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Cartas para Frankfurt

Em 1967, entre fotografias, cartas e estrangeiros demais, Londres se tornou uma cidade tão quente que o coração de Chanyeol pôde congelar quando leu a última carta do alemão de merda que roubou seu... Fanfiction START READING

The Plan

The Plan begins with a post-grad student discovering the 16th Century diary belonging to the Queen of the Kingdom, and how the discoverer and her roommate dissect it during one wine-soaked weekend.... Fantasy START READING

'Tickets, Please!' by David Herbert Lawrence

'Tickets Please' returns Lawrence to his native Nottingham during the war. The social revolution of women doing jobs previously done by men, also begins to change the relationship between the sexes... Short Story START READING

Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hawthorne's classic tale of a young Puritan's meeting with the Devil. Classics START READING