Shyla Hankerson

Novah Nelson and Matt walker are basically opposites. Not compatible in any sense of the word but for some reason they can't get enough of each other. Novah brings out the light in Matt. Unearths something in him that he'd lost years ago with the tragedy that occurred in his home. But can Novah put up with his inconsistency and broken promises? This broken boy that never got a chance to experience adolescence. After all he's just a boy in pain. Lots of it.

Romance Young Adult Romance Not for children under 13.

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You're a fucking mess. A disaster that has already happened. Anybody who gets too close will be destroyed. What if the person approaching is trying to help you, love you? You love them so much. Unimaginable amounts. You've never loved anybody before. Or you have, just every single time it ends up a disaster. Like you. You're trying to avoid that. You trying to protect them. From you. So you tell them to leave.

" Never come back!" The thing is, you need them. You want them. Only them. But you can't stand to see them in pain like how you are. You know that somehow, someway, you'll fuck it up. You always do. You'll hurt them. Pushing them destroys you. Kills you. Not that you weren't already dead.

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