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My husband Dave Seville decides to quit his career songwriter, but he gains weight and become a hero fat man to protect the town from the bad guys.

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Become A Fat Hero Man

Pilot episode in 702 Liberty Lane of Seville house... "Yawning! I check on my BMI scale now." My husband Dave Seville woke and got up from his brown bed in his room.

In the bathroom... "It's saying 0.34lb on my BMI scale? I have take a shower then shave my chin now." He noticed on it recently.

After bathing and shaving... "What is this," Dionne? My husband Dave Seville sat down on the tan red stripes leather footstool near the table counterpart in the kitchen. "It's your organic diet kale pudding can keep to lose weight and be healthy now," Dave. His beloved African American mute wife replied to him recently. "I take a bite this. Yuck! It's grossly!?" He tasted his organic diet kale pudding is sour like a lemon. "I take our adopted sons to the school now," Dave. She kissed his cheek recently. "Bye! Sighs. I'm finished to eat this."

Meanwhile in the meeting room At the music studio... "We discuss about our profits," Co-workers. My husband Dave Seville showed it to his co-workers and boss Mr. Figgles. "I think your belly quite chubbier like Santa Claus," Mr. Seville? He puzzled. "I just eating my lunch boiled eggs salad," Boss. "No excuse. You're fired because I don't accept you gain weight. Pack your things and leave now." His boss Mr. Figgle ordered. "Oh. I guess so," Boss. My husband Dave Seville left the meeting room.

Riding in his Betsy classic car... "My boss fired me because he thinks I'm quite chubbier? Maybe I should decide to gain weight and stop by Le cafe restaurant that I am hungry now." My husband Dave is driving recently.

Afternoon returns back to 702 Liberty Lane Seville house from Le cafe restaurant... "Oh, I am full now. I need to step on my BMI scale if I gain weight or not? It's saying four hundred twenty pounds oz. Huh?" "I am home, Dave! Oh wells?" His beloved African American mute wife comes here with her adopted sons from the school. "My boss Mr. Figgle fired me today because he notices my belly quite chubbier like Santa Claus that I decide to gain weight and quit being a career songwriter," Dionne. My husband Dave Seville explained to me recently. "Boys, I need to talk your dad now?" "Sure," Mom. My adopted CGI animated remake chipmunks nodded and repeatedly to his adopted human stepmom Dionne Seville. "Are you mind of out," Dave!? His beloved African American mute wife yelled at him recently. "But, I don't care my boss Mr. Figgle didn't accept my excuse. I have to go take a drive now," Dionne. My husband Dave Seville left out of the front red door and closed it.

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