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A Burning Sky

Laera LightSinger is a half-elf who has been on the run from her family secrets ever since she can remember. When tragedy strikes the village she and her mother were living in, she is forced to fle... Fantasy START READING

Her 192 Scars

Writing is her everything; she expresses through paper what she can't say with words. My relative is worried about her because even if they're best friends there are lots of things that she's hidi... Romance START READING


The hint of vulnerability, a call for trust. Poetry START READING

Cassandra Writes

A woman struggles to prove her worth in her small world while battling with insecurities and trust issues Short Story START READING

Sweet wishes • MYG.

Livro 1. O garoto de cabelos acinzentados se olhava atentamente no espelho. Cicatrizes de queimadura eram encontrado em seu corpo. O pobre garoto suspirou e colocou novamente o seu blazer da cor a... Fanfiction START READING