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It is the first detective Ansgar von Beltz's adventure. START READING

Karma Callaway: Into the Shadows

It's normal to be different from everyone else. That's kind of ironic since being different is normal. However, things like age, skin tone, hair colour or ethnicity don't compare to how Karma Calla... START READING

Resident Evil: Segredos

Alguns segredos nunca devem ser revelados... E a secretária do chefe Brian Irons descobrirá isso a duras penas... Fanfic inspirada num "File" (Arquivo) do jogo Resident Evil 2 original. START READING


Desde as mais belas escamas até o mais fortes venenos, os fios cor de âmbar e os olhos tão predatórios quanto o de uma mamba negra chamavam a atenção por onde passava, a pele pálida tão fria quanto... START READING

The Door of Faith

Things start disappearing on remote road on a small island in the middle of the pacific ocean. Meanwhile, elsewhere in space, two casts of aliens have been having a cultural war for millennia . Wil... START READING


Is your family really trustworthy? START READING

When Fear Is Not Afraid

Cats and dogs and high adventure and romance and espionage and food-fights and hotels and explosions and car chases. START READING

A Heartbreak Warfare

* A year after the events of “The Retribution Game” * An enemy from the past is been plotting payback. Andy Jäger isn’t the loving person he made everyone believe he was. Davina Saxe’s world crumb... START READING

Como atrapar al asesino

Amy Johnson trabajó en la sección de documentación durante cinco años seguidos, su jefe, viendo una gran oportunidad para deshacerse de ella, le encarga un caso muy peculiar en la residencia de la ... START READING


Era apena mais uma festa comum para um grupo de cinco garotas que não sabiam quando os limites eram ultrapassados.O que elas não imaginavam era que esse dia ficaria marcado em suas vidas para sempr... START READING


La historia de un policía que se infiltra en la mayor organización criminal de ladrones "Las máscaras", pero puede que su gran plan no salga como tiene pensado y termine arrepintiéndose de todo el ... START READING

Police Story

— Te diré algo muchacho, esta ciudad es peligrosa para el generoso pero un refugio más para el corrupto. Así es el mundo aquí, nunca lo olvides — (Primera temporada) La ciudad de Megalópolis está ... START READING


The condition of the city was very critical. A political party protested against the city's poor law and order START READING

The Dark Eyes Killer

When you lose your own heart, and you become in the monster you have always been. Could you be able to love? Or would you transfrom that love into another monster? START READING


He ran into an accident scene to help save life but he was complicated in a crime he knows nothing about. How will he let the world know he was not involved in the crime because every evidence poin... START READING