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A flash fiction piece about the year 2017. Fantasy START READING

A Burning Sky

Laera LightSinger is a half-elf who has been on the run from her family secrets ever since she can remember. When tragedy strikes the village she and her mother were living in, she is forced to fle... Fantasy START READING

A Canção dos Clãs - Um conto de Penina

Pode alguém deixar uma carta para sua amada já estando ela morta? Para um vassalo perdido na loucura do amor, sim. Prestes a morrer e vagando em seus delírios, ele escreve uma carta para quem cham... Fantasy START READING

A Company of Heroes: Book One, The Stonecutter

She is beautiful, lithe and swift: as deadly as the blade flashing in her deft grip. The blood of kings runs strong in her veins---but her weakling brother wears the crown. She is Bronwyn. And her ... Fantasy START READING

A Estátua e o Jardineiro

Num reino distante, o Destino vai atuar. As revelações serão feitas, fantásticas e impossíveis, e chega o momento de se fazer a escolha que tudo vai mudar - para sempre. Short Story START READING


Marinheiros tinham razão em temer as sereias, porque elas nunca esquecem, nunca perdoam e não têm misericórdia. Essa é a história de Jasmim, uma aspirante a bióloga marinha, que, assim como todo ... Fantasy START READING

A Night To Remember

Prompt: a bookmark, the angel Gabriel, time travel. Fantasy START READING

Ashes on Paradise

NOTE: This story was originaly written in portuguese and the translation is by myself, therefore, I apologise in advance for any grammar error or lacking of comprehension regarding the subtleties o... Fantasy START READING


A vampire lord, betrayed by his king, hides with the remnants of his coven, waiting for the time to repay the favor. A deadly foe will prove to be his greatest ally through mutual gain. One, betray... Fantasy START READING

Chronicles of the Queen of Universe : Cassiopea and the Celestial Vault

''Trapped in a neverending battle with herself' She was the Trouble, she learned that lesson from a very young age, when the Crown of the Five Worlds came to claim her Soul. Her Soul has been the p... Fantasy START READING

Deadly Sin

Red is often used as a symbol of sin, tentation and lust for flesh. In Viktor's eyes it represented his desire for Yuuri. Yuuri couldn't take the mysterious man he met in the pub out of his head. ... Fanfiction START READING

Dead to the World 3 - Immortals

Book three of Dead to the World saga Fantasy START READING

Dead to the World 3 - Immortals

Book three of Dead to the World saga Fantasy START READING

Dead to the World 3 - Immortals

Book three of Dead to the World saga Fantasy START READING


Dreams aren't just what you see at night. Sometimes you see them at day. Sometimes, you see them as reality. What happens when reality and dreams are indistinguishable? Fantasy START READING

El cantar de Aradia

En las distintas regiones de Kaia existen unos seres de grandes poderes llamados guardianes. Solo personas excepcionales de cada región son capaces de comunicarse con ellos y de transmitir los men... Short Story START READING

El duque Dave Fernsby

Inspirada en un sueño, muy semejante a este contenido, del año 2013, me decidí a crear este relato, parte de la colección La Magia de la Magia y transcribirlo para su edición digital. En este rela... Short Story START READING

El Príncipe de las Bestias

Las colinas desoladas por la bruma se reflejaban en los ojos de una demacrada anciana. Sentada desde su porche, recuerdos nostálgicos llenaban el aroma de las flores dispersas. Quizás su cuerpo est... Fantasy START READING

Frays in the Weave

Great tales need to be told, but those that shape the world must be added to the Weave. With the awakening of a god two taleweavers sharing two worlds meet and shape a new future for both. As th... Fantasy START READING

Frays in the Weave

Great tales need to be told, but those that shape the world must be added to the Weave. With the awakening of a god two taleweavers sharing two worlds meet and shape a new future for both. As th... Fantasy START READING

Frays in the Weave

Great tales need to be told, but those that shape the world must be added to the Weave. With the awakening of a god two taleweavers sharing two worlds meet and shape a new future for both. As th... Fantasy START READING

Hijos de la luz

Hijos de la luz es una historia de fantasía épica, basada en un mundo en el que la humanidad ha sido sometida por demonios. Hace mucho tiempo que la oscuridad invadió ese mundo. Unas estructuras ... Fantasy START READING

Krästya tras las espinas de piedra

El hermano de Nantia ha desaparecido mientras un asesino perfuma rosas y colecciona almas en botellas de cristal. Ella ha decidido encontrar lo que quede de él y su destino la lleva a un jardín sub... Fantasy START READING

Krästya tras las espinas de piedra

El hermano de Nantia ha desaparecido mientras un asesino perfuma rosas y colecciona almas en botellas de cristal. Ella ha decidido encontrar lo que quede de él y su destino la lleva a un jardín sub... Fantasy START READING

Lágrimas de un Dragón

Rox es una aasimar que lleva consigo el advenimiento del cataclismo; por este motivo, se ve obligada a huir de todos los que están tras ella con el fin de acabar con su vida mientras se embarca en ... Fantasy START READING

La Llamarada del Tiempo

En un mundo, donde aún con la presencia de la magia y las diferentes razas mitológicas que buscan cohabitar, existen poderes y seres que van más alla del entendimiento natural. Eiden, un joven huma... Fantasy START READING

La primera araña

Las arañas Kinza, Ludwing y Dowinyogo guiarán a Arep entre campos de cultivo, carreteras y casas humanas hasta llegar a la costa del distrito de Boe, donde Arep al tocar sus aguas romperá su hechiz... Adventure START READING

Let Sleeping Werewolves Lie

Haunted by a criminal past that involved stirring things up with some shady supernatural beings, Max just wants to stay out of trouble. He's an empath with a drinking problem and sells used cars, s... Fantasy START READING

Los eternos malditos © [el canto de la calavera I]

¿Puedes oírlo? Son los engranajes que han empezado a moverse. Algo está cambiando en los rincones más recónditos de Skhädell. Puedes sentirlo en el aire, puedes sentirlo en ... Fantasy START READING

Los mundos de Denis

Denis Harold es un chico muy especial. Es amable, educado y tiene dos grandes amigos que le hacen muy feliz. Gracias a un espejo, herencia de su familia, descubrirá que ser un Harold va más allá de... Fantasy START READING

Maelstrom book 1 - A new beginning

Kaden wakes up strapped to a torture rack in a dark, damp room. Barely surviving his torture session, a young woman saves his life. Through sheer luck and willpower they manage to escape the dungeo... Fantasy START READING

Main Star: Imperium Gold for Minix

In the age of the Griffin, star empires exist in the milky way galaxy that often engage in interstellar trade, expansion campaigns and cosmic warfare. Commerce and cultural development among th... Science Fiction START READING


A magical thing happened to Stef Mimosa when she was only two: she died and an angel confronted Death to bring her back–or at least that’s how she remembers it. Years later, Stef has traded magi... Fantasy START READING


A journey of initiation into the world of Alchemy is about to begin. Tadeo, a young disciple, is about to enter a winding and winding road full of danger from which it is not safe to return. The yo... Fantasy START READING

O Dragão e o Artista

Existe uma lenda na histórica Liebedich, Alemanha, sobre uma gárgula que protegeu a cidade dos nazistas. Tal conto é passado de geração em geração, mas ninguém de fato a viu. Nostradamus Klaus é de... Drama START READING

One Crooked Year

For nearly a hundred years, Prism has quietly protected Britain from supernatural forces few people come close to understanding. A caseworker’s mission should be simple: identify the spirit, make c... Paranormal START READING

Polymath Redux

This is the story about a man who had reached the peak of strength. All sense of wonder and excitement were lost on that day, he was far too powerful. However something changed, when he was thrus... Fantasy START READING

Sovereign's Wake

A kingdom crumbles without its ruler. The people fall to misery and desperation in the shadow of an empty throne. A father does what he must to save his son and his homeland in the absence of kings. Fantasy START READING


"A contract thief with a supernatural gift discovers that the items he has been stealing share a mysterious connection." *** Arun is more than a common thief. He is able to teleport from one place ... Fantasy START READING


A flash fiction piece inspired by the prompt "walking home along the rim of the galaxy". Fantasy START READING

Testemunhas da Noite - Episódio 1

Os protagonistas desta primeira novela de C. Clark Carbonera são: Priscila Nova, uma mulher que tinha como trabalho perseguir lendas e mitos, mas que há alguns anos abriu mão de seu ofício; e Nicol... Paranormal START READING

The Allure of a Doomed Spark

Athanas is a female alchemist who stopped aging in her 24th birthday, impotence for being unable to remember her past takes her to a bar where she meets Roderick, an ordinary man that feels attract... Romance START READING

The search

Franco has had the dream of crossing the seas and distant lands in search of an impossible object that will fulfill all his desires. Many sought it, but only one succeeded. Franco wants to find tha... Fantasy START READING

To Love a Flower

Culture, normality, decisions, and fate all collide in this epic surrealist fantasy. The story is all about what influences certain life choices, how we have options, and how our fates rely upon ho... Short Story START READING

Wasted Knights: Tales of a dark power

Our tale centers itself around a merry band of adventurers, just trying to make it in a world that seems turned upside down. First there are zombies, then cultists worshiping demon lords, and all s... Adventure START READING

Hada DD (Libro Segundo)

Diez años después del sueño en el bosque, Dora Daniela sigue con una vida normal. Sin embargo, Derifai reclama la participación de Dora en una nueva aventura por el rescate del reino, en manos de R... Fantasy START READING


la historia de dos adolescentes basada en aventuras ,guerras, amor, entre otros. las diferentes gemas los llevaran a dimensiones distintas donde tendrán toda clase de aventuras y desafíos por enfre... Fantasy START READING


No instante em que a confirmação vem à tona, um poder que antes era impercebível invade a vida da jovem Coriane Pierce. Mudando não só a sua vida, como a de todos ao seu redor. Vivendo em uma Insti... Fantasy START READING

A Swandi Soldier

The young infantryman Dann travels to a foreign nation together with his companions of the Swandia army. There he will know a whole new world, and also stumble upon a secret that will change his li... Fantasy START READING

Através do Espelho (de Mentiras)

TrafalgarLawxEustass Kid Duas pessoas. Dois homens. Duas identidades diferentes que pertencem a contos de fadas que servem para amedrontar crianças (e também adultos) que são completamente diferen... Fanfiction START READING

A Warriors Tale

Scarlet is a young princess who aspires to be a great warrior and leader for her kingdom, just like her mother was, but after her mothers passing her father forbids her. Her guard Elliot and best f... Fantasy START READING

Beyond the Undead

An adventurous, yet romantic story of a friendship between the undead queen and the ghostly newcomer. LGBT+ START READING

Blood and Roses

If your a lover of fantasy and drama, this is a story you might be interested about. An imposible love of a vampire and werewolf , who afther having secret dates see a handsome and malevolent witch Drama START READING

Clisieia Chronicles

After losing two years of her life imprisoned in Ioshiro's empire, Shido finally manages to return to her homeland and now she must raise support from her remaining friends and even from some enemi... Fantasy START READING


A bomb hidden near a festival. A siren with secrets about his connections. A vampire with questionable motives. A werewolf who has to figure it all out before the town goes crazy. Trinity Vale is... Thriller/Mistery START READING


En la época inicial del tiempo y espacio para la Dimensión Oo, el potencial de energía y poder era alto en comparación con la mayoría de otras pocas dimensiones en la Segunda Realidad. Ellos no sab... Fantasy START READING

Dreamer ©

Creer en lo que existe, pero lo existente aún yace fuera de nuestra fantasía, de esta ilusión cegadora . . . ~ La trama de 'Dreamərs' nos centra en Hana Takeko, una experta asesina y miembro de lo... Paranormal START READING

Entre bosques e historias

Habla de varias historias ocurridas en diferentes bosques , donde son seducidos por dioses o criaturas míticas ,. Estas se desarrollan en la época medieval , donde habían mas creencias d estas cri... Fantasy START READING

Just A Dream - Happiness depends only on you

What would you do if from day to night you knew you were a wizard? Okay, do not think this is another Harry Potter fanfic. What you will see and witness in the yellow pages of my diary is much mo... Fanfiction START READING

La Selva Feliz

Sus padres muy malvados, su mundo muy entretenido, divertido, fantasioso y feliz. La Jungla Feliz Fantasy START READING

Little Princess without Kingdom

This story of the dream of a girl who wants to be a princess and in a book finds the way to achieve it. Short Story START READING

Lover's Day Date

Lover's Day has come around again and Sig requests a fun and romantic date from his friend and lover to mark the occasion. Yuseong, while reluctant at first, soon remembers that stepping out from h... Romance START READING


Noctis não estava apaixonado. Não, negativo, 100% de certeza de que aquele sentimento insistente não era amor. Ele só precisava convencer seus amigos (e à si mesmo) de que isso era verdade. Prompt... Fanfiction START READING


If you tell me what you saw, there's a few things you should start with. Visual Story Fantasy START READING

Promesas olvidadas [Saga Final Fantasy -VII- #1]

En los suburbios de Migdar un pequeño grupo eco terrorista llamado Avalancha, lucha por eliminar a Shinra para salvar al Planeta con ello a la Corriente Vital y evitar el fin del mundo. Avalancha g... Fanfiction START READING

Promesas olvidadas [Saga Final Fantasy -VII- #1]

En los suburbios de Migdar un pequeño grupo eco terrorista llamado Avalancha, lucha por eliminar a Shinra para salvar al Planeta con ello a la Corriente Vital y evitar el fin del mundo. Avalancha g... Fanfiction START READING

Pure Flower

Mesmo vivendo no Reino Mágico, Taehyung se sente um pária. Todos tem seu grupo de semelhantes, exceto ele. Estava cansado de ser um estorvo, precisa descobrir quem realmente é e onde estão seus afi... Fanfiction START READING

Pure Flower

Mesmo vivendo no Reino Mágico, Taehyung se sente um pária. Todos tem seu grupo de semelhantes, exceto ele. Estava cansado de ser um estorvo, precisa descobrir quem realmente é e onde estão seus afi... Fanfiction START READING

Reaper(ing) me out

Baekhyun era pra estar morto. Park Chanyeol era um ceifador de respeito, quase nunca deixava escapar algum nome de sua lista, quando lhe era dado. Ele fazia seu trabalho com louvor e capricho, um d... Fanfiction START READING

Saga The Chronicles Of The Hawks Brothers - Origin - Book 01

In 2024 the X-Bios Corporation created an elemental serum capable of changing the genetics of the human race, but things are beyond the control of the company. Dan and Dante Hawks see themselves in... Adventure START READING

Sector 4

[PREVIEW] This series is only a preview! The first 5 episodes will be uploaded here. Then to keep reading please go here: About Sector... Science Fiction START READING

Sede de Sangue

Para comemorar o Halloween, fiz esses versos sobre sexo, sangue e o calor de sua pele gelada. Fanfiction START READING

Sourtoro, a Guarda da Floresta - Cicatriz Rúnica

Esse é o "primeiro capitulo" de uma história que talvez tenha muitos capítulos dependendo do quanto eu escreva e tenha ideias. Soltarei várias dessa histórias e Origens dos povos juntamente com as... Visual Story Fantasy START READING

The Silent Realm

"The Silent Realm", a place for the forgotten in between time. Parallel to limbo people wander, searching and waiting. Journey with Takemoto as he finds his way into The SIlent Realm, an unspeakabl... Fantasy START READING

Through the Looking Glass (of Lies)

Trafalgar LawxEustass Kid Two person. Two males. Two different entities which belongs to the fairy tales story to scare children (that also scare adults) that are completely different to each othe... Fanfiction START READING

Una historia de fantasía

Nuestra historia nos embarca en la región fantasiosa de Hieliex una zona fría, donde debes de llover nieva, sus bosques son montañas rocosas cubiertas de hielo, en fin es una zona fría parecida al ... Fantasy START READING

Una noche sin luna

Una noche sin luna, durante una ceremonia sagrada, la vida de Aliar cambia de forma inesperada. Horror START READING

Un gato contra Shinra

Lydia Deetz y SU chico gato van a Midgar a ayudar a su primo Wedge a ganar el corazón de Tifa. ¿podrá el amor vencer las barreras de la apariencia y la obsesión? Fanfic crossover de beetlejuice y f... Fanfiction START READING

1685 Blightblossom Lane

Many centuries ago, Dama Fristad, a woman of great power and kindness to all creatures, created a city to serve as a haven for humans and nonhumans alike. The simple story of a young man, his con... Fantasy START READING

2 Faces Break Completely

She is as dark and velvet creamy as any women could come.She saw this man he looked like a monster he lurked into the dark porn pages.He disappeared Wolfen tie the forest what a game this man Simo... Visual Story Paranormal START READING

Aesthetic Girl in a Mysterious World

Anzu Hayes es una chica de dieciocho años que busca lo que cualquier adolescente: Una vida tranquila. Ella reside en una de las muchas islas artificiales colocadas por todos los mares del mundo; e... Teen Fiction START READING

A Guerra Contra Os Demolidores - Série: A Batalha Dos Escolhidos - Livro um

Um mundo onde tudo é possível ou, pelo menos, deveria ser. Está é a verdadeira história por trás dos acontecimentos que levaram ao fim do mundo, um mundo onde a coexistência dos seres era um tanto ... Fantasy START READING

A Journey to Adafus

An elder poet living out the rest of his days in his village goes in a flurry when a strange letter comes into his possession. Upon reading its contents he immediately sets out of his village to th... Adventure START READING

Al son de las burbujas

Historia sobre un suceso mágico en un pueblo. Fantasy START READING

Anarquía en el Infierno

Un solitario y retraído joven, se enfrenta a una bifurcación en su destino, secuestrado por un personaje misterioso, es conducido a un recinto de caos y muerte que despiertan una chispa en su alma... Fantasy START READING

Black Raven.

Aaron, un joven humano de cabello tan negro como la pluma del cuervo, es criado como príncipe de Indark, ocupando un puesto que no corresponde a su estatus de sangre. Anhilor, un joven humano de ca... Fantasy START READING

Blue Eye

Sword and Sandal short story Fantasy START READING

Circle of the Empire: The Ancestral World

Hace muchos años, en el universo existieron 4 razas: los ángeles, los humanos, los monstruos y los demonios, ellos juntó a los 10 elementos cohabitaron en paz, hasta que el Rey Demonio quebró la pa... Fantasy START READING


La historia de esta cazadora inicia el año de su nacimiento, ochocientos setenta y seis, después de Cristo; en un bosque Germánico. Llegó al mundo con su hermano gemelo, dentro de una familia cálid... Adventure START READING

Con nadie alrededor

La noche mas fria y sola que podrias imaginar tener, este corto cuento trata de un joven el cual de un dia para otro siente que no hay nadie a su alrededor y no sabe que es lo que sucedio. Short Story START READING

Cuando la nieve cae

Jack quiere aprender a ser feliz, pero, sin pensarlo, lleva la marca del caos. Horror START READING

El corazón del Dragón Dorado

« La Estrella Padre es una tierra donde la hermandad se ha vuelto una de las principales causas de guerra, incluso de aquella que dividió a los mortales, dejándolos sin el amparo de sus mít... Fantasy START READING

El hechizo

En un lugar muy lejano, la bondad es continua, gracias a Liara, su reina. Y en una inesperada llegada, un hechizo sellará…. Romance START READING

Esclavo de Conflictos

Cuenta la historia de un joven quien sobrevivió a un caótico y sanguinario encuentro con la muerte. Todo debido a una poderosa entidad guardiana que aceptó ayudarle a cambio de algo inimaginable. P... Adventure START READING

Exotic minds

Эта забавная история для детей - билингвов и их родителей, которые интересуются космическими технологиями, новыми идеями и открытиями! Автор делится с читателем эмоциями и добрытиями молодого косми... Fantasy START READING

Festa Fantasia

Uma declaração de amor e uma festa fantasia. O que pode dar errado? Fanfiction START READING

Fire In The Rain

Someone doesn't like top 40 music... Short Story START READING


Maeko 'May' Fukumoto never thought of herself as a somebody, especially not a hero, but one day she discovers her ability to create and control fire. Soon May learns that she is apart of an unde... Action START READING

Focus Lumen: Factor Cero

Voy a encontrarte" Son las palabras que encierran la más épica de las batallas, esa que definirá el resto de la existencia humana. Después de un evento catastrófico que merma la vida en la tierra, ... Fantasy START READING

Glasses to Guns

A determined researcher with big plans confronts an office girl with secrets. (This may be expanded to a more fleshed-out short story. What do you think?) Fantasy START READING


Siempre ignorante, siempre deseoso. Muy pocas veces satisfecho. Kaled es el infinito. Fantasy START READING

La chica blanca

Hikari-Shiro es una chica de 16 años que nació con una maldición, nacida para la destrucción, hasta que un día pasa algo que ella no se esperaría. ¿Será capaz Shiro de sobrevivir después de estar t... Fantasy START READING


un joven de 17 años normal y corriente, o al menos eso cree el, se ve envuelto junto a su mejor amigo en una guerra que empezaron sus antepasados en otro planeta, sus vidas y las de todos sus seres... Science Fiction START READING

Lali veo en ti el cielo ♥

Lali es una chica común y corriente con una vida aburrida, siempre a sido muy tímida y desde que era una niña esta perdidamente enamorada de Gabriel " su amor platónico". Su vida cambia cuando en ... Romance START READING

Las Crónicas de Arnth

Arnth es la única persona capaz de heredar el reino de Rineth, una civilización tradicionalista. Sin embargo, Arnth nació asexual por lo que elegir entre ser hombre o mujer podría cambiar drástica... Science Fiction START READING

Las vueltas de un destino

Arsiel, mercenario y guardián de un demonio, su linaje oculta el secreto de su peculiar habilidad; Se gana la vida como espada de alquiler, aceptando cualquier clase de trabajo, desde una simple es... Fantasy START READING

La treceava hora

Nuestra historia se centra en Marx Duarte, un joven que después de ser traicionado por sus seres queridos comienza a desvalorar su existencia, él se ve envuelto en una serie de increíbles acontecim... Fantasy START READING

Legend of Galatas

Legend of Galatas narra a jornada de Shinji Mikami, um jovem guerreiro que possui um dragão como seu melhor amigo, viajando pelo imenso mundo de Galatas, um mundo formado após um evento chamado Cro... Visual Story Fantasy START READING

Long Live

The final Descendant of god will rise on Earth, and Alba, the girl carrying its spirit, is hunted down as a threat to the Empire. Her only help will be from Hiro, an exiled soldier from a foreign l... Adventure START READING


Los 8 dragones o caballeros del infierno, conocidos de esta manera por su increíble poder capaces de acabar con ejércitos enteros, hasta ahora no se ha sabido mas de ellos, durante años se creyeron... Fantasy START READING

Los Seis Héroes: Yang

Roy vive como un chico normal que está a punto de entrar a la preparatoria, sin embargo, pronto se ve envuelto en una guerra entre dos diosas. ¿Podrá soportar la presión de ser Rey y estudiante? ¿O... Adventure START READING

Lullaby and Swords: Re-Zannie

Cain Himmel es un joven que vive en un mundo donde existe una raza que manifiesta sus emociones en poderosas invocaciones llamadas por medio de su voz al entonar hermosas canciones gracias a una gr... Fantasy START READING

Max Chrono And The Time Crusaders

A boy must chose between giving up his most prized possession to a witch and never seeing his sister again. Short Story START READING

Me convertiré en la villana.

''No quiero ser la mala del cuento pero "Para situaciones extremas se necesitan medidas extremas" ¿O no?'' -𝙰𝚍𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚝𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚒𝚊- *𝘌𝘭 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘰𝘯𝘢𝘫𝘦 𝘱𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘤𝘪𝘱𝘢𝘭 𝘦𝘴 𝘍𝘳𝘪𝘴𝘬 𝘥𝘦 𝘶𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘦 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘰 𝘯𝘰 𝘵𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘦 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩𝘰 𝘲𝘶𝘦 𝘷𝘦𝘳 ... Fanfiction START READING

Mierda en los zapatos

Una pequeña historia acerca de como la vida puede empeorar con muy poco. Short Story START READING

Mundo Incoloro

Un mundo solitario, donde no hay nada de nada. Fantasy START READING


En un universo donde sólo habitan los dioses Ahara y Jiacté, en la fantasía de un Palacio Universal, mundos y asteroides rotan en los abismos del vacío; mundos benignos, construidos de gemas, o ast... Romance START READING

NorthWorld: A Viking Fantasy Saga

Follow Thorgaut Kabbisson on his journey to become king of the North and a young Viking boy's growth into manhood to become the hero of legends and campfire tales. Fantasy START READING

O Amor Que Atravessou O Tempo

Há muito tempo, a Vida e a Morte haviam se apaixonado - mas elas não podiam ficar juntas. Short Story START READING

Original Absence- of Mines and Minds

Cavern's were dug deep into the Gnosi mountains, after all the riches and spoils had been removed and the mines were closed. Only a cult of robed inquirer's venture into them. That is where their m... Adventure START READING

Ortiga muerta

Ahí, donde la ignorancia lo cubre todo, Ortiga muerta se atrevió a pensar. Fantasy START READING

Poemas de un desdichado humano

Hola a todos los lectores, soy un escritor principiante, puede que tenga muchas faltas de ortografía que sean horrbles y lo siento, y pretendo mejorar. Gracias. Poetry START READING


Nosotros Determinamos Nuestro propio Destino, Quien Somos y Solo Nosotros Sabes De Lo Que Somos Capaces de Hacer... Adventure START READING

Salvis te

Quatro homens contra um império. Uma guerra. Duas mortes. Mais dor do que se pode aguentar. Sozinhos contra o tempo. Contra o destino. Contra o Futuro. Fanfiction START READING


Hace tiempo los pobladores de Burbank quedaron impresionados al conocer a un joven con manos de tijeras, con el tiempo fue olvidado. ¿Es hora de que Edward forme parte de la sociedad? Fantasy START READING


Jack solía vivir en Skyfall, hasta el día de su muerte. Tras ello, se verá obligado a vivir en un mundo diferente, el cual se irá convirtiendo poco a poco en su hogar. Sin embargo, una serie de as... Fantasy START READING


Una serie de cambios se están avecinando. Un mundo sobrenatural que se revela. Conflictos que pronto llegaran. Amores y pasiones que se despliegan. Guerras, luchas que necesitan ser combatidas. Uni... Fantasy START READING

Soul Knight

Agua, Aire, Tierra, Fuego, estos son los 4 elemtentos que mantienen el equilibrio en el mundo, fueron incrustados en piedras elementales por el caballero mas fuerte y aclamado de la nacion, El Caba... Adventure START READING

Sunny Winchward Beach - A Grand Eye Tale

A cautionary tale about the dangers of small-town tourism. Also includes demons. Fantasy START READING

The Dragon Tamers by Edith Nesbit

There was once an old, old castle - it was so old that its walls and towers and turrets and gateways and arches had crumbled to ruins, and of all its old splendour there were only two little rooms ... Fantasy START READING

The Dreamtroller

The fear of a mysterious creature has a profound impact on Allan's life—as well as the creature's. Short Story START READING

The Eyes of a Dead Man

Four odd teenage boys who feel as if they're destined for nothing in life realize that tragedy will lead to an amazing adventure. Science Fiction START READING

The Fall of Patrician Rock

With the dragon Doomscale advancing on Wesrin’s Capital, King Aldrich Lambert the Seventh must decide his final course of action to right the sins of his youth. Fantasy START READING

The girl with golden hair

A girl is born with golden hair, but it’s hard and heavy and apparently can’t be sold or spent. Her poor parents believe good things will come of this, but it doesn’t seem likely, especially as the... Fantasy START READING

The God Hunters

A Commander, a pilot(?), and a soldier, fighting on different fronts of a war for the same faction. Their individual stories weave together to tell the myth of humanity's crusade. Their goal: to hu... Science Fiction START READING

The Imperious

Felix is a soldier in the Earth military, he joined up after Earth was attacked and he, along with the rest of humanity, is looking for revenge. But he's going to find out that there is much more t... Science Fiction START READING



The Taleweaver

One man to change a life Two to change a world An outworlder comes to Otherworld where words come true where he comes true The Taleweaver Fantasy START READING

The Taleweaver

One man to change a life Two to change a world An outworlder comes to Otherworld where words come true where he comes true The Taleweaver Fantasy START READING

The Tea Parlor

Characters from classics like Alice in Wonderland, Frankenstein, and Peter Pan, as well as some fairytales, are alive and blending into the world. But not all is as it should be in their Hallway. A... Fantasy START READING

The White People by Arthur Machen

"The White People" is a fantasy-horror short story by the Welsh writer Arthur Machen Horror START READING

Thieves' Race

A young thief thinks there's nothing more to life than proving his love for a girl who doesn't seem to feel the same. All that changes, however, when he journeys to purgatory and starts a war. All ... Fantasy START READING

Thoughts on a carousel

Thoughts and stories that have never been told. There will always be a love, magic and passion. Romance START READING

Tracklist: La Manzana Vol. I

Las Canciones del Libro "La Manzana Vol. I" están aquí Children START READING


Clara desde pequena é acompanhada por uma insuportável dor de cabeça, que lhe tirava a paz. A única coisa, ou melhor lugar, que amenizava essa dor era o mar. Mas em uma noite de verão,por um pequen... Fanfiction START READING

Valores y Reinos (Parte I)

Valores y Reinos os llevará a un mundo donde los anhelos de humanos, orcos, trolls, dragones y demás especies que habitan Isi se desatarán sin precedentes. Una sobrecogedora mezcla de culturas, cre... Fantasy START READING