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Seeing her as more than just a friend would drive my heart wild, she is special to me in every way. Let's call her Jana, and she has no idea what she makes me feel inside. I have known her a little over two years, but feels like forever even when we talk every day. It's not like we haven't planned to see each other again, it has been in my mind to finally be in love with a woman, and she's the closest to my heart for years. Jana and I have the same thoughts and beliefs of a happy couple. She's never been with another woman, so this is my chance to show her the love I feel but take it slowly and thoughtful as possible. I believe Jana can be happy with the right person as though it might be scary at first but what woman isn't when they go for someone new? This is my story of how my happiness to Jana Johnson was worth it. My name is Angel Knight, and I'll be guiding you to beginning to the end.

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Chapter 1

Angel was living with her grandmother since she was seventeen and her own mother kicked her out and then abandoned her, leaving to another Country. All that happened just because she kissed a girl, Scarlett Thomas, which her mother didn't approve. Luckily, Angel's grandma wasn't so conservative, and she took her in, creating a home for both of them.

Before the kiss, she had no clue Scarlett liked her that way. But after that first kiss, they have been dating until the Graduation, the whole year and a half. Later, they broke up, agreeing they were too different to continue with their relationship and their relationship always had an abusive way to it that made Angel cringe of the memory. Scarlett found another girlfriend in High School, but Angel never even tried. She didn't see a point.

She was living in a small town called Rose County. There were almost no schools or kids. People usually picked this town for vacations, rather than for living.

With her blue eyes, long blonde hair with soft curls. Angel always loved her own body, and many people would agree that she was a natural beauty. She played on the guitar and loved to work at her bookstore, down at the Strange Creek Rd.

And who wouldn't want a cozy bookstore to settle in and relax after a long day? She adored that small place with all her heart.

She liked to be alone, as she never believed in love like you can read about in the books, nor she never saw a point in it. When any guy attempted to have her, she pushed him away immediately. She thought about them as useless creatures, thinking of that icky thing between their legs. Yuck!

Of course, even though she wasn't in any relationship, she wasn't alone. She had a really good friend, Shauna Meigs, who worked in her store, and Angel could always rely on her. Unfortunately, the only thing they had in common were a book. They tried to talk about other things too, like school, friends, relationships, political views and such, but Angel never felt like she can give her the number of her cell to hang out after work.


"Do I seriously have to go on this date? I mean seriously what if he's like the last one?" Jana complained to Destiny, who was her best friend for more than fifteen years.

"Girl, I have already settled down and had a child, you need to give this guy a chance. Heck who knows, Gunther could be the one. Did you ever think of that?" Destiny tried to support her friend and give her courage to proceed with preparations.

Jana rolled her gray eyes then looking at herself in the mirror. Her short, brunette hair, barely touched her shoulders. She always loved to go out with her friends, but dates were something entirely else. She sighed.

"Gunther looks nice, but it's only one date. I don't believe I can find the one just like that. For all we know, he could be a stalker or even a murderer."

Destiny got a laugh out of that response. Jana was sometimes so melodramatic, she wondered how did she even get through her life.

"You know Jana if you would prefer a woman I do know someone that would make it worth your while."

Jana turned away from the mirror and raised an eyebrow at her friend. That was the most ridiculous proposal she ever heard.

"I'm straight, and you know it. I'm not going to date a woman just because you find it amusing to assume I'm so phobic about men. Don't even try to convince me."

Destiny shrugged. It was worth a shot.

"Suit yourself. Just don't be so judgmental about Gunther. He doesn't deserve that, and all you know, he could be worth it."

Jana heard the doorbell rang. She jerked her head to the sound and quickly answered. "You got me there but doesn't mean anything."

She went to answer the door. Just as she expected it, there was standing Gunther. He was in a black suit with a red tie, which made Jana think they are unintentionally matching. She wore a lovely red dress that fit her body perfectly.

Gunther took her hand in his, kissing it like a true gentleman. When his lips touched her skin, she felt nothing. She tried not to frown, disappointed in the lack of chemistry between them.

Before his eyes meet hers, she quickly put on a fake smile on her lips. She could just hope the date won't be boring, and she won't start yawning somewhere in the middle.

"You look very beautiful tonight. Are you ready for our date?" His voice was deep, created to send chills to woman's body. Just not in hers, apparently.

"Yes, I am." Jana sweetly smiled.

Then as she was about to close the door, she let out a call to the back of the house to her friend.

"Destiny, if you're going out tonight please be sure to lock up. See you later this evening."

As Jana closed the door behind her, she walked down the steps to Gunther's car and saw how gorgeous it was. Sometimes she liked to peek into a car magazine, so she knew it was a red, brand new 2003 Monte Carlo with tinted windows. It blew her breath away. Maybe this evening won't be so bad after all.

As Gunther opened the car door, she saw it had leather seats and knew it had to cost a fortune to get a beautiful car like this. She sat in the passenger seat, waiting for Gunther to make his way around. As he got in on his side, she looked over at him and smiled again, then turned away and faced the road. He started the car, and they were on their way to a fancy restaurant.

Gunther cleared his throat. "We are going to Maya's Italian Diner. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure, sounds perfect." Jana slightly smiled. She wasn't exactly fond of Italian food, and she would rather have a steak with some potatoes and green beans. But since the Italian is good too, if you know what to choose, she decided not to complain. She didn't want to hurt his feelings or sound like an ungrateful person.

They arrived at the restaurant ten minutes before their reservations. As Jana got out of the car, she saw the beauty and enjoyed the cool breeze of the evening. She noticed a fountain in the distance and walked over to it. She sat down and took off her heels, then climbed on the edge with her shoes in her hands. Taking each step around it, she enjoyed the feeling.

Gunther looked bored and disapproving. He seized her, trying to take her down.

"I'm just having fun. Relax nothing to be embarrassed by." she told him, her good mood drifting away.

Gunther replied harshly. "You know what? This is supposed to be a serious date where we should get to know one another, not fool around and act like kids. Come on, we are both professionals, working in a hospital. Get a grip."

Jana didn't like his smart mouth. What was wrong with this guy? Shouldn't he just let her be herself for a while? It's not like she was playing in the dirt, she was just dancing around the fountain, trying to have a good time.

"Then I guess I'm not the one you want. I like to have fun and not be serious all the time." She stopped moving, glaring angrily at him. He was a complete asshole.

"Just go home and find someone else. This date is over."

Gunther didn't even try to convince her to change her mind. He shook his head in disgust at her childish behavior and walked off, leaving her on the side of the fountain.

Jana walked around it several more times until she headed home by herself. She felt something wet on her cheeks. Tears. Great, she thought to herself. That's just what I need.


Angel was taking a jog near her favorite fountain when she heard this couple arguing. That lady was beautiful in that red dress, and she took her breath away. Angel wanted to approach her, but it seemed to be bad timing with the guy looking like a jerk.

Angel took out her phone and snapped a picture of the woman so she could remember what she looks like the next time she went out.

As she turned to leave, some strange guy approached her. "So, what are you doing out here in the middle of the night by yourself?"

Angel rolled her eyes. Like she had the time to talk to him. It annoyed her how some people thought they can just start talking to her.

"How about none of your business?"

The guy was acting like he didn't hear her. He just continued with his babbling. "Listen here baby you're coming home with me tonight alright?"

Angel pushed him away and walked off as the guy grabbed her shoulder. He pulled her toward him.

"I don't like the way you are treating me. You might want to behave, little missy." He hissed in her ear. Angel shook in disgust. That was just too much.

She struggled against him and kicked him with her knee, right between his legs. Bastard. There was fury inside her, which made her disliking of guys even bigger.

He stumbled back, his hand losing his trip. His face is twisted in pain, and he was completely out of breath. Angel felt satisfaction. He deserved that.

"How about this, you ignorant asshole! Keep your hands off of me and leave me alone!" she spat at his face. She barely held back, to not kick him again.

The guy didn't respond, and he was still whimpering.

Without looking at him again, she ran to the other end of the park. There she saw the lady from before, sulking in her tears. It seemed she was heading home too. Angel slowly approached her.

"Miss are you okay?" she gently said.

The lady looked up at Angel and nodded. "I am having a bad night." she told her.

Angel patted the lady on the shoulder. She felt like that was the best way to soothe her.

"Would you like me to walk you home? I'm Angel by the way," she asked her.

The lady smiled. "Sure, it wouldn't hurt. I'm Jana." She wiped away her tears. She wasn't crying anymore.

Angel had to remember her name. Jana was so beautiful and nice, she to break her no-dating rule. Since she was a girl, Angel wouldn't mind getting to know her better.

As they walked about four miles away from the park, she realized, Jana was looking flushed. She remembered how that man ditched her, probably before the date.

"You look like you haven't eaten this evening. Would you like to go somewhere to eat that is both reasonable and fun? Maybe a cafe down the road?" she asked politely, hoping the woman will agree.

Jana smiled at Angel uncontrollably. "That would be wonderful. I'm starving since my date decided to be a jerk and left me before the dinner."

Angel felt so happy at that moment because the left her and it was her chance to make a new friend.

"Don't worry I had a rough one too, some random guy just tried to take me home with him, so I kicked him where it counts making sure he couldn't get up for a while. What went wrong with yours?"

"He just didn't want to have fun and I did. He wouldn't even join me on the fountain for fun." Jana sadly replied.

Angel shook her head. Some people were such jerks. "I would have joined you. That surely sounds fun and enjoyable."

Jana was relieved to hear her say that. She could just die if Angel though she was childish too. She felt like she just made a new friend in the middle of that night. And she wasn't going to be alone when she comes home.

As they reached the cafe, they realized it was already closed. They stayed in front of the building for some time, not knowing what to do. That was when Angel came up with another plan. She gently patted Jana on the arm to get her attention.

"How about we go to my place? It's just another block away. I can make you something, like a cup of coffee or tea or whichever you would prefer. What do you say?" Angel suggested.

Jana smilingly nodded.

"Sure. That will be great. I don't want to be alone tonight, since my roommate and best friend went out. I would really like a night away with you."

Angel released her shoulder and smiled all the way to the house feeling pleasant that she got someone to finally hang out with.

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