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“Take the girl!! Don’t take my dear Francis! Please!”

The mother was begging. Begging for this man to take one child, not the other. To get rid of the small butterfly girl, keeping the strong, handsome one for herself.

That was when it happened. The butterfly girl didn’t feel anything. Nothing at all. No anger towards the mother that abandoned her, sold her away just to keep the other. No sadness, that she would never be back. No hurt, from the fact her own mother didn’t care enough to try to protect her. The girl just felt the emptiness of her own life.

The man took the girl and tied ropes around her wrists and waist, and led her out of the house, out of the town, and through the ash field.

“You're probably wondering where we are. Right kid?” the butterfly girl didn’t answer.

“You will answer me when i talk to you, with yes sir or no sir!”

The girl carefully weighed her options, which answer she would gain more from, and replied,” yes sir.”

“This is where the great Acra Empire once stood. There was a terrible fire, and everyone and everywhere in this fire burned to the ground. The ashes of the dead still linger here, so it earned the name ‘the ash plains.’” He looked at the butterfly girl, and expected some kind of reaction from her.

She just kept walking.

At last, they reached the town of Flamyr, where the butterfly girl was to be sold.

The man and the girl stood in the main square for hours, waiting for some one to buy.

Finally, someone did. A tall woman with a mean face.

“What's special about her?” She asked, with a disgusted look on her face.

“She’s a……... um.”

“Im a butterfly girl.” She said, answering the woman’s question.

“What does that even mean?” She asked, exasperated.

“Um, it means, she’s small and ugly now, but she’ll be strong and beautiful later. Yeah, that's it.” the man said, improvising quickly.

“Fine, I’ll take her.” She threw some gold coins at the man, and took the butterfly girl’s ropes.

They walked for a while, then came upon a large estate in which there were a ton of girls. They were to work around the estate to earn their keep until they were a certain age, where they could leave or stay and learn a trade.

Houses like this were common in Flamyr, where the ladies overpopulated the men, so there was plenty of space for the girl, even if she hadn’t been bought by the mean faced woman.

“Here!” Once the girl was clean and her hair brushed, one of the other girls held out a pink and white checkered ribbon. “It’s to hold your hair back.”

The butterfly girl tied her hair up, and the mean faced woman came over, but she didn’t look mean anymore.

“Sorry if i scared you earlier. I have to put on a mean face sometimes or people won’t take me seriously. It's the master’s wife you should be scared of. She’s horrible.

And I'm sorry, but I don't think I know your name. What is it?”


“Well Yuri, I believe what you said earlier. I believe you will be the most beautiful of us all.”

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To be continued... New chapter Every 30 days.

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