Inktober challenge 2017 How to enter the contest

About Inktober Challenge and how to participate

  • The Inktober challenge is a worldwide initiative by Jake Parker.
  • Inkspired has joined this initiative by providing a platform to artists to upload and publish their drawings in the form of a Visual Story.
  • Any person can participate by signing-up on, uploading a Visual Story with 31 chapters during October, each one with its own "daily art", using the hashtag #Inktober and #Inktober2017. Each title of a chapter must contain the number of the day along with its title.
  • Using to participate in this challenge is free.
  • All arts should be property of their own authors, and follow the general guideline of the Inktober initiative.
  • The visual stories should be uploaded and completed by 23:59 of the 31st of October, with their proper hashtags.
  • About the votes: To win votes, stories will need to earn 'likes' from readers by cliking on the 'heart icon' on the story's chapters.
  • About the award: The winner will be the user with a visual story with the most likes during October, and should have complied with all the rules of the challenge. The winner will be featured on Inkspired's web and mobile platforms during November 2017.
  • About the Jury: All visual stories will be voted/liked by readers of our community, so we encourage you to boost your chances by self-promoting your work on your social networks.

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