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Two girls and a box. Who wins? Visual Story Fantasy START READING

The Poor Thing

By Robert Louis Stevenson Mystery START READING

By Water

Fortune teller foretold to young man hat he would sink in fresh water, but won't notice it. The young man laughed, because he was leaving to Egypt to work in the desert. But just in case the bride... Paranormal START READING

Eternal Pains

A disturbed man goes to his past. Thriller START READING

Someone has to remain

A group of people tries to survive after the fall of civilized society. Post-apocalyptic START READING

The Word

In a near future, an assassin speaks with a higher entity. Fantasy START READING

Dickon the Devil by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

This early work by Sheridan Le Fanu was originally published in 1872. Horror START READING

White Eyes

The last time Garol Pereira died, he was a hitman for God. But he didn't know it. Now he is back among mortals in the form of a priest. He doesn't like it. But it is better than being dead. Somet... Horror START READING

The Watcher by the Threshold by John Buchan

John Buchan was a Scottish novelist, historian and Unionist politician who served as Governor General of Canada, the 15th since Canadian Confederation. After a brief legal career, Buchan simultaneo... Horror START READING

The Power of Darkness by Edith Nesbit

The figure of my wife came in... it came straight towards the bed... its wide eyes were open and looked at me with love unspeakable'Edith Nesbit, best known as the author of The Railway Children a... Horror START READING

The Mystery of the Semi-Detached by Edith Nesbit

The Mystery of the Semi-Detached was written in the year 1893 by Edith Nesbit. Paranormal START READING

The Damned by Algernon Blackwood

Known as one of the key figures in the 'weird' horror movement that arose in England and the United States in the early twentieth century, Algernon Blackwood was known for inserting surprising, oft... Paranormal START READING

One Crooked Year

For nearly a hundred years, Prism has quietly protected Britain from supernatural forces few people come close to understanding. A caseworker’s mission should be simple: identify the spirit, make c... Paranormal START READING

Crown of Blood

In this world where there's no right or wrong, good or evil, black or white you have to make your own justice. If you are not ready to do the unthinkable, dirty your hands with blood, you'll be foo... Fantasy START READING

Los Que Habitan Abajo

La vida puede ser un juego de niños para algunos y para otros un lugar tan miserable que no contentos con su destino descubren la ansiedad de saber para que existen. Una serie de homicidios besti... Crime START READING

Mi Edén

El Edén de un hombre puede ser su nube el cielo y su caldera en el infierno mismo. Surreal START READING

Legion of Heroes

Jethro Paxtron, to the outside world is an ordinary librarian, with an little taste of unusual clothes, when in reality Jethro is the leader of an small band of heroes, fighting to keep Los Angeles... Paranormal START READING


Selecciona la correcta o perderás y terminará la historia. Historia con modo interactivo. SInopsis: ¿Creías que el mundo iba a mejorar en el futuro? Karia, una chica que desde su nacimiento se ve... Drama START READING

Lluvia al corazón

Sam está desesperado por la muerte de Dean. Y la desesperación lo llevará a tomar malas decisiones. Fanfiction START READING

El Mundo de Dante

Dante García es el hombre más viejo de su país, su edad supera el siglo y luce como un anciano robusto como roble, frente él está un periodista que en busca de una gran historia decidió entrevistar... Mystery START READING