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El lobo estepario

El lobo estepario es una novela que contiene numerosos pensamientos filosóficos que son consecuencia de las largas meditaciones de Hermann Hesse. Además, es un estilo de autobiografía ya que en ell... Classics START READING

The Race

By Stewart Edward White Classics START READING

The Seven Poor Travellers by Charles Dickens

Although he is now revered as the author of such long-form masterworks as Great Expectations, Charles Dickens' short stories ranked among his most popular creative endeavors during his lifetime. Li... Classics START READING

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol is a novella by English author Charles Dickens. Carol tells the story of a bitter old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge and his transformation resulting from a supernatural visit by t... Classics START READING

Resumed Identity by Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce was an American editorialist, journalist, short story writer, fabulist and satirist. Today, he is best known for his short story, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and his s... Classics START READING

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

The story tells of John T. Unger, a teenager from the town of Hades, Mississippi, who was sent to a private boarding school in Boston. During the summer he would visit the homes of his classmates, ... Classics START READING

Hunter Quatermain's Story by H. Rider Haggard

An inspiration for the popular Indiana Jones series, Henry Rider Haggard's Allan Quatermain is one of the most beloved character to emerge from the action-adventure fiction of the nineteenth centur... Classics START READING

The Aviator

In this short story, a French pilot is faced with the fact his government doesn’t want him enlisted in their army fighting under the colors of the French flag. Resisting all orders he flies over th... Classics START READING

Mi lucha

El libro perfila las ideas principales que el régimen alemán llevaría a término durante su gobierno. Especialmente prominente es el amor al pueblo alemán de Hitler, aceptando entre otras teorías Lo... Classics START READING

El Evangelio según Tomás

Aquel que encuentre la interpretación de estas palabras no conocerá la muerte. Classics START READING

Rebel Raider by Henry Beam Piper

A short book about Moseby, the Confederate raider leader. Classics START READING

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce

The condemned man stands on a bridge, his hands bound behind his back. A noose is tied around his neck. In a moment he will meet his fate: DEATH BY HANGING. There is no escape. Or is there? Find ou... Classics START READING

The Duel by Joseph Conrad

Napoleon I., whose career had the quality of a duel against the whole of Europe, disliked duelling between the officers of his army. The great military emperor was not a swashbuckler, and had littl... Classics START READING

Hunted Down by Charles Dickens

One might not necessarily think of Dickens as a mystery writer, but detectives and criminals do figure into much of his work. This...gathers a dozen of his stories featuring cops of one kind or ano... Classics START READING

The Black Cat by Allan Poe

"The Black Cat" is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. It was first published in the August 19, 1843, edition of The Saturday Evening Post. It is a study of the psychology of guilt, often paired in a... Classics START READING

The Body Snatcher

he Body Snatcher is a short story by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894). First published in the Pall Mall Christmas "Extra" in December 1884, its characters were based on crimin... Classics START READING

The Copper beeches - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

"The Adventure of the Copper Beeches", one of the 56 short Sherlock Holmes stories written by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is the last of the twelve collected in The Adventures of Sherloc... Classics START READING

The Man who Passed by Edgar Wallace

MR. MANNERING was called "the Captain" in the village of Woodern Green, which is on the southern edge of Buckingham. Possibly because of his military appearance and the frigidity of his manner; tho... Classics START READING

The Poor Thing

By Robert Louis Stevenson Classics START READING

Two Hundred Thousand Francs Reward! by Maurice Leblanc

"Two Hundred Thousand Francs Reward" is a short story from "The Confessions of Arsène Lupin". Ten grippling short stories in which the world's premier thief looks back on a lifetime of adventure an... Classics START READING

La Metamorfosis

La Metamorfosis (Die Verwandlung, en su título original en alemán) es un relato de Franz Kafka, publicado en 1915 y que narra la historia de Gregor Samsa, un tratante de telas que vive con su famil... Classics START READING

Edipo Rey

Edipo rey (gr. Oι̉δίπoυς τύραννoς, Oidipous Tyrannos, lat. Oedipus Rex) es una tragedia griega de Sófocles, de fecha desconocida. Algunos indicios sugieren que pudo ser escrita en los años posterior... Classics START READING

Alicia en el país de las maravillas

El cuento está lleno de alusiones satíricas a los amigos de Dodgson, a la educación inglesa y a temas políticos de la época. El país de las maravillas es fundamentalmente creado a través de juegos ... Classics START READING

The overcoat

"The Overcoat" (Russian: Шинель, translit. Shinel; sometimes translated as "The Cloak") is a short story by Ukrainian-born Russian author Nikolai Gogol, published in 1842. The story and its author ... Classics START READING

Christmas every day

Who wouldn't want it to be Christmas every day of the year? In this classic story by W.D. Howells, a little girl gets her wish, and soon finds out what too much of a good thing really is. Soon pres... Classics START READING

The Revolutionist

Mikhail Petrovich Artsybashev was a Russian writer and playwright, and a major proponent of the literary style known as naturalism. He was the great grandson of Tadeusz Kościuszko and the father o... Classics START READING

The Divine Comedy

Dante Alighieri's poetic masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, is a moving human drama, an unforgettable visionary journey through the infinite torment of Hell, up the arduous slopes of Purgatory, and on... Classics START READING

Peter Pan

Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up and Peter and Wendy are the stage play and novel (respectively) which tell the story of Peter Pan, a mischievous little boy who can fly, and his adventure... Classics START READING

Black Canaan by Robert Ervin Howard

Black Canaan is a short story written by Robert E. Howard that was originally published in the June 1936 issue of Weird Tales. It is a regional horror story in the Southern Gothic mode, one of seve... Classics START READING

Mr. President by Stephen Arr

He had been overwhelmingly elected. Messages of sympathy poured in, but they couldn't help ... nothing could. Classics START READING

La narración de Arthur Gordon Pym

Cuando todos nos hubimos tranquilizado, nos pusimos a mirar la nave que se alejaba, hasta que se perdió de vista. El tiempo empeoraba y soplaba un ligero viento. En el preciso momento en que el buq... Classics START READING

En las Montañas de la Locura

«Me veo obligado a hablar, pues los hombres de ciencia se niegan a seguir mi consejo sin saber por qué. Si explico las razones por las que me opongo a esta planeada invasión de la Antártida—con su ... Classics START READING

El Principe Feliz

En lo alto de una columna se alzaba la estatua de oro del Príncipe Feliz. Una golondrina solitaria decidió cobijarse entre los pies del Príncipe. Así nació entre ellos una amistad pura y generosa, ... Classics START READING

The Happy Prince

A statue who, at one time, was a real prince. He was happy when alive, because he was kept ignorant of any sadness or suffering outside his palace walls. His life was one of joy and fulfilled desir... Classics START READING

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is a romantic novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story charts the emotional development of the protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet, who learns the error of making hast... Classics START READING

Lazarillo de Tormes

La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes y de sus fortunas y adversidades es una novela española anónima, escrita en primera persona y en estilo epistolar, cuyas ediciones conocidas más antiguas datan de 155... Classics START READING

Dear No One

A little something to my dear no one. Classics START READING

Machado de Assis - Dom Casmurro

Narrativa de vida de Bento Santiago, antes e depois de seu casamento com Capitu. (Capa provisória) Classics START READING

understand the incomprenhensible

Emily trata de resolver sus problemas y cuando lo hace le pasa algo que hizo que le diera un giro a su vida- Classics START READING

Sexual Harassment

The debate over sexual harassment has always been popular. The majority of campaigners were women, who presented their arguments. Sexual harassment is gender based. The most common of sexual harass... Classics START READING

Group Psychology and The Analysis of The Ego

Author: Sigmund Freud Translator: James Strachey Classics START READING

Joaquim Manuel de Macedo - A Moreninha

Livro que marca o inicio do romance romântico na ficção brasileira. Narra a história de Filipe, Leopoldo, Augusto e Fabrício e uma aposta que eles fazem durante a viagem para uma ilha. Classics START READING

A House of Pomegranates

A House of Pomegranates is a collection of whimisical short stories by Oscar Wilde. This collections includes the following tales: The Young King, The Birthday of the Infanta, The Fisherman and his... Classics START READING

The Twins of Table Mountain

Five short stories by famed American writer Bret Hare Classics START READING

Joaquim Manuel de Macedo - Luneta Mágica

Livro que marca o início do romance fantasioso na literatura brasileira. Traz a história de Simplício, personagem-narrador que sofre de grave miopia física,assim como miopia moral. Classics START READING

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby By Charles Dickens

Nicholas Nickleby; or, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby is a novel by Charles Dickens. Originally published as a serial from 1838 to 1839 Classics START READING

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Joaquim Manuel de Macedo - As Mulheres de Mantilha

Romance romantico cujo cenário é o Rio de Janeiro, na época em que a cidade era a capital do Brasil. Aborda temas polêmicos como a prostituição, a traição e homoafetividade entre mulheres. Classics START READING

Maldad del sistema Carcelario

El sistema carcelario vulnera Derechos Humanos... Classics START READING



l Honneur perdu et recouvré en partie et revanche... Par Jacques Cazotte

Jacques Cazotte, né le 7 octobre 1719 à Dijon et mort guillotiné le 25 septembre 1792 à Paris sur la place du Carrousel ,conseiller du roi en ses conseils, commissaire général de la marine (1760), ... Classics START READING

Cruelle Enigme. Par Paul Bourget

Cruelle énigme (1885) Paul Charles Bourget (Amiens, 2 septembre 1852 - Paris, 25 décembre 1935) était un écrivain français, romancier prolifique, dramaturge et essayiste. Critique de son temps, il ... Classics START READING

Castro Alves - Os Escravos

Poema com núcleo temático o problema da escravidão. Classics START READING

José de Alencar - Iracema

História sobre Iracema, a "virgem dos lábios do mel", representando tudo o que aconteceu na América, na época da colonização européia. Classics START READING

Cristianos y moriscos. Por S. Estébanez Calderón

Serafín Estébanez Calderón, también conocido por el seudónimo "El Solitario" (Málaga, 27 de diciembre de 1799 – Madrid; 15 de febrero de 1867), fue un escritor costumbrista, poeta, crítico taurino,... Classics START READING

Castro Alves - O Navio Negreiro

Poema sobre a trajetória marítima de uma embarcação que transportava escravos e a maneira cruel com que eles eram tratados. Classics START READING

Canciones de Reik en letra

Esto va a tratar sobre canciones de Reik que voy a subir en letra para quien se las quiera aprender aqui estan. Classics START READING

José de Alencar - O Guarani

história do índio Peri, braço direito do fidalgo português D. Antônio Mariz e apaixonado por Ceci, filha de Mariz. Primeira história da trilogia indianista de José de Alencar. Classics START READING

Machado de Assis - O Alienista

Médico, Simão Bacamarte passa a se interessar pela psiquiatria, iniciando um estudo sobre a loucura em Itaguaí, onde funda a Casa Verde - um típico hospício oitocentista -, arregimentando cobaias h... Classics START READING

Eça de Queirós - O primo Basílio

Romance que traz uma análise da família burguesa urbana no século XIX. Classics START READING

José de Alencar - Ubirajara

Terceiro livro da trilogia de José de Alencar, narra a história do caçador Jaguarê e a índia tocantim de nome Araci, filha do chefe da tribo. Classics START READING

Bernardo Guimarães - A Escrava Isaura

História de Isaura, escrava branca e educada, de caráter nobre, vítima de um senhor devasso. Escrito durante a campanha abolicionista de 1875, foi grande sucesso editorial. Classics START READING

Письмо к ученому соседу

Помещик пишет своему соседу, учёному, письмо, в котором зовёт последнего в гости, а попутно делиться сделанными лично им открытиями и опровергает открытия других мыслителей... - Антон Чехов Classics START READING


Михаил Евграфович Салтыков-Щедрин Classics START READING

Записки маркера

Рассказ «Записки маркёра» был написан Львом Толстым на Кавказе в пору своей молодости Classics START READING

Алые паруса

История жизни девочки Ассоль, в младенчестве потерявшей мать. Отец-моряк хорошо воспитал Ассоль, не мешая ей мечтать, верить в чудеса. Однажды девочка встретила в лесу старика-собирателя сказок Эгл... Classics START READING

Красное покрывало

«С карандашом в руке сидел я на восточном кладбище Арзерума, срисовывая один весьма красивый надгробник в виде часовни. Осеннее солнце клонилось за далекие горы Лазистана. Ярко отделялись на зареве... Classics START READING

Ночь на корабле

«…Ветер свежал, валы разыгрывались сильнее и сильнее – фрегат наш быстро катился по темной пучине океана. Заря давно уже потухла на краю пустого небосклона. Кругом темнело – и только вдали чернелис... Classics START READING

Создание Аспера

Судья Гаккер дурачит общество создавая несуществующих людей. Последнее его «изобретение» – благородный разбойник Аспер. Но, как известно, искусство требует жертв… © - Автор: Александр Грин Classics START READING

The Blazing World

The Description of a New World, Called The Blazing-World, better known as The Blazing World, is a 1666 work of prose fiction by English writer Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle. It has b... Classics START READING

Jemina, the Mountain Girl by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Written circa 1917, and published published much later in "Vanity Fair". It was later first published in book form in Tales of the Jazz Age in 1922. Written, like "Tarquin of Cheapside," while I w... Classics START READING

The Baby Party by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

The story centers on a young couple, John and Edith Andros. They are the parents of Ede, their two-and-half-year-old daughter. Although the prospect of having a child to continue his name and livel... Classics START READING

The Stolen Bacillus by H. G. Wells

Wells' short story depicts the interaction between a ostensibly absent-minded bacteriologist who invited a curious stranger to his lab. Classics START READING

L'Affaire Charles Dexter Ward

Providence, 1928, Charles Dexter Ward, un homme de vingt-six ans interné en maison de santé vient de disparaître sans laisser de trace. Le narrateur, Marinus Willet, médecin de la famille Ward dep... Classics START READING

Diario de un seductor

Fruto de su tormentosa relación con Regine Olsen y de sus meditaciones sobre el amor, el Diario de un seductor es, con seguridad, la obra que más fama ha reportado a Sören Kierkegaard (1813-1855). ... Classics START READING

Daughters of the Vicar by David Herbert Lawrence

A bleak, unrelenting tale of poverty and loss, Lawrence’s expertly crafted novella chillingly examines man’s increasing inability to love and be loved. Looking for acceptance from his new congregat... Classics START READING

The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes by H.G. Wells

The transitory mental aberration of Sidney Davidson, remarkable enough in itself, is still more remarkable if Wade's explanation is to be credited. It sets one dreaming of the oddest possibilities ... Classics START READING

Aepyornis Island by H. G. Wells

In the story, a man looking for eggs of Aepyornis, an extinct flightless bird, passes two years alone on a small island with an Aepyornis that has hatched. Classics START READING

Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hawthorne's classic tale of a young Puritan's meeting with the Devil. Classics START READING

Война мышей и лягушек

Собираясь перелагать на русский язык древнегреческую пародию на «Илиаду» - поэму «Батрахомиомахия» («Война мышей и лягушек»), Вас. Жуковский написал предысторию этой войны, о мирной поначалу беседе... Classics START READING

La princesse Flora

Èlie-Petrovitch Pravdine, capitaine-lieutenant sur la frégate russe l'Espérance, a une passion exclusive pour la mer, son bateau et ses hommes. Il fait la connaissance d'une très belle femme, la pr... Classics START READING

Maria de Jorge Isaacs

La historia de Maria, una novela clásica de las letras hispanas Classics START READING

Bonita of El Cajon

Silent film from 1911 with Jessalyn Van Trump (1887–1939) as Bonita, J. Warren Kerrigan (1879–1947) as Jack Dickson, the Sheriff, Jack Richardson (1870–1960) as the outlaw lieutenant and George Pe... Classics START READING

Hacking human

A sexy gurl and her strange ghost, having fun making computers and adventures noises...;) Story by Robert Finch, art by Gregory Floch. A page each week until the end...;) Visual Story Classics START READING

El Extraño caso del Dr. Jekyll y Mr. Hyde

El extraño caso del doctor Jekyll y Mister Hyde debate al protagonista en una lucha interna entre el bien y el mal, desencadenando una serie de crímenes que suceden en la nublada y tenebrosa Londre... Classics START READING

Religião do Islam

O Profeta Muhammad (que a paz e as bênçãos estejam sobre ele) nasceu em Makkah no ano 570 DC. Classics START READING