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A Complicated Love Story

It's a complicated story of romance between college boys. Sam is just like every other gay college student with a name that actually sounds gay. As a virgin, Sam doesn't even know about sex, despite… START READING


Uma aposta entre amigos que pode transformar a vida de uma menina colegial. A ideia ocorreu quando a morena passou pela porta da escola com a outra de cabelos rosados. E essa cena Uzumaki Naruto será… START READING

Anyone But Emma (On Hiatus)

The story follows a young college student name Emma recording her academic process in college with a old cell phone audio recorder but it becomes more personal after being away from her emotionally m… START READING

A Secret Love Affair

Sienna is about to start her first semester of college at Crystal River University. The small town girl who has always been known to be shy and reserved is about to experience one of the biggest chan… START READING

Children of Wotan

Crossover AU. Twisted Wonderland x Sleeping Beauty. The Time of Man is already over them. But it never meant there weren't other deities and beliefs before: weakened, distant, but remaining. When a h… START READING

Como conquistar o Broto | Yoonmin

Bom, vou me apresentar para vocês. Eu me chamo Park Jimin, tenho 21 anos e estou no segundo ano da faculdade de Letras. Tenho um melhor amigo chamado Kim Taehyung e sou considerado um bad boy pelo pe… START READING

Da Cabeça aos Pés

Konoha. A cidade, nem sempre tão pacata, está prestes a ter os seus segredos revelados, abalando o sono dos membros das famílias fundadoras. Os Otsutsuki, os Senju, os Uchiha, os Hyuuga e os Uzumak… START READING

Expresso 0705

Shikamaru é um estudante da faculdade de Publicidade e Propaganda já em seu terceiro semestre de curso. Anuviado e distraído, com uma forte atração por astronomia e carteiras de cigarro inacabadas, s… START READING

Fade My Doubts Away

"At this point, I can’t help but feel like I’m a disappointment to all the people I love and who believe in me. Is this the story I’ve been waiting for years and years to have? Do I want to go on liv… START READING

For Better or Worse

This short story is bonus material for my full-length novel, Tangled Up in Blue, which is also available FREE here on Inkspired. You should read that first...😊 START READING

In The End

Was it all really worth it? The pain. The feelings. The memories. In the End, it's them. ps: there are hidden messages you need to understand. It will be fun. Please note, this story contains… START READING

Into You

Ashley didn't know what was coming over her when she moved to the new city to start College, and Sam didn't know he would find something he never knew before. START READING


This is a mature themed story. Some may dislike it due to less nudity of bodies but there definitely is best emotional intimacy between the hero and his and only his heroine. Please support this is m… START READING

Majesty: A personal anecdote

Majesty Day wants to find her true self. She's always felt like just a piece of a bigger picture. Growing up, all that mattered was school, and everything else was second. It never occurred to her ho… START READING

Mirror People

As an undergraduate college student struggling with anxiety and demanding family life, Julieta can't help but feel at her lowest when her classmates isolate her during a field trip to the lands of an… START READING

Plot Twist

Apesar das diferenças óbvias e das brigas constantes a convivência dos colegas de quarto Kageyama e Hinata era tão boa quanto poderia ser. Isso até as coisas começarem a ficar incômodas para Kageyama… START READING

Senhor Otimismo

Um único beijo foi sua perdição. Bastou um encontro de lábios para Uzumaki Naruto se ver totalmente desnorteado quanto as próprias ações e sentimentos. Quatro dias após, ele encontra a dona de seus d… START READING

Tangled Up in Blue

College is not what I expected. It's better. So much better. And worse. Agonizingly worse. All because I got tangled up in a boy named Blue. He's ignited a fire in me, body and soul. He's not lik… START READING

Tangled Up in Blue

College is not what I expected. It's better. So much better. And worse. Agonizingly worse. All because I got tangled up in a boy named Blue. He's ignited a fire in me, body and soul. He's not lik… START READING

Tetsukami Week 2018

Minhas fics pro Tetsukami week de 2018. Avisos: Day 5 e 6 são desenhos START READING

The Fight For Love

Rose Hineki, a 18 year-old girl who happens to be a member of the Elorian Secret Unit and who is still traumatized by events that happened in the past, gets a top-secret mission that will forever cha… START READING

The Newcomers

Isis and her family are invited to a party hosted by the new family in town. However, after that night, a series of murderers happens and Isis became the suspect of those (just because she's a little… START READING

Apparently Love

New in the City and happily looking forward to start College, Ashley falls in love with a young Man. Now her perfectly planned future gets irritated by a huge secret. She didn't know it would becom… START READING



Clash (Our Story)

Clash: an incompatibility leading to disagreement. A personality clash. Going against all cliches, she is the bad girl and he is the good boy! If you like what you read so far, be sure to check thi… START READING


It isn't difficult to fall for a boy who is a natural charmer, complimented with a set of intimidating eyes and sunkissed smile...and especially if he is every girl's 'dream boy' in the college. The… START READING

Dirty Little Secrets

Secrets, lies, schemes. These words rule the elite of Saint Louis University, the most prestigious college in New York, attended by young people from high society. When the first transfer student was… START READING


𝗧𝗥𝗔𝗡𝗦𝗟𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡. For TaeHyung, JiMin was always there. In good times and bad, especially in emergencies. The zeal is an emergency, right? And if he wanted the tough JiMin, then he would get him. ━ Ori… START READING


Summer Avery Hayes has had only one true dream: Netherlands. All she has ever done and worked so hard for over the years are only towards that. Now she’s starting college - the step which will take h… START READING

Fiske Guide to Colleges 2013

see full story >> START READING

Forever and a day

We didn't have an easy start- at all. We couldn't be official tell we were both 18 but good things do come to those who wait and he's still the best thing in my life <3 This is my future, OUR future.… START READING

Girl At The Coffee Shop

ᝰ ──・──・・𓌉 𖠚 ༅ ・・──・── ⊹ a struggling musical artist gets a job as a barista, thanks to his friend. one day he meets a fluff of a mess college artist with a fluency problem and an addiction to caffei… START READING

Girl in the Red Dress

Katy Hoffman wasn't anything extraordinary. She was a simple college girl, with a simple aim in life. However, when a certain green-eyed blonde, going by the name Leslie Cane, enters the scene at a c… START READING


Elisabeth Anderson always wanted companionship, but she never thought this would be how she got it. START READING

How to Say It to Get Into the College of Your Choice: Application,

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Love Letters and Literature

Sophia Lane is the queen of oversized sweaters and perfectly brewed cups of coffee. She's beautiful and delicate and so painfully misunderstood, but her innocent stare holds a savory secret. She's un… START READING

Love You Mr.officer

it's a heart touching college Love story of a college girl ( Manvi) and a police officer Raghav. Manvi was kind and sweet whereas Raghav was rude and aggresive. let's see how there simple meet take f… START READING

My friend Derrick

Tyler Miller grows a fascination to Derrick foster ,they develop a friendship that’s tested in the end can the two forgive the other for a betrayal that ruined something great?. START READING

Partiu Rio de Janeiro

Um grupo de 5 garotas(Annabeth,Sophia,Thalia,Piper e Calypso) e um grupo de 5 garotos(Percy,Peter,Nico,Jason e Leo) decidem ir para o Rio de Janeiro nas férias e terão que dividir a mesma casa,não te… START READING

Partiu São Paulo

Annabeth,Percy,Sophia,Peter,Thalia,Nico,Piper,Jason,Calypso e Leo agora vão viver ao lado de seus pais em São Paulo.Isto mesmo,da cidade maravilhosa para a cidade da garoa.O que será que está turma i… START READING


We all have struggles in our lives. But what to expect with someone who is Management and full time job, and going to college. Also, this someone has been out of school since they been 18 years old. START READING

Tara & Lola

Esther has two beautiful girls;Omotara Stephenie and Omolola Sofia Johnson.Tara is the beautiful ,Friendly,Talented and Bold one .Lola is the Very Bold,Sometimes arrogant,adorable and Mischievous on… START READING

The Complete Book of Colleges, 2012 Edition (College Admissions

see full story >> START READING

The Complete Book of Colleges, 2012 Edition (College Admissions

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[KaiSoo] [OneShot] [menção KrisTao] [+18] KyungSoo é um universitário tímido que anda conversando com o homem de seus sonhos, via chat. Eles acabam de decidir um local e hora para oficializarem o n… START READING


A college student love adventure story, A must read. START READING


Yuri e Otabek acabaram de se formar no ensino médio e estão caminhando em direção a faculdade, mas antes disso, será que Yuri terá a coragem de confessar a Otabek seus sentimentos? START READING