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It is the first detective Ansgar von Beltz's adventure. Short Story START READING

A Sleepless Night

This is the story of Marcus Brown, an apparently elderly man, who lives another one of his lonely and melancholy nights, trying to find meaning in his life. However, the story takes an interesting ... Short Story START READING

Heroin Tuesday and a Nine-Time Suicide

Dark and twisted narrative of a childhood trauma. Trigger warning for suicide, mental health, and drug themes. Short Story START READING

Miguel Ángel

No quiero decir nada. ¿Por qué la gente no puede dejarme en paz? Hay personas a las que les gusta escuchar el silencio; bueno, a mí me gusta dárselos. ¿Es tan complicado entender que solo... solo..... Short Story START READING

Nanowrimo 30 Dares

A discord server I'm in gave a daily prompt for the 30 days of Nano. This is what I came up with. Inspirational START READING

The missing tailor

A gripping story with an unexpected ending. A very special request, and the disappearance of a tailor, generate the most terrifying suspicions. Not my mother lenguage, please tell me how i did. Short Story START READING

Time Waits For No One

TWFNO it's a short story that reflects what happens if you let the time beat you, if you didn't do the things that you should have done in the moment. Is that feeling when you feel down because you... Short Story START READING

We all have our own story to tell. What's your story? 2020

It's all about my life journey and finding myself. And really trying to survive through this year. Good and bad moments whatever we deal with in life. We have to face it straight in the eye. Go and... Poetry START READING

A Love That Will Never Be

I fell inlove but due to the standards I had to uphold. I was left in tears and misery, never to love again. Short Story START READING


A game between father and his daughter. Drama START READING

Character Monologue's

Every character that an author creates has their own unique story. Sometimes this story can't be told in the main story. But now, they can. These are my characters. And these are their stories ---... Teen Fiction START READING

Day To Day

Shisui apenas quer e precisa de Itachi ao seu lado, dia após dia. Fanfiction START READING


A genre blending romp following well developed characters as they explore their presence in each other's lives. Fantasy START READING

La breve historia de un amor a medianoche

Cuando Ellard Vargovie llega a la paradisiaca isla de Kea en busca de un nuevo comienzo, el destino altera sus planes poniendo en su camino algo más valioso. Aunque la nueva vida de Ellard es per... Romance START READING


I have, however, spent the few good days this past month walking laps around the strange field that has started appearing as of late. Short Story START READING


After completing my drawing class, I started studying theater and hope to learn all about the myriad aspects involved with live entertainment. Non-fiction START READING


Ho hum, now where to begin this time? I think it will be with my discovery of tabletop RPG’s and one in particular called Cyberpunk RED. Non-fiction START READING


Now I have found and have started a very…surreal drawing of a skeleton and a rainbow in a paisley sky. Non-fiction START READING

One Week

Work is somewhat satisfying at least, even if it is easy, simple, work. Almost Zenlike to be honest which is quite fine with me. Short Story START READING

One Week

I plan, for now, to write a monthly journal of my time…here, in a different prison than the prison of the world as I knew it. Non-fiction START READING

One Week

Nothing but brown, dead grass, mud, and five sets of razor wire. Non-fiction START READING


However, I am certainly ready for the next chapter of my life to begin and I hope that happens soon. Short Story START READING


Hopefully it will be a fabled spring snow, I always enjoy how peaceful the world gets after a fresh snow. Short Story START READING


Besides, it’s not like anyone actually reads these anyways, how could they? Short Story START READING

Para Jin,

Algumas reminiscências do passado de Jin e Jimin Fanfiction START READING


I will take full advantage of this time while we have it, but am a bit anxious about what will happen when it’s gone. Ah well, no sense getting worked up about something that hasn’t happened yet. Non-fiction START READING


This being tells me we only have a little time to exchange ideas, but we are doing so judiciously. Non-fiction START READING


My relation was to someone very confident & grounded so I weighted the lines of the heel and padding. Non-fiction START READING


Also, though, the dandelions are not only surviving relatively extreme conditions, for them they seem to be thriving. Non-fiction START READING


As a bonus, though, I discovered the magic of hot chocolate and French vanilla creamer. Non-fiction START READING


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I will take this next week to embrace that fact. Short Story START READING


I honestly do not know why the opportunity never struck me before. Short Story START READING


I can certainly sense the sleeping flow of the times, but very little outward signs appear out of my single world window. Short Story START READING


As such, I haven’t had much time to walk around outside, but at least I can still admire the families of rabbits that still visit my lonely window. Inspirational START READING


So long as the days remain fairly cool all Summer, this will be a very rewarding time for me. Non-fiction START READING


Purple reminds me of respect and this particular flower had very contrasting yellow and light blue as well, so it was memorable to me. Non-fiction START READING


While certainly a summer week, this past one has been rather uneventful. Also, it has been too hot to even think about going outside, so I have only been getting my warmth from hot chocolate. Non-fiction START READING


Let’s see, where to begin? I’ve begun to teach myself how to sew. Just doing small garments for right now, but it is certainly a productive way to pass the time. Non-fiction START READING


I have taken on the significant challenge of being a Lighting Designer for one Julie Rada’s take on a play titled “Antigone” so will be quite busy bringing her approach on this classic play Non-fiction START READING

Tears, Love & Friends

Out of her misery, I was born. For what purpose and for who, I was not sure yet. But one thing I knew was that my tragedy was already molded by the hands of the woman I call mother. A collection o... Poetry START READING

The Bones

"Drive your cart and plow over, the bones of the dead " - William Blake English is not my native language so it may have some mistakes. But i really enjoyed writing it, a lot of time has passed s... Thriller/Mystery START READING

The Story So Far

The loneliest dreams necessitate forgiveness, but tragedy strikes. Non-fiction START READING


This book is about a man who has a normal life and becomes blind as a result of an accident, but this blindness brings him a new beginning in his life. Blindness is not something we have experi... Short Story START READING

एक दफ्तर का धार्मिक भेड़िया

दफ्तर का जीवन किसी जंगल से कम नहीं । जैसे जंगल में जीने के लिए चालाकी और चपलता जरुरी है , ठीक वैसे हीं दफ्तर में एक कर्मचारी को मजबूत बनना पड़ता है  । दफ्तर  के कायदे कानून एक हिरण को भी भेड़िया बनने को ... Short Story START READING

The Girl

What is it like to be chosen? Horror START READING