey scent.

"Let me have a go at my daughter kat",I hear my dads booming voice before I see him.

Mum reluctantly let's go as my dad sweeps me into a hug. He lifts me up a bit and spins me lightly.

"Dad I'm twenty four",I groan while lightly laughing.

"Fuck being twenty four, you're still my sweet little girl" he exclaims.

"Benjamin language",my mother scolds.

He drops me to the ground and pulls away inspecting me before pulling me into another bone crushing hug.

"How are you doing?" He ask wiping away my tears.

"Goo-I guess-I'm just so happy to be here" I say trying not to cry anymore.

My father is a blond,tall man with the bluest eyes ever. Bluer than mine or Quinn's.

"Odetta meet alia" mum says eagerly as I meet the red head Derek was talking about earlier.

"I see you're the redhead mate keeping my brother in check" I smile at her.

"You wouldn't believe how respectful and obedient noel has gotten",my mother giggles.

"I'm Odetta" I say and she surprises me with a hug.

"Noel talks about you all the time...well everybody does and I'm so happy to finally meet you"

"Thank you" I say and smile again.

"I can't wait till noel sees you. He'll be so happy" she gushes.

"Where is he by the way?" I ask.

As if on cue I see him. I'm about to walk...screw it run into his arms when he holds up a hand halting my movements.

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