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Mitriaria is a fantasy story that narrates the diverting adventures of a young peasant, tired of living in misery, who decides to embark on a trip towards the unknown. Far from his homeland, he meets his allies, with whom must share a long epic journey to the north. He will have to face various problematic situations so as to find viable solutions. His archenemy, an evil black dragon, is much more powerful than he thinks.

Fantasy Epic Not for children under 13.

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There had been a beautiful peaceful world where a countless amount of creatures of different kind had lived in harmony for many millennia without any concern. Mother Nature provided life, food, water, light and protection to her beloved offspring. A perfect paradise had existed in an outermost place, a wonderful site where many desired to be.

Many years later, some creatures started to isolate from the rest. After having initiated a long journey through the world, different groups of creatures were created, which decided to settle one other in a different territory where could be separated from the others. This great separation, that at the beginning was due to an amenity matter, entailed to a confrontation. Each species started to distinguish itself for a particular culture, and thus, it was inevitable that ethnocentrism and racism emerged, producing a separation still more diverse. Even within the same species there were different well-established social castes, which were forced to follow strict coexistence norms. There were purity and superiority levels: Pure Races were the more evolved and the ones with more rights, Impure Races were on the bottom of the social ladder and had to work hard to maintain their leaders. That inequitable and deplorable social stratification put an end to the harmony that had existed amongst creatures and unleashed a fragmentation that finished in a dreadful way. The Impure Races were tired of being oppressed by those who considered themselves superior. In reality, the differences between the two races were minimal, albeit nobody wanted to recede. The Pure Races proposed to exclude all those who did not accept their social caste, that decision generated a massive racial exodus that transformed the world into an abyss. The lucky ones were able to abandon their lands and settle in new remote zones; on the other hand, the unlucky ones did not have more option than obeying the Pure Races and remain in their caste, with no chance of getting their precious freedom.

Things would change soon when a group of kind-hearted thinkers appeared in the world, proclaiming equal rights for everyone. As it was expected, the Pure Races exterminated the thinkers inasmuch as they considered them imminent rebels. Notwithstanding, their liberalist ideologies thrived and opened several leaders' eyes soon afterwards. Consequently, many of them started to doubt about their positions and thought it was correct to accept the idea of an egalitarian society and abolish slavery. Although many changed their minds as time elapsed, there was one species, within the Pure Races, that rejected the idea. They could not be convinced by the pathos so refused all independence ideology. That same species felt threatened before the noticeable ideological differences from the other beings in such way that opted to create their own wondrous empire. They started to overvalue their own race and all ended up the way everyone imagined: they deified their pride, changed from animals to gods and soon became the detestable warmongering plague known worldwide as the Superior Race.

Once the Superior Race had taken great portions of land for itself, a massive group of slayers was created with the aim of annihilating the feeble ones and taking their lands by force. Obviously, many creatures from other lands could not fight them as were much weaker than them. Some species decided to join the Superior Race and become their slaves whilst others remained firm in their stances despite the risk they were exposed to. The confrontation betwixt the Superior Race and the Inferior Races was so massive that everything finalised in a terrible war called "War of the Races". It was regarded as a never-ending global conflict amongst creatures of different kind.

One species preferred to end that preposterous conflict that only worsened things. It was the one that commenced to change the world by showing an enviable recklessness and unrivalled bravery in battle. That species was called "The Pacifist Race" composed of intelligent and strong creatures. Its mission was to make the world a peaceful paradise as it had been in the past. They firmly believed it was still possible to reverse things, even though had to bleed for poor innocent mortals. Many injustices were committed for segregation reasons and they were the only ones capable of standing up for their neighbours.

Some centuries after, there was a separation within the Superior Race. Three groups, identified themselves with a colour, formed their own kingdoms in each continent. The Black Army was the one that had more allies; the Red Army was the strongest and cruellest one; the White Army was the weakest one. That separation was a terrible error since they became an exposed target, unlike the unified group it had been before.

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