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Lindell's Nightmare is a story that tell us about the band Lindsay Lindell. A rock band that was taking fame very fast. Some people say they have many nightmares after her concerts, and strangely, the band keep a secret that no one know.

Paranormal Vampires Not for children under 13.

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All was inside of darkness. In the middle of the dark, appeared Helestas.

“You are a monster! And you must die!” said Helestas.

“What? Who are you? You can’t kill me! I’m immortal!” said Celis against Helestas.

“Immortal? Ja! You aren’t immortal” said Helestas. He had the corpse of Sarila behind him, the gray corpse was floating in the air.

“Sarila!” screamed Celis.

Suddenly a little line of light appeared. Celis woke up, she was on her huge bed, in the castle. She took a seated.

“What the…” whispered Celis with a weak voice, she woke up suddenly. Immediately she felt that her head spinning a lot. “Oh…” exclaimed Celis weakly.

Celis saw around her, she saw that Sarila was next to her, in the right side of the bed.

“Ah… you okay…” whispered Celis very happy. Sarila woke up too.

“Darling…” said Sarila with a weak tone.

“Oh… Sarila, are you okay?” said Celis, immediately she felt her head spinning again. She leaned to the bed.

“Darling… you okay? What a joy…” said Sarila she tried to caress her Celis’ face.

Celis took the Sarila’s hand and she put on her face.

“I’m okay, and… I’m happy to see you a live…” said Celis.

Just in that moment. Kamylia entered to the room.

“Ah! You woke up!” said Kamylia very happy.

“Yeah… but…” said Celis very weak.

“Don’t worry. Let me bring you something for eat” said Kamylia and she left the room.

After several minutes. Kamylia returned to the room with Amelie, she had a girl with her.

“Well. Try to eat now” said Kamylia to the girls on the bed.

“Yeah…” said Celis.

“I… can’t… move…” responded Sarila with a weak voice.

“Sarila?” said Celis very worried.

“Oh… It is serious…” said Kamylia.

Celis approached to the girl and she bit her neck. The girl tried to escape without success. She left a dry corpse in the floor in a blink.

Celis walked to Sarila, in the way, she did a little grimace of pain. She approached to Sarila and finished over her. She approached to her to kiss her mouth.

“Darling?” said Sarila too weak. She saw that Celis was very near. Celis kissed her.

Sarila felt the warm blood in her mouth and she started to drink from the kiss of Celis. Kamylia saw the girls and she walked to the bed. When Celis finished, Sarila looked like a little better that before the kiss. Sarila said:

“Thanks… darling…

“What did you do?” said Kamylia to Celis.

“I bit my tongue” said Celis and she showed her tongue to her, she had a little injury there. “It hurts a little, but nothing important.” Added Celis.

“Oh…” exclaimed Kamylia.

Just in that moment, entered Laria to the room.

“Oh… you woke up” said Laria.

“Yeah” responded Celis.

“Well… not all… but… ok…” said Sarila something weak.

“It’s ok. So, Amylissie told me that you must go on to the ritual room… If you can” said Laria.

“Ritual room?” questioned Celis confused.

“Yeah” responded Laria and she saw to Kamylia and Amelie, she was cleaned the place where was the dry corpse. “And she told me that if you could carry aromatic herbs and incense…” said to the maids.

“Oh… yes ma’am…” responded Kamylia.

“Wait… what is that? What is a ritual room? What are you talking about?” said Celis very scared.

“We need to talk with Enkidu…” whispered Laria.

“What?!” screamed Sarila.

After that. Celis and Sarila went to the ritual room, in the inferior part of the castle. When both girls arrived, Amylissie told with them.

“Well… this is the ritual room, I think that is just new for you, right Celis?

“Yeah…” said Celis something scared.

Around her, were two statues of armored lions with the mouth open and in attack position like they did a jump against a prey. In the back of each stone, was a container with a little space between it armor and they. In the middle was a big gold container with four censers in the center. In the center of the room was a draw of a spellbinding circle, with an armored lion with a blue force field and an ancient book over it head, the statue worked as a table for the book.

“So… Is that…?” said Celis.

“Yeah. The Enkidu’s grimoire” said Amylissie.

Amylissie walked to the gold container and opened a little drawer where there was a lot of aromatic herbs, and she put the herbs to the censers, and she burned that with her powers.

“Well, we need to talk with Enkidu, about… the stuff of last night…” said Amylissie while saw the thick smoke that she did with the aromatic herbs.

“That father… right?” said Celis.

“Yeah…” responded Amylissie. She saw to Kamylia and she told her: “Kamylia, please”.

“Yes, ma’am…” responded Kalymia.

Kamylia took one of the censers and she started to walk around the spellbinding circle, while she was swinging the censer. The smoke started to fill the place.

“Well… cough, cough, cough… who is Enkidu? It sounds like a mythological spirit… cough, cough, cough…” said Celis among coughs. The room was filled with smoke.

“I said you that before, we have the grimory of Enkidu, so… it’s time to talk with him, ‘cause…” said Amylissie.

“ ‘Cause Helestas…” added Sarila.

“Helestas maybe have the Gilgamesh's grimoire” said Amylissie while she was covered by a tick smoke cloud.

In the middle of the room, near the spellbinding circle, only Celis was coughing a lot by the thick smoke, she has her eyes closed. In that moment, the smoke started to calm down, a human form appeared with a huge smoke screen, at the same time, the force field lost the light to expose the ancient book.

“So… do you need my help?” said a male voice.

“Yeah… because, I think I know where I can find the other grimoire” said Amylissie. “But I need your help, I need one more Baalie ability” added Amylisise with a seriously tone.

“All right, but why? You know that it could be dangerous to your body, right? And you know that could be dangerous by your ghouls… right? Why do you need other power?” said the male voice.

“Just give me the power and don’t worry for me, Helestas… he still alive” said Amylissie.

“Helestas? The Baal’s Acolyte?” exclaimed Enkidu with surprise.

“Yeah. The same that I saved in the past…” said Amylisie.

“How can be? It cannot be true… he is still alive… af… after all this time?” said Enkidu.

“Yeah, and he is a Father of the Catholic church right now, and he tried to hunt us…me, Sarila, and Celis…” said Amylissie.

“Mmh… I see…” said Enkidu.

“Wait, what happen? Tell me what happen? How are you?” said Celis.

Enkidu saw around and he put her eyes over Celis.

“Who are you?” questioned Enkidu to the girl.

“Ah… I… I’m… I’m Celis…” said Celis with a shaking voice.

“Oh… it is fine…” said Enkidu. “Well, let me to tell you what happen” added Enkidu.

The shadow started to do a smoke screen with the smoke of the aromatic herbs, in that moment, on the smoke screen, appeared a several images that looked like tell a story.

“I am the shade of Enkidu, but you can call me just Enkidu. On the past I was the king of the beasts, that had the destiny to beat the emperor of Uruk, that was called with the tittle of Baal. The emperor name was Gilgamesh, a powerful son of the gods of skies. When I was born, a seer said to his father that I was destinated to defeat his son in a battle to take the emperor’s tittle, Baal.

“You accomplished the prophecy?” questioned Celis.

“No” responded Enkidu. “Gilgamesh was a haughty warrior, and a prince full of superb and pride. When I encountered with him, he said to the soldiers that he wants fight against me alone. I couldn't defeat him, but he couldn't beat me, so, it was declared as a tie” added Enkidu.

“Ah, I know that story, you are a mythical being” said Celis. “But, what’s with your grimoire, and the grimoire of Gilgamesh? I didn’t have any idea about the existence of those books” said Celis.

“Well, during the battle, Gilgamesh saw an formidable opponent to him, and I felt the same, after the battle, much later, we dedicated our lives to catch and enclose all the dangerous creatures in the world in our texts, like vampires, demos, angels, and other minor gods that only was bringing problems to human civilizations. That’s the reason of the grimoires, because, Gilgamesh wanted the redemption of his people and kingdom, in a few words. After that, my brother Gilgamseh and I, when defeated almost all monster, appeared four monsters, that wanted the tittle of Baal, we figth against the monsters, and, by the pass of the millenniums, appeared the acolytes of the that monsters, that only wanted human sacrifices” said Enkidu.

“Helestas was one of they, I save her ass when the Jews hunted all acolytes of Baal, and he tried to kill me last night…” aid Amylissie with angry, while she showed her huge fangs.

“Okay” said Celis.

“So… who are you? What’s your function in the family?” questioned Enkidu to Celis.

“My function?” said Celis confused.

“She will be used as a catalyst to do that Sarila get mature” interrupted Amylissie.

“What?!” said Celis confused.

“Yeah! She’s my darling, and I in love with her…” said Sarila while she hugged to Celis in front of Enkidu. "And I think that she loves me too... right Darling?" added Sarila to Celis while she showed her huge fangs to her in a hussy smile.

“Ye… yeah…” said Celis something scared.

“Oh… That’s cute…” said Enkidu to the girls. “Well, my grimoire only have just three Baalie abilities, the last three…” said Enkidu.

“Whatever… give me the power…” said Amylissie.

“Fine, but you know the rules, I need to possess someone to give you my abilities” said Enkidu.

“Take me, my lord” said Kamylia.

“Well, she will be your temporal body” said Amylissie.

“Fine…” said Enkidu.

In that moment a huge cloud of smoke appeared around of Kamylia, she started to cough in the middle of the thick cloud of smoke, in a moment, she stopped her coughs suddenly.

“Well, ready?” said Kamylia with a double voice tone to Amylissie.

“I’m ready” responded Amylissie.

Kamylia walked to arrive to Amylissie, and she took her face with both hands. Kamylia opened her mouth near Amylissie and she blew a black smoke cloud to Amylissie, she received the smoke with her open mouth. While Amylissie received the smoke, she did a several grimace of pain, and she moaned a little. When Kamylia finished to pass the power, she said to Sarila.

“Sarila, please.

“Yeah…” responded Sarila and she arrived to Kamylia.

In that moment, Kamylia fell fainted in the Sarila’s arms.

“Well, that was all… oh, yeah”said Enkidu and she saw to Celis and Sarila. “Will there three days of illness to Amylissie, so, she should receive special care and attention” said Enkidu.

“Why?” questioned Celis.

“Because is te cost to use my powers…” responded Enkidu. “So… why do you need the last three abilities? I think that you only need one, because, you can fight against any thing” questioned Enkidu to Amylissie.

“Helestas is a Baal acolyte, and he can summoned angels, that’s the reason, you saw and health my injuries, and the injures of Sarila and Celis…” said Amylissie.

“Yeah, because he can summon angels to fight against you, those were caused by an angel, but… why do you need the three?

“He isn’t a normal father; he can summon angels with necromance…” said Sarila.

“What? It is impossible, neither kind of black magic can summon or call angels…

“He said the word… Etemmu” said Sarila.

A little quiet appeared on the place.

“I see… he is a special enemy, I understand…” said Enkidu. “Well, time to return to my seal, my time has ended” said Enkidu.

The two lions started to emanate a lot of smoke by its mouths. Celis was coughing a lot in the smoke, Sarila hugged Kamylia, she was fainted yet. When the smoke disappeared. Amylissie told to Celis:

“Well… this is my first day…” said, and she walked to Celis.

“Your first day?” said Celis.

Suddenly Amylissie fell to Celis, she hugged her. Amylissie got fainted.

“Oh no…” said Sarila.

“Ah… yeah… this is bad… she has something of fever…” said Celis worried.

“I lost my favorite drunken partner!” said Sarila.

“Oh! C’mon Sarila!” screamed Celis.

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