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Fantastic short stories and haunting fleeting nightmares: scenes of blood, fire, darkness and shadows; images of monsters, assassins, demons and beings from outer space; deep fears written in less than 250 words. A minute of scares and chilling surprises are waiting for you in each episode. Will you dare to read them? © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (2020). No right is claimed on the original image used for the book cover.

Short Story For over 18 only.

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Horror and scares can be as ephemeral as a shooting star, but they always leave behind a trail of chills, as well as an uncomfortable general feeling that shakes the entire body.

Here is a compilation of small nightmare scenes: episodes as brief as those sighs after discovering a dark and unpleasant surprise. Here I show you a series of short chapters but whose effects can be longer than the entire anthology. This is a collection of images as sublime and dreamlike as they are sinister and devastating: forests that bleed, the last moments of a decapitated head, demons caused by hallucinations, invisible monsters that stalk you at night, a riddle written by a murderer, stellar rocks that suddenly appeared on Earth, the execution of a criminal and the fatal cost of fame in the morbid media world.

As you can guess these are not related stories. The only common factors in this book will be doubt and uncertainty. You can read them in the order you want. Each lasts about a minute but I'm sure its effect could accompany you for whole nights...

Will you dare to read them all?

Note: All the stories were originally written in Spanish and published in different months of 2019-2020 but I translated them into English and started publishing them in May 2020.
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