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After hearing the story of Anita Stone and the Black Forest, two children decide to venture off into the forest the story had taken place in. Unknowing the story told to them may have in fact been true, they begin to be fearful that something may be lurking in the shadows of the abyss. Will they run or will they hide? Do they have what it takes to survive the creatures of the night?

Fantasy Not for children under 13.
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The Black Forest. A dark, cold forest in Germania, filled with eerie pines and firs, that seem to cover the sky with their dark green needles, making it so only bits of light shine through. The ground is moist and is covered in delicate moss. Many hills and ridges make the forest's paths a difficult trek. Fog covers the sky just below the treetops, giving the area an even further unsettling feel. Many dare not step foot in the forest, for some say it is haunted. Others, see no threat of walking the forest's many paths, those however, have never returned.


Anita Stone was a daring child. One who loved to explore and venture far into the distance. Her father had told her several times, over and over, to never step foot inside the forest; the Black Forest. He explained that the forest was haunted, and that ghouls roamed the depths of the woods. This story frightened the girl, for a time. The girl grew up, however, and slowly began pushing herself to explore the forest her father had spoke of. Finally, after many attempts, she stepped into the dark, mysterious land.

Anita crept into the ever-going abyss, slowly climbing the several obstacles that blocked the path. Step by step she ventured further and further into the void, where the light seemed to disappear.

"Anita! Anita!" the girl's father had yelled.

The child did not want to leave the abyss of the forest, and refused to respond to her father's deafening cries. Though this hurt Anita's heart, she felt as if something was pulling her further into the forest. And further, and further did she go.

"What is this?" the girl spoke softly, while trying to focus her eyes to depict what the large object in the distance was. Anita walked towards it, withholding attention from all, but the mass.

When she reached the object, she realized it was a cobblestone home. The house was small in size and had moss growing atop it. Overall, the home had a very chilling feel attached to it. Anita found her way to the old wooden door creating an entrance into the home, and she slowly creaked open the door. She was met with darkness, with only a sliver of light shining through a hole in the roof. Gently, she stepped into the old abandoned building and began to explore.

During her search of the small home, she found an old journal: "Perhaps one of the previous owners." she thought. She unwrapped the dark string draped over the leather bound journal. When she opened it she was met with a surprise:

Winter, 1131

My name is Ada Stone. Someone has trapped me in this place. I am scared. The only light that shines in the darkness of this abode is the candlelight that is lit on the table beside me. It is cold, I think I may be freezing to death. Something is coming. Lord, if you can hear me, let me be free, let me be free. If anyone finds this journal, tell my daughter Anita I love her. She is everything that makes my life bright. But now I must go, and I wish a wonderful life ahead of you Anita. Goodbye.

"This was my mother's journal. My father said she died during my birthing. What is this place?" she spoke.

Anita jumped up in fright when the door slammed shut. She ran to the door and tried to open it with no luck. She began pushing the door and beating on it, in hopes that it would open, but the door did not budge. "What is happening?" the girl exclaimed with a fearful voice.

She lit the candle on the table and sat down beside it. Anita reopened the journal and began writing her own entry.

Midsummer, 1142

I learned that my mother had not died during my birthing, but in this god awful home in this forest. My father had lied to me about her, why would he do such a thing. To protect me? From what? What is this place? I have so many questions I want answers to, however, if my fate is any at all like my mother's, I will never have them answered. Why did I step foot inside this forest? My father told me to never venture into this place. Before this journal was exposed to me, I saw no harm in exploration.

Anita's eyes began to fill with tears when she heard the sound of footsteps becoming louder, as if something was walking towards the home. She quickly blew out the candle and covered her mouth to keep quite. As the footsteps became louder as the creature approached, Anita found a hole under the floorboards. She ripped the wooden boards up from the floor and stepped into the cavity, where she then replaced the boards, in hopes that the thing would not notice. She sat there, tears pouring from her face, making a small puddle where she sat.

The door flung open as the creature made anentrance into the home. Step by step it searched the enclosure. Anita could smell its sharp foul breath as it moved around the home. It passed near the floorboards in which Anita hid, and she gained a partial glimpse of it. As it passed by, she saw two legs, indicating it was a human, not a creature. Partly relieved, she then nearly screamed, after what she thought was human had turned out to be nothing of the sort. The only explanation for what she saw, was that it was the spawn of pure darkness. After Anita had seen its true form, she was in true horror.

After several minutes of the creature roaming, it left. With relief, Anita pushed the boards out of the way and made her way out of the pit. She noticed that the light was no longer shining through the hole in the roof, meaning the sun has set and day had turned to night. She crept open the door to the home and peeked outside. It was night already and the forest had become dark. Fog had moved in and covered the night sky with a grayish coat of vapor. The moonlight shined through just enough to barely light the ground.

"I've lost my way!" the girl thought. "Which way do I go? I cannot stay here, what if it comes back".

Anita turned pale and frightened when she had realized she lost her way. She began to track where she thought she had walked, tracing each step through the forest. Slowly she stepped into the night and began to walk, where she never found her way.

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Samuel Guzman Samuel Guzman
Hi Stephen! I love your story, I would like to know if, can I tell your stories in Spanish in a small YouTube channel that I have? I would give you credits in the description, the channel is this:
January 11, 2021, 02:53

  • Stephen Evans Stephen Evans
    Sure, as long as full credit is given, I would not mind at all. January 11, 2021, 17:26
Cris Torrez Cris Torrez
se ve interesante quiero saber que sucede mas adelante.
August 15, 2020, 14:48
Cris Torrez Cris Torrez
se ve interesante quiero saber que sucede mas adelante.
August 15, 2020, 14:48
Dora Dora
Wow! This is great. I love the prologue 💜
July 06, 2020, 15:28

  • Stephen Evans Stephen Evans
    Thank you so much! The book just gets better and better the further you read! :) July 06, 2020, 15:30

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