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This story is about a university student name, Aiden Vyce, who kept dreaming something out of his senses. Unknown to him, those dreams means more than he could ever image. Four Overlords from another world descended into his world dimension, searching for the soul of someone not yet forgotten, each with their own intentions. But one thing similar, they won’t let their beloved go this time.

Fantasy Urban Fantasy For over 18 only.

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In the Mist

It happens again.

It happens again.

It happens again.

It happens again.

Why does it keep-


This place..? What is this?

Before my eyes, I could see a land filled with full-blown flowers, drowning my earlier confusion with their colourful and vibrancy figure. The breeze felt soothing as it swept through the meadow under the sky tinted orange.

It was beautiful and somehow it give my heart an explosion of euphoria the longer I savoured the scenery.

“My beloved.”

Huh? Who? Who are you?

The vividly voice that spoke it elegantly with a tint of huskiness, match with the godly handsome face of the person.

A man in a dazzlingly knight armour was kneeling on the grassy trimmed ground surrounded by flowers. The white metallic armour plate he’s wearing glimmer in the shine under the sunset. Golden strand of braided hair draped by his shoulder.

He grabbed my hand, and bring it to his lips. He pressed on the knuckles, leaving a few ticklish kisses on them.

Then, he looked up at me with twinkling in his beautiful orbs.

A beautiful shining wing flutters at his side, and then proudly rose up to the air. Immediately, the place was filled with fluffy feathers flying in the air.

Wait.. wings?

Suddenly I could not feel the ground.

Wait- I’m flying? On the air?

I could see the view from my dangling feet, with strong hands supporting my sides.

“Does it feel good, my beloved? Seeing everything from above? To feel the wind caress your skin? Feeling our heart beat in sync?”

The man pressed every sentence as he tightened the hold on my waist, pressing our body closer, his metal plate clinked on my chest, while his wings flapped to maintain our moments on the air. All the while he smiles at me with those gentle and droopy eyes.

Then, he lightly bumped our foreheads together.

“I am all yours as you are all mine.”

What did you said- Ah!

Its cold! No! Its.. warm?

The scene changed in quick blurriness and immediately I found myself no longer at the warm field of nature, instead in a lukewarm lake under a moon light.

Some beautiful flower petals were floating slowly on the serene surface of the lake. Half of my torso had submerged in the water, just like half of my mind right now.

What is going on?

“You are so beautiful. So divine. So mesmerize. So elusive. So.. wet. Heh.”


I saw a slow ripple of water as a long haired man move towards me which each of his words. The playful suggestive tone didn’t match the gentle look on his smooth pale face.

The moonlit shine his figure more as he closing in, which wearing nothing but a slim pieces neck-line tight black shirt under a loosely colourful pattern robe. He was drenched all over; some hair was sticking on the sides of his face, and his chest and abs could be seen through the garment.

“No one could see you like this.. except for me.”

His feline ears perking up from his wet haired. Somehow, there was a tinge of desperation in his tone.

Wait-! Feline ears? You-

I was cut-off by the man sudden hug. His wet body clung on mine, and I could feel the coldness of his exposed skin. His feline ears fluttered as he snuggles more to me.

“Your heart, soul, body, everything is mine. Only I can love you.” He whispered in my ear while affectionately rubbing my back. Going lower and lower.


The scenes changes.

Great, I can’t even finish my words- Ah!!

Its cold! Its really cold!

This time I was thrown in the middle of a snowfield of white under a blazing storm. It was a chaotic. It was a mess. My body uncontrollably shiver from the harsh cold wind.

“I would never let you go!”

A baritone voice shouts loudly infront of me.

I looked up through the raging mess to see a man standing a few distances from me. It was hard to see through the snowstorm, but I managed to make up the man’s appearance.

He was wearing a sleeveless shirt under a ruffled fur coat. The coat was opened and exposing his shoulder and most of his upper arm. His ashen skin put distinction on the snow around us.

Aren ’t he feel cold?

“You are mine forever!”

The man shouted again as he walked toward me.

I can’t help but felt disturbed on his words but as he stood a few metres infront of me, all I could think of right now was his being.

He had a long light hair past his shoulder, which contrast greatly with his scorching hot eyes that could melt the raging winter, surrounded in dark abyss. There is a pair of strong swirl horns-like antler on his head.

Horns? Antlers? Wha-

“Even if I die, I will drag your soul with me!”


“Because I can’t bear to leave you, Dearie.”

And then he stood there, grinning toothily, exposing his fang, with one opened palm extended out to my reach. Demeanor changed to one that was warm.

Somehow, I felt my entire beings began to heat up despite the snowstorm around us.


The scenes changes again. My mind was starting to feel hazy.

I was now standing in what sort to be a temple, or palace, or a throne hall, I don’t really know. I’m feeling lost with the frequent scene changes. But the whole setting of this place scream regal in every structures.

“I will do anything for you.”

I turned to see a man in a demon-like helm and dark void armor, approaching me.

As his steps become near, the armor he wore fade into a spiral black smoke as it disappear little by little with each steps.

It finally reveals a dark skinned man with a gentle smile on his face, his shoulder-length light hair flipping at his sides and back. His beautiful face didn’t even match the helm and armor he was wearing before. There were a glassy kind of look and gentle in his eyes as he inched forward.

“As a return, I want you to always adorned my arms and never stray away.”

He held my face with his hand, cupping my face close to his. Our breath mixed together.

“Eternally, please be mine.”

He lend forward.

And suddenly everything went black.


Aiden woke up with a sudden jerk.

His whole body shot up straight on the mattress he was sleeping. The soundless shout left ringing in his mouth, as he cupped his forehead while sweeping back a few strands of hair. His right hand was on his left chest, trying to calm the raging emotion that began to spiralling in his heart and left it in a confuse state of mess. On his head, he vainly tried to forget about the vague dream he just had.

The man stayed on the sitting position for a few minutes, occasionally glancing at his sleeping roommate who covers up in his own mattress, before lying on the bed again.

‘Those dream again. Why did I keep dreaming about it?’ He thought as he looked up to the nothingness of the ceiling.

His whole body shivered, though he doesn’t know why.

Slowly, he put his right hand on his left chest again, feeling his heart beating like crazy. However, he reconfirmed in his mind that he was still sane and he could still control his emotion and action.

Then, why did his body shivered and his chest thumping loudly, as thought he was terrified of something?

‘Why did I feel so scared?’

With this thought in mind, Aiden put on some jacket and make way to the door, silently.

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