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A Burning Sky

Laera LightSinger is a half-elf who has been on the run from her family secrets ever since she can remember. When tragedy strikes the village she and her mother were living in, she is forced to fle... START READING

A Imperatriz Indomável

A imperatriz terrana a aguardava, com a promessa de dividir seus conhecimentos, concedendo uma vantagem aos humanos. Sem opções, Cornwell decide ir ao encontro da visitante inesperada. START READING

Ko-mehk, Ko-fu

O que restou após a Batalha das Estrelas Binárias? START READING

Ko-mehk, Ko-fu

O que restou após a Batalha das Estrelas Binárias? START READING

Of Darkness and Wolves

Arianna always felt weird, as if she never fitted with normal people. Thankfully for her, Alexandra, her Romanian work colleague, is there to be her company and comfort. During a trip to Romania in... START READING

Pages by Paige

Paige Murray is a young woman, lost in a big city. Unfortunately, when she moved from her home town, her emotional baggage moved with her. To say she is emotionally crippled would be an understatem... START READING

Storm of Secrets

Told of an ancient cave when she was young, Rayn believes there is more to where her powers really originated from. She, along with her friends, will finally crack the code and find the truth. START READING

The Laundry

Ever had the thought of how fate and destiny can be molded to do your bidding? In this tale, we meet Rebecca who through her work and a visitor from the future discovers the great mystery of this a... START READING

Finding God

This blog is a self discovery journey about finding god and all his glorious ways. It is for understanding, inspiration, learning, and building faith. It’s lesson I’ve learned, testimonies, trials,... START READING

Scorpion Island

Ignacio's life has been a blessing for Cecilia but to some, he is but a rock in their road and will not stop until he has disappeared from this earth. START READING


Victory es una muchacha de 20 años acostumbrada a una vida guiada por las tradiciones de una organización religioso-militar llamada La Orden, de la cual sus padres son los líderes. Como la mayor de... START READING