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Being the only of my sister without a baby made me a bit jealous but honestly it didn't matter that much but now I get to have my dream come true to become a Mom.

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Will I ever have my little bundle of Joy? I've been asking this to myself for a long time now, I've always wanted to have children of my own and the person who was my previous partner also but there was always a "good" excuse for not having a baby. I sometimes feel that it was not meant for me to be a mom sees always was an excuse or even when I thought I was the pregnancy test always came negative, so it took my hopes away. After basically trying to convince my partner at that time I never got what I wanted, a Family.

After almost five years of a relationship he never thought of having kids, well just yet. He always said that there was no money or that it wasn't the time but, if you think about it most of the pregnancies aren't plan which cause more emotion, joy and the feeling on getting to know that little piece of life that it's growing inside you. I was jealous of my sister the three of them have their babies and I was the only one that did not this went for years but I never said anything to them.

One day I get to know a guy and he is amazing, we did have a "complicated" relationship we are not together as a couple but, we do know what we want. Both of us been having an affair and we knew we should not be having one. Yet all of this was supposed to just a crush / attraction, yet here we are after giving up on our relationships from before. I will not lie I feel good with him, not just the good type of having fun but, the good type of we should have this forever.

After almost seven moths together we actually confirm our feelings (well he did ) even though we both knew what we felt and yet we thought it was just going to go and even that we broke up two time we still wanted this and now we are happy with what we have and right now we are ready to take one of the big steps and that' s to be parents. Yeah you may think we are crazy, but we talked about it and let each other know about some of the most important "points" of being parents.

For quite few days I've been feeling a bit nauseous, back pain and well night sickness ( seen it only happens at night to me) and my senses of smell its really on point so this are a few of the symptoms of a pregnant woman, in a few days I'll take the test to see if it comes out positive or negative. If it comes out negative well keep trying, I mean it is not the end of the world but if it comes out positive... I will be the happiest woman on this planet (well on my terms) so I am anxious to let you guys know what is going to happen next.

See you soon.

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To be continued...

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