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Here it is

Here it is

May not be what you expected

And our right to live

May just be rejected

In the smallest ways

Look at who you’ve elected

It’s our proudest days

As the whole systems infected


It’s a fuckin plague

Throughout these days

As the ocean rises we deny

Modern day slaves

Minimum wage

It could all be gone

In the blink of an eye

And when we play

Dancing on the graves

Of the ghost that time forgot

Same mistakes and what’s at stake

Doesn’t seem like we give it a thought


And now it’s dangerous for you to have your own mind

You’re painted an extremist for questioning all the lies

They keep feeding we keep eating

Until were a glutinous horde

Dead horses that we keep beating

Buying shit we can’t afford


And then we pray to the lord

And all is forgiven

Then the cycle starts again

This sick cycle that we live in

And were swimin

Trying to get to the top just to get some air

But the air was never there just pollution and despair

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The End

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