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Arabian Nights

SinbadxOC Samantha never thought that in one fateful night her life would change drastically, in a way that is exotic and, at same time, very pleasant. (The passage written on the first chapter i... Fanfiction START READING


SinbadxKouen Ren Was a simple day for Sinbad, until Kouen decides that is time to make things a little hushed. Ren Kouen x Sinbad drabble. Sinbad, Ren Kouen and Já'far are characters from the ser... Fanfiction START READING

Good, Old Times

Sinbad & Ja'far While writing the ever long scroll on his desk, fulming and cursing because Ja'Far is putting more and more scrolls on his desk, making his butt sore to be sitting so long at the c... Fanfiction START READING


Logo após a vitória de Jafar, algo inesperado acontece, mudando para sempre a vida da Rainha Vermelha. O que será que vai acontecer com ela? O que Jafar tem haver com tudo isso? Fanfiction START READING