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Already Gone

"Ensinou-me o que era amor, agora tenho que desaprender." "Agora, todas as lembranças estão assombradas Nós fomos feitos para dizer adeus" (Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone) Fanfiction START READING

Dulces Sueños Jessica

Los sueños son un misterio, sus infinitos bucles son bastante aterradores pero, cuando estás atrapado de forma permanente, aprendes a sobrellevarlos, es por eso que tenemos esperanza y nos aferramo... Thriller/Mystery START READING


A game between father and his daughter. Drama START READING

Children of Wotan

Crossover AU. Twisted Wonderland x Sleeping Beauty. The Time of Man is already over them. But it never meant there weren't other deities and beliefs before: weakened, distant, but remaining. When a... Fanfiction START READING

Embraced by the Stars

"Damn, have I been hearing some noises from the kitchen, in the middle of the freaking night! Well, at first I don’t give a hell about it. After all, who in the world can be such a weirdo and wake ... Romance START READING


Sing with me my beautiful lullaby Short Story START READING