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Eternal Pains

A disturbed man goes to his past. Suspense START READING

Prehistoric Times

Mario is being followed by two thugs. Only his friend Raul would be his salvation. Suspense START READING

Powerful I: Solo quiero que me quieras

Primer libro de la saga Powerful. Ainara se ve obligada a volver a España tras la muerte de su padre. Allí dónde vivía era perseguida por los sorcerers, un grupo de magos que van en contra de los... Paranormal START READING

Sofia and The Magician

Garol Pereira is The Magician, a ruthless hitman with a message. Suspense START READING

Children & The Magician

The Magician is a hitman with his own rules. He follows them to death. And so will everyone else. Suspense START READING


Rescued from a burning warehouse. Woke in a hospital in San Francisco. Blind. No memory of her past. The only thing she remembers is her name: Akiko. Hunted for a reason she cannot remember, fifte... Teen Fiction START READING

Tangled In a Digital Web

Bailey appears to be the typical New York girl next door: sweet, unassuming...and dangerous. With her extensive knowledge of technology, she is the city's best and most elusive hacker, until she fi... Drama START READING

La curvatura de tu espalda

Esa noche, el joven se preguntó: ¿Esconderse del acosador o enfrentarse a él? Después de cuatro años de paranoia, Jumin decide ir al encuentro del monstruo que arruinó su vida. Ahora, atra... Suspense START READING

Not Boring

Strange things begin to happen around Christmas after a girl returns home from uni. Short Story START READING

Cuidado com o Yuppi

"- Bom... meu nome é Ethan, e eu tenho vinte e três anos. - Tem pais, Ethan? - Perguntou o psicólogo, anotando algumas coisas em sua prancheta. - Não. Perdi os dois e os meus amigos naquela noit... Horror START READING

The Miss Dress Mistress

His breathing steadied her own. He had this stroke of his knuckles it distracted her.If the pain threatened to overwhelm her heart how would the sex be? She was always worried they called her the e... Paranormal START READING

Yo soy

En el momento en que decides SER, la vida también es... Inspirational START READING


¿Creías que el mundo iba a mejorar en el futuro? Karia, una chica que desde su nacimiento se ve envuelta con su hermano en peligros, vive encerrada durante varios años sin saber por qué. Ella sab... Drama START READING

Mi Corazon Encantado

Tu sonrisa tan resplandeciente, a mi corazón deja encantado... Ven toma mi mano para huir de esta terrible oscuridad... Déjà me entrar, no te arrepentirás. Déjame ser tu principe, déjame ser ... Teen Fiction START READING

Today is the Day

Mike Hawkins has lost everything he cares about in his life. He doesn't know what to do anymore. Until! Suspense START READING

The Drive

A man, haunted by his past, drives his daughter home from Johannesburg to George for the holidays. Their trip becomes more strange as they travel between Willowmore and Uniondale, South Africa's mo... Paranormal START READING

This is the house

This is the house of a thousand rooms; a thousand doors and a thousand locks through which I look searching for the clock. Surreal START READING

John Blacke

John é um homem rude e nada sociável; mas não é como se ele se importasse com isso, afinal, desde "aquele" dia, nada mais foi o mesmo. Seus fantasmas passados já estavam quase sumindo de sua memó... Mystery START READING

Marionette Face Lift

Batter up let's start baking Bergdorf вℓση∂є вσмвѕнєℓℓѕ what a Ballet nut-cracker, eating at the Waldorf more like String cheese Ambrosia Lady in red stuffier attire.He was dance how he lifted the... Drama START READING

Mercy Me My Men

Sasha was beautiful which made her even more like the sexual creature she is.She was darkly modern edge European The men loved to follow her they found her compelling and lush for that reason she w... Erotic START READING