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Full story on INKITT, (KUPKAKE), You won't regret reading! 3 guys, 1 girl, but she loves another guy, sadly he doesn’t even act like she exists, what happens when two hot guys suddenly appear in her life and her cute best friend, all in love with her, she can only choose one person or better said she can only love one. Who would it be, read to find out! “I like you” "Thanks” "Thanks?" He says with a confused expression Isabella is a 17-year-old Mexican American teen who has been in love with one of her school mate since first year of high school but all that ends when she’s suddenly loved by hot cooler guys, and her best friend. Aiden, Mason, Ryan.

Romance Young Adult Romance Not for children under 13.

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I grab my purse, looking beautiful with makeup and short sexy dress with little sparkles, I purposely saved money to be able to get that dress because my mom would never buy me a dress like that. As I’m about to jump out from the window (because yes, my parents would never allow me to go out late at night especially when it was 12:00AM, so I have to sneak out) I feel someone looking at me and I always follow my instincts so I look back and see my little brother (Alex) there, in my room! Looking at me! About to jump!

I laugh nervously and get back down while asking him what he’s doing in my room but he just roll his eyes and calls me a bad example; God sometimes I wish I was an only child but no my parents decided to have another after me. He turns his back and claims he’s going to tell mom and dad, no way am I going to allow a little brat ruin my plan so I run close to him and try to please him with something

“I’ll do anything you want, just don’t tell” He looks at me and thinks for a minute then say “The limited Xbox, one x”

Of course, what else would a eleven-year-old boy want, but how am I going to get that for him, when it was pretty hard for me to get money for my dress. I smile and tell him I have no money, but no, the little brat threatens me with telling mom and dad, so I grab him and promise to try my best to get it for him.

He nods his head and I turn around now ready to jump from the window when he calls me and asks where I’m even going

“I already promised to get your Xbox whatever so shhh and out of my room” I say to him as I turn back and jump thanking goodness I didn’t break my leg from the jump as I run to one of my new friend’s car (Andy)

As we arrive at the party, I’m a bit nervous because if my little brother makes a little mistake I can end up in the hospital due to my mom angry

“Nervous much?” Andy asks seeing how I’m taking a deep breath

“No, I’m alright, but you know I’m not this type of girl, if my mom finds out-

“How would she find out? To her, you’re on your bed sleeping” Andy says cutting me off as she rolls her eyes but it’s easy for her to say because her mom is so unlike my mom and because she doesn’t know my mom


“Tengo sed” I say taking a deep breath from all the dancing as I give a sign to Andy that I’m going for a drink. As I’m about to take a drink a guy bumped into me

“No manches!”

I look up and see a hot stunning good looking guy with light blue eyes, who’s body looks like a model, bold with muscles, not too broad, and dressed like a model with crazy jeans, his eyes are firm as if knowing he’s attractive

“No he visto tanto belleza” I say not realizing how I’m still looking at him

“Oh, I’m so sorry” He says dropping his plastic cup on the table

“It’s okay!” I turn my back and feel someone grab my arm

“Mind going somewhere alone to help with the stain?” He says looking at my chest!

“Estas loco, no thanks” I reply rejecting nicely

He looks confused so I guess he doesn’t understand Spanish so I’m safe from the first word I said calling him the most beautiful guy I had ever seen

Thankfully he leaves me alone and I go to meet Andy telling her we need to go home because the two hours we decided to spend has already finished, she answers and we head to the car and take off.

As I get home I climb the window back about to put my foot on the ground in my room when I see my mom, dad and little brother, staring at me! Sneaking back into the house!

“Come on, be careful” My mom says pretty angry as I can see from her expressions

I haven’t even fully put my two legs on the ground before she drags my hair

“Me dices de dónde vienes ahorita si no quieres problemas!” She yells still dragging my hair as she sits me on my bed

I laugh nervously and try to apologize but she still continues, I’m not even surprised, I mean what else would I expect from a Mexican mom

My dad moves closer to her and tell her to take it easy, thankfully she stops and asks where I’m coming for one more time

“I was….at a friend’s house” She knocks me as I say that

That hurts.

“Fine, I was at a party. Lo siento, no volvería a repetir”

My father looks at me and move closer asking if I had been drinking

“What? No I didn’t do anything inappropriate”

“Then what is that stain on your dress” My dad points at the stain on my dress

“Oh! Someone actually bumped into me” I reply remembering the good looking guy

My mom looks at me as she rolls her eyes and says we should continue the discussion tomorrow as they leave the room. I know my mom would definitely talk about it and keep going on about it and if I dare to say anything she would throw a shoe at me and start shouting aggressively in Spanish

I turn to my bed and change into my pajamas as I go to brush my teeth

“This was one hell of a day

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