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Landon Baptist has the most epic job almost everyone would love to have. He cherishes every winking moment of it and the best part is making people smile and happy. But when will his happily ever after begin? Nia Broussard, a huge fan of all things fantasy and magical, embarks on a Disney vacation with her friend, Kaylan. Her life goal is finding true love in the most magical place on earth. Two different people from two different worlds will meet in the most magical way. Will the cause and effect be positive or negative? If you enjoy this chapter and want to see what happens next, go to the link provided for more

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Chapter 1

It was a new day at the park today and the sun was hardly peeking out on the horizon. Landon's alarm went off on his phone and he rolled I've to turn it off, only to accidentally knock it off the night stand.

"Brilliant," he mumbled with a slight chuckle as he reached for his phone that was now laying on the floor. "Another beautiful day in the kingdom."

He rose up in bed, phone in hand and turned his alarm off then stretched letting a loud yawn escape his lips. Rubbing his light brown eyes, he slides out of bed and heads straight to the bathroom to begin his daily routine.

"When you wish upon a star..." He sang as he brushed his teeth and fluffed his customer hair a little bit.

Smiling in the mirror his approval for sparkling white teeth, he went back to his room and dressed himself then packed a bag. As he approached the door to his room and opened it, je stopped and looked back into his cozy cottage-style surroundings and sighed with a smile. Life was good, and nothing could change that if he followed the rules of the park.

"Another beautiful day!" He said closing the door and locking it.

A beautiful day indeed. The sun was barely peeking out from behind the building that surrounded his cottage-style apartment, allowing the sky to show off its brilliant morning colors. Birds flew by playing and dancing with each other and a slight breeze ruffled Landon's hair as he happily walked through the apartment are on the park site.

"Morning, Landon!" A man named Mark called out as he stepped out of his home. "Beautiful day today."

"Good morning, Mark! It sure is!" Landon chirped.

"Thinking you'll find a lassie today?" Mark asked nudging Landon playfully.

Mark and the rest of the cast members would always tease him about being single while everyone else had a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

"I'm not looking, Mark. But one day she'll appear," Landon responded with a loud laugh at the same joke that was told every day.

Hope was secretly fading Landon, though, as the days went by. Every day he felt a hint of jealousy as he watched coupled playfully walking around the park, hand in hand. And every day would get a bit harder for him to see those happy loving couples. But he dares not break character. He had to keep a positive personality in order to keep the magic of his character.

"Have you eaten yet, Landon?" Mark interrupted his thoughts. "I was thinking about going to the cafeteria and splurge. You're more than welcome to join me."

"I would love to! We all need to make sure we have full stomachs before the park officially opens," Landon said cheerfully.

As they made their way to the cafeteria, Landon's mind wandered once more. Wouldn't it be grand for him to see the girl of his dreams today? He played a scenario in his mind if his dream girl was to be at the park today. Landon would not want to pass up an opportunity to speak to her. Even if she would be the girl of his dreams, that wouldn't mean he was the guy of her dreams. There were positive and negative outcomes in his mind's eye.

"We don't have long to eat before we have to get dressed," Mark nudged Landon as they entered the cafeteria. "Light breakfast for me because I'm not as young as you."

Landon made a confused facial expression. What did not being young have to do with eating breakfast? Perhaps Mark just couldn't eat as much without feeling like he's going to pop? He shook his head and grabbed a tray and placed an apple, orange juice, scrambled eggs with bacon and pancakes on it. After fixing his tray, he followed Mark to a table.

"Good morning, Landon and Mark," a girl named Courtney said with a bright smile. "Ready for the day?"

"As always," Mark answered giving her a hug.

She was Tinker Bell here at Disney and she fit the character very well with her bubbly curious personality. And she loved to tinker just like he fairy herself. Mark was a pirate and sometimes acted like one mostly during the night when he would get off work. He was well known here for the one who stayed in character even when he wasn't in character.

"So, Landon," Courtney spoke up. "Any new scenarios of you meeting the girl of your dreams? I've come up with a few cute ways it could happen, and they all worked out great if I do say so myself."

Landon shook his head with a grin. "I might've come up with one or two."

This was just the beginning of the teasing. Once they arrived back stage at the castle, Landon would hear the same joke from the entire Disney cast! He was humble enough to not admit that it bothered him, and their teasing felt as though they were bullying him but in a nice way. It would be nice for him to finally meet something, though.

"Cast members, finish up and get dressed!" Someone over the intercom announced loudly and a little frantic as usual.

"Man, that guy needs to calm down. We have enough time to finish our breakfast and get ready!" Courtney said with annoyance and a roll of her eyes.

Landon chuckled and shook his head. "Well there is a lot to get done within the few hours or minutes we have from the moment we wake up to the moment we sit down and eat breakfast. So, I don't blame him for being a little on edge."

"Yeah, well, he's like that every day," Courtney added flipping her hair as we all walked to the garbage to dump our trays. "Anyway, see you out there, Landon!"

Landon waved as she practically skipped out the door and head to the ladies cast member room. The wind greeted him with a cool kiss to the face as it boldly touched his skin. He closed his eyes and took a breath. He had a feeling that it was going to be a chill night even though it was slightly warm.

He walked the men's costume room where all the male cast members were gathered getting ready for the exciting day ahead. There was a hint of impish glee that filled the room, the kind that felt like the icing on the cake or splashing in the sea. Banter of gibberish filled Landon's ears as he closed the door behind him. Hoping no one heard him enter, he went to his locker and opened it, finding his clean Peter Pan costume.

"Landon! Morning, boy," a booming deep voice sang through the now quiet room.

Turning, he faced the man who proudly owned the deep voice. A man called Colt, who's smile lit the room. Just then everyone in the room spoke all at once with jokes of Landon being single.

"Good morning, Colt and everyone," Landon said shaking his head but with a smile on his face.

Once everyone settled down and continued to talk amongst themselves, Landon was able to change into his character costume and stood in front of the mirror to make sure everything was up to park code. He even smiled at himself and gave a wink in the mirror.

"You are one weird dude," someone said behind him. "It's still a wonder you don't have a girlfriend."

"I embrace my weirdness, Coston," Landon laughed as he added the finishing touches to his outfit, a hat. "And I'm sure that when I do get a girlfriend, she'll be as weird as me."

Coston laughed and slapped Landon on the back. "I don't doubt that one bit. She will be one lucky girl to have a weird guy like you as hers."

"That's what I aim for, brother," Landon said fixing his hat properly. "I would want to be the best boyfriend she ever had. I would love her how she deserves to be loved and surprise her with small gifts or big gifts and continue to show her how important she is to me."

Coston stared off into the distance as he tried to imagine everything Landon had said. All he could think about was why was someone as kind-hearted as Landon still single? Truly there was someone for him somewhere. Coston could try to match make again, but it would be hard considering they worked a lot and he hardly has free time to match make at all. But Coston knew Landon was lonely and never admitted it because he was humble and didn't want anyone to think he was a burden.

"I have no doubt about that, Landon. You are an awesome guy and I'm happy to know you and call you a brother," Coston said with a little tear in his eye.

They both stared at each other awkwardly then burst into fits of laughter. Although they laughed about it, Coston and Landon had a brotherly relationship and they were well known for it amongst the cast members at the park.

"Everyone, you have fifteen minutes before the park opens. It's almost seven so hurry up," a voice on the intercom spoke frantically.

"That dude needs a chill pill," Coston laughed. "Twice out of the day in telling everyone to hurry even though we're always ready to go before he announces the time."

Landon shrugged. "Let him be and let's get on with the excitement!"

The cast members all filed out of their changing rooms and met at the back entrance of the castle. Landon stood at the door hopping from one foot to the other like a little girl and he was neither embarrassed nor ashamed. Any minute now the park would open, and the magic would begin. There was something in the air today that made him feel as if something special was about to happen. He wasn't sure if it would happen to him or someone else.

"I hope you all slept well, and you all are ready for another magical day today! Remember to always stay in character and make people smile and laugh. Have fun cast members!" Mark spoke up as loud as he could, just like he always did every morning.

The excited had wired Landon's body and felt like his brain was going in fast forward when the park finally opened, and cheers of laughter filled the air. The most magical place on earth was ready for the day once again! And Landon was ready to find his magic moment. At least he hoped he would.

"Oh, my goodness, it's Peter Pan!" the voice of a little girl said in pure excitement.

Before he even had a chance to react, the little girl was wrapped around his waste in a tight hug. A security guard slowly approached in hopes of removing her from Landon, but he held a hand up and lowered himself to her level.

"Well hello!" Landon said cheerfully. "Well look who it is, it's Tink! I've been looking everywhere for you!"

The little girl giggled and spun around to show off her Tinker Bell costume. "I dressed like her for you, Peter! I think you're the best!"

"Not as awesome as you, Tink!" Landon chirped as he gave her the biggest hug.

"I know you're not taking photos right now," the girl's mom chimed in. "But she's been waiting all day to meet you and it would mean a lot to get a photo of your two."

"Of course, ma'am! I couldn't pass up getting a photo with Tinker Bell. After all, I've been wander where she fluttered off to. Here I was thinking she found the Lost Boys and decided to hang out with them," Landon said turning to the camera the lady held in her hands.

Something caught Landon's attention in the corner of his eye while the lady took a few pictures. When the little girl gave him a hug and the mother thanked him and walked off, Landon drew his attention to the sitting area. A girl with auburn hair sat on a bench looking at her phone. When he saw her, it was like space and time became the finest point of the universe. Everyone around him seemed to have disappeared and it was as if she and himself were the only to beings around.

She moved a strand of her shoulder length auburn hair behind her ear and allowed her hand to linger there as she scrolled through her phone. Landon's heart beat was racing as she looked around then back at her phone.

"She's... beautiful," he whispered to himself.

Leaning towards the security guard he whispered that he wanted a pen and small piece of paper and for the guard to block him, so no one saw what he was doing. He couldn't break character and he knew exactly how to go about writing a note in the open.

Meet me behind the Cinderella Castle at nine o'clock at night, he wrote. Glancing at the girl again, their eyes had met this time and a look of excitement was on her face.

Another girl was standing neat her, and Landon figured it was either her sister or friend. The girl with the auburn hair was hiding her mouth with her right hand and he sensed a giggle was escaping her lips as he friend was gently shoving her towards him.

This was it. This was the moment he was waiting for and dreamt about. Meeting the girl of his dreams! She was here at the park on this day and that feeling had before was coursing through his body as they approached him with smiles.

"Peter Pan, my friend here is in love with you and I've been trying to get her to come and talk to you but she's shy," the other girl said rolling her eyes.

Landon chuckled and did a fancy foot work motion before bowing. "It's nice to meet you!"

The auburn-haired girl giggled and slightly bowed herself. When their eyes met, Landon froze in place, a small smile began to form on his handsome face and her eyes sparkled like a breathtaking blue-green ocean.

"I am such a big fan of you, Peter Pan," she spoke up after a long silence of gazing at each other.

"I'm a fan of me too," Landon joked with a spin and another bow. "But when such a pretty lady graces me with her presence, I am honored."

Another giggle escaped her pink lips as she raised her hand towards them to hide her smile. Landon felt his heart skip a beat when he heard her giggle and saw her smile. Was this his final moment and was she the one he had longed for?

"Dance with me!" he said grasping her by the hands and spinning around.

All eyes turned towards them as they spun around with no music playing. Laughter was heard from the by-standers and he noticed the girl's face turning red. Once they stopped spinning her listened to her laughter along with her friend who was now holding her stomach in fits of giggles.

"Best day ever!" the girl chirped with a lady-like bow and extending her hand to him.

He smiled like a child and took her hand in his and kissed it lightly, leaving the note in her palm. Giving her a wink, he bowed one last time. She held the note tightly with a smile and followed her friend to where they had been sitting and while her friend went on about how amazing that moment was, she opened the note with shaky hands and read the handwritten letter.

Meet me behind the Cinderella Castle at nine o'clock at night, it read. Confused, she looked up towards where Peter Pan had been, but didn't see him there anymore. A wave of excitement and wonder flowed through her body as she stuffed the little note in her pocket. She was happy, for this could be her happily ever after that she had been searching for and hoping she would find by coming to Disney with her best friend.

"He was so into you, girl!" her friend was saying with excitement. "Did you see the way he looked at you? I mean, I wish my boyfriend looked at me like that, but he hasn't looked at me like that in two months since we've been together for a year now..."

"I'm sure he looks at everyone like that," the auburn-haired girl said with a little smile on her face.

"Maybe Charlie is getting tired of me as to the reason he doesn't look at me lovingly anymore," her friend continued. "Wait, I'm sure Peter Pan doesn't look at everyone like that, Nia. He was totally checking you out."

Nia shook her head. "Carmon, you know things that romantic doesn't happen to me. It's never happened back home so why would it happen here?"

"Because it's the most magical place on earth," Carmon said putting her hands on her hips in a sassy way. "Honestly, Nia, you really need to open your mind with possibilities that someone may actually be into you. I mean, have you seen you?"

Nia looked at the ground while Carmon gave her a speech on how amazing she was and how any guy would be lucky to have her, but it would take someone truly special to gain her trust and earn her heart. Take it, Nia came to Disney to find magic. Could the magic be right in front of her? The only way she was going to find out the answer to that would be meeting him at the castle.

But fear struck her heart at even the thought of meeting with him at the castle. Would he be dressed as Peter Pan or would he show up as himself? What if she didn't connect with him like they did today while dancing?

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