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Maelstrom book 1 - A new beginning

Kaden wakes up strapped to a torture rack in a dark, damp room. Barely surviving his torture session, a young woman saves his life. Through sheer luck and willpower they manage to escape the dungeo... Fantasy START READING

The Red Book of Magic

In Vanjer, a Land devastated by conflicts between Kingdoms, Empires, Countries and Houses, the Wizards takes on a war against the armies of the Dark Lord Ihrir. Arcanis, a young wizard, talented bu... Fantasy START READING

Angelic Battles

They say Angels protect people, but what's the cost of this protection? And what are they really protecting you from? Fantasy START READING

The Imperious

Felix is a soldier in the Earth military, he joined up after Earth was attacked and he, along with the rest of humanity, is looking for revenge. But he's going to find out that there is much more t... Science Fiction START READING

Un camino sangriento:La agonía del Imperio

El Primer Dios del Caos, Arthorus, el primer rey-dios humano, unificador de los reinos humanos y protector de la raza humana; debe formar una alianza con Kancero, Dios de la Muerte y asesino de di... Fantasy START READING