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Hazard Online

It is finally time for the 25th World Raid in Hazard Online and team Nightmare is raising hell, when a glitch takes an unfortunate turn of events, or wasn't it a glitch? Aiden wakes up to som... Fantasy START READING

Maelstrom book 1 - A new beginning

Kaden wakes up strapped to a torture rack in a dark, damp room. Barely surviving his torture session, a young woman saves his life. Through sheer luck and willpower they manage to escape the dungeo... Fantasy START READING

Mesclados - A Irmandade do Caos

Sabishi Okami é uma terceiranista antissocial, que tenta de todas as formas evitar problemas, umas vez que é menosprezada pelos seus colegas de classe por ser uma otaku que passa mais tempo jogando... Fantasy START READING