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Stories from the Oblivion

Same place, different people. Maybe together, maybe scattered in time. But what is this odd corner of the universe? "You know it's easier to accept our failures sometimes, right? Bodies fail" "The... Science Fiction START READING

The Viator Chronicles

A collection of science fiction short stories that share elements which place them within the same universe. Science Fiction START READING

L'Affaire Charles Dexter Ward

Providence, 1928, Charles Dexter Ward, un homme de vingt-six ans interné en maison de santé vient de disparaître sans laisser de trace. Le narrateur, Marinus Willet, médecin de la famille Ward dep... Classics START READING

Nyx y las Alas de la Fe

Una historia llena de magia y ciencia ficción que te atrapará. Una chica llamada Mina junto a su prima Ángela y su perro Collin viven en Dublin, Irlanda. Nuestra protagonista, Mina, un día proyect... Fantasy START READING

The Eyes of a Dead Man

Four odd teenage boys who feel as if they're destined for nothing in life realize that tragedy will lead to an amazing adventure. Science Fiction START READING