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A far-away land

My take on James Nachtwey's beautiful photo as someone that has experienced violent conflicts and is still being affected by them to this day. Hope you enjoy. #PhotographicPoetry START READING

Ciella Book 2

The second of the 4 part saga Fighting for her future with Lewis, Nicole makes it a challenge to even look forward to that. Will Ciella and Lewis fight for their future together, or let their love ... START READING

Ciella Book 3

The third of the 4 part saga Ciella now at the end of her rope, tries for the last time to save her relationship with Lewis, but will their love survive the wave of change. START READING

Pages by Paige

Paige Murray is a young woman, lost in a big city. Unfortunately, when she moved from her home town, her emotional baggage moved with her. To say she is emotionally crippled would be an understatem... START READING


This sadness has just become pure madness… I feel so trapped and alone... Am I lost? START READING

The Dream Factory

Like an phoenix i will RISE again , higher and higher... Emerging from my fallen burned ashes i will emerged and claim my throne again. - Soul-Spirit I do not own the copyright of this book. Autho... START READING

The red men

A poem about the communist terrorist groups of the FARC and ELN and my feelings towards them. START READING

What Happens In Sapporo

American girl, Tess Carter, moves to Sapporo, Japan with her mother and crippled father. Tess tries her hardest to fit in with the local kids but finds herself being bullied and being involved in a... START READING

3000 Miles

A short story of a love cut too short. START READING


I decided to translate some of my poems, I hope you like it. START READING


Sometimes we can't see even if gifted with sight to begin with. START READING


Im trying. Trying to do the right thing. Trying to not make everything worse. START READING

Distress (Translation)

[...] the first time had been an accident. [...] START READING

Distress (Translation)

[...] the first time had been an accident. [...] START READING

Emotional Immaturity

When you are heartbroken how do you present yourself to the crowd? has it become a beautiful and continuous performance? Let's find out. START READING

Filters and other lies

A collection of poems derived from 2009 to 2022 dealing with grief, love, loss, divorce, abuse, anger, and heartbreak. A person who felt like her life needed to appear a certain type of way and lea... START READING

Lost and Forgotten

The feeling of losing the one for you. To have them taken without knowing if you’ll get them back. The sadness that overtakes you. START READING

Serenity Hill: Delusional

While Vin tries to deal with the pain of trauma deep down in his heart, Iris tries to cope with the love that floats hers. A marriage for the two may give them what they both want: a normal, happy ... START READING


izuku is so very tired START READING

Undying Promises

Estelle Aleigha Lophez or Leigh travels back to the time where her grandma was still alive. Although despite of all the hardships in life, she did not give up until she made all those undying pro... START READING

Verlorene Seelen

Eine Geschichte über ein junges Dienstmädchens, wie sie von ihrem Herrn missbraucht wird und welche Konsequenzen daraus entstehen START READING