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Dedicated to Adriana. Poetry START READING

Better Than Words

I run straight through the woods, running away from him. "Riley!" He calls as he chases after me. He should already be in front of me. I shake my head, tears falling down my face. I stop and start ... Fanfiction START READING


Anger at loss of a love beautiful. Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash Poetry START READING


The main character, Sam, reveals to us the feelings of regret and hope as he faces the ghost of the past love of his life, Ariana. Perhaps it is never too late to make things right. Short Story START READING

Some Scotch

Pondering with a glass in my hand. Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash Poetry START READING

Oak Blossom

Perto do Olimpo vive o filho da Deusa Antheia, Kyungsoo. Um jovem amoroso e extremamente tímido que, um dia, enquanto apanhava flores do chão, encontra num lago enorme e brilhante um jovem moreno e... Fanfiction START READING

Lost Power

It's a fanfiction about Loki Fanfiction START READING

The Eyes of a Dead Man

Four odd teenage boys who feel as if they're destined for nothing in life realize that tragedy will lead to an amazing adventure. Science Fiction START READING