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Master of Dragons

Was it so wrong for her to learn swordsmanship? Yes, after all woman were supposed to be frail, and quiet homemakers. Alas, she was anything but. Her dear father encouraged her whims, letting her e... START READING

Tainted in Red

Ishwar Hegadi once thought everything in life was predetermined; that if he struggled against fate, things would only take a bad turn. So he set aside everything he wanted to become the model Princ... START READING

Tale of Tales

* Tale of Tales is a High/Epic Fantasy saga based on the motifs of ancient myths, legends, and forgotten fairytales * Senka is no hero, but you never know what is coming for you. And if that burns... START READING

A court of Memories and Darkness

"She couldn’t remember anything about herself, not her name, who she was, what she looked like, her family, friends, there was nothing. Nothing, but cold, and darkness." START READING

Contos de Eiröndil

Conheça Viorno e a sua busca pela canção perfeita; a breve jornada de Tanilia pelo deserto de Öter; a história de como Endrica se meteu no meio de um conflito entre os dois clãs dos orcs de Sultani... START READING

Defying The Goddess Of Light

Kail Phoenix thought that he had fought for nothing when his life ended suddenly. Then there was a strange melodic voice that reached out to him in the darkness. As soon as that voice finished spea... START READING