The Witch of Red

She was a monstrosity, literally and figuratively. Incubus and Succubus are rare, and because of that, they were only supposed to have full blooded children. Then she, and her beloved twin, were born. Half of something that should be whole. By granting wishes and taking others lust in the form of a kiss, she hopes to change her fate. (non erotic...
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Angels Of Three

Angels watch over both the faithful and wayward.
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Possessive Love Song - Part 1

This story is about a university student name, Aiden Vyce, who kept dreaming something out of his senses. Unknown to him, those dreams means more than he could ever image. Four Overlords from another world descended into his world dimension, searching for the soul of someone not yet forgotten, each with their own intentions. But one thing simila...
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Roommate from another era

Lukas George Michael is seemingly a atypical American young adult with a fairly mundane life. A man who is willing to put up with far more then what he usually would when it comes to simply getting through another day. After turning in from a long day's work to game his sorrows away, Lukas is rudely interrupted from a portal opening up in his ow...
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Powerful Elements

A young man hoping to make it as an officer at the academy in a world where each person controls one element.
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Tournament Of Naioko

An epic tournament for the strongest warrior.
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The Awakening

Nolan Reese is a newcomer in Ravenville, a city dominated by greed and, as he will discover, by the creatures of the night. No one is prepared to be consumed by the city's bloody darkness. Story participating in the challenge "The English Writer" of The Authors Cup 2020.
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The Girl Who Bites Back

Non Verified story This book is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Samantha (Sam) Masters. For Sam, puberty came not only with periods and acne but also with very strange manifestations, such as constant hunger, allergy to garlic, and increased sensitivity to sunlight. Oh yes, Sam turned out to be a vampire. But not the one who languidly stares at the moon and on...
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The Kult of Salom'Sileyu

Non Verified story An attack from an ancient god, a government determined to cover it up, and a heartbroken elfan maiden certain to find answers, embark on a journey of mystery, terror, and strange magic as Ayela navigates her aching heart and the cosmic powers at work behind a series of strange events. What will she discover as she seeks out the mysterious Kult o...
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Karma Callaway: And the Unlikely Ally

Non Verified story It's normal to be different from everyone else. That's kind of ironic since being different is normal. However, things like age, skin tone, hair colour or ethnicity don't compare to how Karma Callaway is different from his friends. Whilst following him through all the action, antics and horror leading up to an experiment that would have destroye...
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Living As Trash Villain.

Non Verified story Liam, 26-year-old guy, gets transmitted into a novel he read before his operation. And the body he possesses is going to die soon. How he will change the story in order to live.
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The Fantasy

Non Verified story This is book about fantasy that all of have at some point of time.
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Vampire Stories

Non Verified story Damien fell in love this girl that is human, and she does not know that he is a vampire with a scary past, and the only way for her to know is if he tells her.
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A Baby Boy and His Appa and Family

Non Verified story A lonely Alpha found a baby boy in the woods A snowstorm is brewing Luckily, a caring Omega found them almost freezing to death. The caring Omega called his best friend for help. A grumpy Alpha, but he is a prominent doctor. Then they stay at the house of a bubbly and enthusiastic Beta for the time being until the snowstorm has passed. Alon...
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Non Verified story The supernatural ability awakens Within humans until it grows out of control.
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