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Who is the villain and who is the savior? Who wants to be saved? What matters is revenge. Check out these siblings. Harken loves sports, his family and his friends, like every teenage boy. Once he is led to his family secrets, he faces the murderer who has always been there to get done with last of his obstacles.

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Your only mission is to prevent the last murder.

Your only mission is to prevent the last murder.

Your only mission is to prevent the last murder.

You allow your voices to echo in your head. He stands before you with the evil laughter, reminding you of that very day he had tried to end everything. You keep patting the intermixture for the pastry and patting harder.

“Woh! Can you teach me that?” your young brother exclaims.

The whisk jumps out of your grip. Your young brother’s gaze lands on the whisk rolling rounds by itself in the mixer bowl, amazed by your patting artisanship. Your palm falls back to the whisk, mildly pushing it down to the bowl to settle. You offer him your smile.

“Let me do it.”

“Alright. I have a work, up.”

He is repulsed but you don’t have time for that as you go upstairs. Because, that is normal.

If you can live a normal life, you will always live it. But, never shall there be his murder. You will protect him. Never shall there be the last murder.

His murder will be the last – last of everything: our world, our reign, our powers. I shall prevent the last murder at every cost.

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