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A Fish Out of Water

Not all evers end happily. No ever can be forever. This is the story of a Princess born of the sea and her ocean loving Prince. Fanfiction START READING


A vampire lord, betrayed by his king, hides with the remnants of his coven, waiting for the time to repay the favor. A deadly foe will prove to be his greatest ally through mutual gain. One, betray... Fantasy START READING

Little Princess without Kingdom

This story of the dream of a girl who wants to be a princess and in a book finds the way to achieve it. Short Story START READING

O Último Suspiro de um Rei

O medo gritava e implorava aos ouvidos de Minseok para fugir, pedia-lhe que buscasse por proteger sua vida. Mas ele jamais poderia se deixar acovardar, jamais poderia abandonar o trono. E ao seu l... Fanfiction START READING

The broken sword

You don't know me" her sword was on his neck while she was panting. "But I love you" he replied "You'll regret it, don't do it, I am here to take your heart, flesh and blood" "How naive of you, you... Fantasy START READING

The Fall of Patrician Rock

With the dragon Doomscale advancing on Wesrin’s Capital, King Aldrich Lambert the Seventh must decide his final course of action to right the sins of his youth. Fantasy START READING

The Lady Thief

A clueless prince marries a foreign princess who possesses magic that had long been banished from the kingdom. With her, she brings a new hope to the dying land as many seasons of fruitless crops b... Fantasy START READING

The Man Who Would be King by Rudyard Kipling

The Man Who Would be King is a short story by Rudyard Kipling chronicling the adventures of two British men who become kings in Kafiristan (now a province of Afghanistan). Adventure START READING

The Princess's Obligation

Maddoc is a king with no power and no responsibilities. He enjoys his carefree life. Anwen is a princess who carries the weight of her kingdom on her shoulders. Recently left in shame by the one sh... Fantasy START READING

The Queen of Quok

No one envied the child, who had scarcely been thought of until he became king himself. Then he was recognized as a personage of some importance, and the politicians and hangers-on, headed by the c... Humor START READING

The Sentinel of Cassendar: The High Captain

The Sentinel of Cassendar has stood strong for over 2000 years protecting the kingdom and the royal family. An elite group of fighters and users of the Mystics, the Sentinel is legendary for its s... Fantasy START READING

The Tears of the Storm

Eleven nations that had coexisted with relative tranquility, suffering brief and focused wars, would soon be shaken by the winds of the coming storm. A group of young people (and not so young) are ... Fantasy START READING

A court of Memories and Darkness

"She couldn’t remember anything about herself, not her name, who she was, what she looked like, her family, friends, there was nothing. Nothing, but cold, and darkness." Fanfiction START READING

Drifting Boat

Hola a todos!!! Bueno, soy nueva en esta plataforma, pero hoy les quiero traer un one shot Yaoi de Kingdom Hearts, mi juego favorito. Trata de mi OTP favorita, el Soriku! Aviso desde ya que este o... LGBT+ START READING


A letter about an adventure with action, castles, and foes. All in this heroic series of short stories that take place In Middle World. It takes place in the city of Breel and for years this city ... Short Story START READING

La última lágrima

Después de 25 años se dispone a iniciar la cuarta guerra entre países, la cual decidirá que potencia dominará la tierra, el guerrero gastador tendrá la opción de pedir un deseo, en referente las 12... Fantasy START READING

Moon's Murder: Praeteritum

Frederico de la luna is a madman with unclear motives who leads a group of mercenaries in search to destroy as many cities as he can. Alister, his second in command has vowed to protect him even th... Fantasy START READING

Princess In Mess

She is loving, intelligent and the best ruler Cert ever had. But when every guy wants to rule her heart, it becomes a mess. Scripts/Screenplays START READING

The Four Wheel Saga Book 1: THE LEGACY TRIALS

In the continent of Kinenhi, ravaged by conflict and war, an age of peace and harmony has endured for years. Trade and commerce is flourishing among the six village nations. In the warrior village ... Fantasy START READING

United Destinies

Hola a [email protected]!!! Hoy les traigo un nuevo One-Shot, esta vez de Riku (Kingdom Hearts) por un personaje original mío (OC) ¡Espero que les guste mucho, y que lo disfruten tanto o incluso más que yo cr... Fanfiction START READING

War of Kingdoms

Existiam 4 grandes reinos, esses 4 reinos viviam em perfeita harmonia, porem, um dia um mago muito poderoso iniciou uma grande guerra, durante essa guerra muitas pessoas morreram, enquanto outras f... Fantasy START READING

War of Kingdoms

Existiam 4 grandes reinos, esses 4 reinos viviam em perfeita harmonia, porem, um dia um mago muito poderoso iniciou uma grande guerra, durante essa guerra muitas pessoas morreram, enquanto outras f... Fantasy START READING

Kingdom Hearts: Warriors of Dusk

Aero es el hijo de los Alcaldes de Salt Town, un pequeño mundo tranquilo e intrascendente. Un día, muchachos empiezan a desaparecer y gracias a esto, Aero termina envuelto en un problema que va ... Fanfiction START READING

Las Lágrimas de la Tormenta

Once naciones que habían coexistido con relativa tranquilidad, sufriendo guerras breves y focalizadas, pronto se verían sacudidos por los vientos de la tormenta que estaba por llegar. Un ... Fantasy START READING