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* Slow updates* " Why do you like me?" Gemma asked Ethan shyly "Why... hmm let me think" Ethan said while stroking his chin " Ohh, I got it well because you are different that's why " Ethan replied with a huge grin " That don't even make sense " Gemma said while rolling her eyes but with a slight smile If you see a check next to the title then that means it was rewritten. Copyright© 2020 TW: contains suicidal attempt, self-harm, and mentions of sexual abuse Warning is advised

Teen Fiction For over 18 only.

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Chapter one

3rd P.O.V

Gemma stood at the ledge of the golden state bridge and looked over at the cold water below her and had begun her counting.


Gemma's counting was interrupted by someone yelling towards her

" Wait," a pasty redhead said

This had prompted Gemma to turn around to see what the stranger wanted.

" Is there something I can help you with?" Gemma said politely

" yes before you know off yourself can you like wait so I can get my camera set up," the redhead said with a slight smile

" Why do you need to set up your camera and what does that have to do with me," Gemma said with a face filled with confusion

" so I can film it and then upload it duh" the redhead replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Before Gemma can continue on with her counting the redhead decided to speak again.

" if I uploaded this then I bet I can get so many views and I'll instantly become internet famous," the redhead said with a hint of glee in her eyes.

Gemma simply rolled her eyes and went back to the task at hand and began counting again.


What Gemma didn't notice while she was focused on the water beneath her that a small crowd had started to form and even a few cars had started to slow down to see what the commotion was about.

4...3...2... And 1


All while this was happening the crowd had their devices out and was either talking to someone about what just happened or they were recording the incident. Well... all except one boy who had already called the ambulance and had talked to them about what happened.


A.N well that's that, I can't really call this a chapter really since it's so short but oh well.

I really hope you enjoyed this " chapter" and comments so I can figure out how to improve my story and make it more interesting.

Bye Bye 👋🏾

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