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37 Days (Shawmila)

Alicia (Camila Cabello) is finishing high school, which for her would be a relief for not being able to endure Bullying anymore in her class, and the popular boy in her class, Matthew (Shawn Mendes),… START READING

Broken (Forbidden Lovers - The Lucy Adam Series #2)

Fresh from her complicated last year at high school which involved falling for her teacher and then getting caught, Lucy has to jump straight into university life, whilst still juggling her relations… START READING

El Chico de Rojo [The Flash Fanfiction]

Aimée Blanchard es una sonriente chica que junto a Betty, su mejor amiga, decidió estudiar Diseño Gráfico en la Universidad de Central City. Para el tercer semestre, al tomar una clase sobre Leyes Co… START READING

Forbidden Flames

Sometimes, it's not about being in love. For some it's just because they can. For some it's just for fun. And for some, it's to get ahead. Once they had a taste, they couldn't just leave it at that… START READING

Forbidden Passions

Sometimes, it's not about being in love. For some, it's just because they can. For some, it's just for fun. And for some, it's to get ahead. Whatever their reason, these students are letting themse… START READING

Into You

Ashley didn't know what was coming over her when she moved to the new city to start College, and Sam didn't know he would find something he never knew before. START READING

Mr. Robinson [NamJin]

"–Los chicos buenos van al Cielo, pero los chicos malos traen el Cielo a ti." Donde Kim Namjoon es el nuevo profesor de Bioética en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Seúl, y Kim Seokjin un… START READING

PURE - her

It's the end, isn't it? START READING

PURE - him

It's just the beginning, isn't it? START READING

Senhor Otimismo

Um único beijo foi sua perdição. Bastou um encontro de lábios para Uzumaki Naruto se ver totalmente desnorteado quanto as próprias ações e sentimentos. Quatro dias após, ele encontra a dona de seus d… START READING

Tangled Up in Blue

Still grieving the loss of her mother, aspiring journalist Keegan heads off to college in Oklahoma, seeking refuge and a fresh start. She finds more adventure than she bargained for as the new tenan… START READING

Tetsukami Week 2018

Minhas fics pro Tetsukami week de 2018. Avisos: Day 5 e 6 são desenhos START READING

The Fight For Love

Rose Hineki, a 18 year-old girl who happens to be a member of the Elorian Secret Unit and who is still traumatized by events that happened in the past, gets a top-secret mission that will forever cha… START READING

Through His Eyes

This story contains - Sexual Scenes, Strong Language and Violence. Having a mutual hobby could be more dangerous than you think. When they stumble across their next adventure on a break from universi… START READING

A glance

Thalia, a 23 year old college girl, fell for a new transfer student. They secretly like each other, but no one confesses. This is already the last year of college, what will happen to them? Will they… START READING

Fernando's Story

Fernando was raised with his mother who had a dislike for him. Despite his mother's dislike he had aspirations of becoming the valedictorian of his high school. He became a successful software engine… START READING


"INSORGIAMO" è il motto partigiano che ancor oggi usano gli operai dell'ex GKN di Firenze, una tra le punte avanzate della lotta di classe in Italia ed eredi diretti di un Consiglio di Fabbrica che o… START READING

It's coming

A girl is 18 studying in Liverpool university and she is pretty smart. She learns Morse code in her spare time because she gets bored of her work sometimes since it is easy for her. One night she reg… START READING

Kean University

Kean University Blackboard students can log into their Kean Blackboard accounts by completing the Kean Blackboard login step and then going to The Kean University Blackboard log… START READING

La Estudiante de Intercambio

Ella, una chica intrépida, descubrió la increíble oportunidad, detrás de un programa universitario de intercambio, de recorrer el mundo. Y en uno de sus viajes al hemisferio sur, se cruzó con él. Un … START READING

La Luz que me salvó

Un joven soñador se encuentra en busca de la luz que perdió en su mundo. START READING

Lean on me

Sinopse : após viver 8 anos em Ottawa, a família Clarke muda-se para alberta (Canadá) pois Sarah (mãe) assumirá a presidência da "solutions" um escritório de advocacia. Mia, a personagem principal s… START READING

Life Gave Me Another Chance, That's Why I Choose You This Time

The story of the same girl who woke up after the accident was back in time, and surprisingly, she remembered everything that had happened to her in the future. Suddenly a new style of her came in fro… START READING

Righteous Man

Struggle of a young man against someone, stealing lifes. START READING

The Crow's Mark

Devian, a university dropout and former suspect of kidnapping, is caught in front of a dead body. He swears to have nothing to do with it, but he gets arrested anyway. After a show of Devian’s deduc… START READING


El Rostro de las mentiras/ The Face of Lies Nos cuenta la historia de un grupo de amigos encadenados a los errores del pasado. Un pasado extremadamente doloroso que generó odio e inseguridad en Kim T… START READING

The Moral University

see full story >> START READING

Trine University's Faculty Mentors: Personalized Learning for Your Success

At Trine University, academic excellence is not just about state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge programs; it's also about the faculty mentors who play a pivotal role in your educational journ… START READING

Unfinished Business

Is there a possibility that person like us will fall in love with a ghost? Elirain Madison, a nursing student in Saint Mary's University that have a third eye, believe that there is a possibility… START READING

When he saw you crying for the first time

Yn is a kind sweet hearted person but unluckily she got a married to a person who doesnt even care about her JUNGKOOK but see how he melts his heart for her. START READING

Iniciação de Randall na ROR

Johnny havia me dito mais cedo para ir em seu dormitório quando a noite caísse. Disse que faríamos minha iniciação na ROR. Entendo que essas questões envolvem iniciação e essas coisas, mas achei que … START READING