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It is the first detective Ansgar von Beltz's adventure. Short Story START READING

Guilty •• KookTae ••

En tribunales, la competencia entre ambos es despiadada. En privado, la presunción de inocencia no existe en absoluto. Fanfiction START READING

Nerd Barbie & The First Time

Prequel — The 1999 Paradox Series Sometimes the shock of reality is a bitter medicine... But it is the best eye drop to see the undesirable truths — or lies that we idealize ... Denison is a shy ... Short Story START READING

Stop in the Name of Love

Rhea Sommes has never had it easy; a mother who died before Rhea was even in high school, a father who can't get himself together, and no one to turn to. All she wants is to get through her senior ... Romance START READING

The Door of Faith

Things start disappearing on remote road on a small island in the middle of the pacific ocean. Meanwhile, elsewhere in space, two casts of aliens have been having a cultural war for millennia . Wil... Science Fiction START READING

Verified Stories

Verified stories, what are them, why we are doing it, and how to get your stories verified. Non-fiction START READING


Días de perdición y calefacción putativa .... Poetry START READING

Collection of stories, micro stories and short stories

Unmanageable little currents in my mind, those fast enough to be unique. My little space, my loose stories... Short Story START READING

Golden Valley

Golden Valley es un pequeño rincón de el sureste Estado Unidos rodeado de bosque, donde la gente vive en una pacifica comunidad donde todos se conocen y se llevan bien. O eso parece. Pero hay algo... Teen Fiction START READING

Healing our Hearts

Scarlett is NOT a simple girl. She has two identities out of which she prefers to keep one hidden from the world. She has had a very difficult past and is broken and she's scared to love again. B... Romance START READING


Sexy. Hard. Dangerous. Erotica START READING

Storm Warning

Selena is caught at work during an intense storm that has hit her city. All she wanted to do was leave and make it home, but when plans don't go as expected, she realizes she is glad that she ended... Erotica START READING