This work is full of symbolism about life, friendship, hope and faith. Blue is an archer who decides to leave the village Torture, where she lived for a long time, and that time could not last any longer. She needed to get on the road and search for Peace. A mythical place for many, revealed by The Master as a unique corner for each one, and tru...
11 CHAPTERS 1.4k views 5 4 New chapter Every week

Coming Of The Reaper

A Man named Steve has been having chronic nightmare since he was six. he never thought the nightmares were tales of things to come. he tries to resist his future... the coming of the Reaper is soon...
6 CHAPTERS 3.1k views 1 2 New chapter Every 30 days

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A Witches Life: The Bloodline Curse

Part of the Universe of AWL Alternate Earth Annie, a just turning 16 year old teen, discovers that her whole life may have to change, due to the curse of her family Bloodline awakening. can she fend off the curse to her life?
15 CHAPTERS 3.6k views 1 6 New chapter Every 30 days

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Spider's Edge

Spider’s Edge hovers on the border between the magical and the mundane, between the living and the dead, between the violent and the peaceful. It is like nothing any of us have ever seen before. And it is about to explode. My author website:
4 CHAPTERS 1.6k views 2 3 New chapter Every 15 days

Death of a King

Katherine did not want to return to the Institute. The monolithic establishment- born from dead Gods and mandated to protect humankind- is broken. It is also a painful reminder of her dead girlfriend. But old enemies have resurfaced, and Institute strongholds around the world are falling under vicious attacks from beasts and faceless armies. She...
18 CHAPTERS 4.1k views 22 11 New chapter Every 15 days

The Guardian of The Night

Sometimes life tests man in such a way that he becomes silent. He cannot express himself even if he wants to. Nor can he make a decision for himself. Be thankful for all the struggles you go through. They make you stronger, wiser, and humble. DON'T LET IT BREAK YOU! LET IT MAKE YOU!
#1 in Urban Fantasy 6 CHAPTERS 16.6k views 28 18 Story completed

Eyes Of The Secret

“I want to hide away from the secrets. And for those I already know of, I want to disappear…” Elena Martinez is a 20-year old college student. She has a dream or a nightmare—like every normal person—but this one was different. She knew it. When she starts to see the dream come to life, she becomes scared. She meets an Angel, who tells her he wa...
19 CHAPTERS 17.7k views 98 13 Story completed

Living As Trash Villain.

Liam, 26-year-old guy, gets transmitted into a novel he read before his operation. And the body he possesses is going to die soon. How he will change the story in order to live.
1 chapter 1.9k views 1 New chapter Every 2 days

The Alphas Lost Luna

At ten years old, Elizabeth lost her family, her parents are dead, her elder brother taken by rouges, her twin went away for training when they were seven. She was made Omega because of a threat from an Alpha mastermind behind the rouge attack because of a grudge he holds against her father. Now eight years later she meets Alpha King Eros Black,...
2 CHAPTERS 3.1k views 2 New chapter Every Monday

After You

The first "Transmutation" story. Eight people, four of whom from the real world and the other four from various fictional worlds, are whisked right out of wherever they were into a different realm, named by a mysterious voice as "the world of Pistevo". With no other way to address that voice, the eight simply call him "Pistevo". They are subsequ...
32 CHAPTERS 601 views 3 9 Story completed

God's faulted star [unedited]

Mukhetwa is forced to leave everything she has ever known when her family has to move to a new city. Her life is turned upside down by her so called friends. Find out if her Christian morals will stick or will Lucifer get his way when she finds out the truth about the fault in God's star
7 CHAPTERS 10.0k views 6 5 New chapter Every week

Mera and the Power of Dreamcatcher

"There are deadly dangers hidden in the darkness, there are horrors in our nightmares, there are monsters living in our minds, there is a power within the dreamcatchers to fight them." Mera Alba Celeste is a young girl who believed to overcome the terror of her darkest dreams, until she discovers in one night that she will have to take part in a...
12 CHAPTERS 13.3k views 7 New chapter Every Sunday

My Mate

Victoria has no friends she keeps to herself. She plans to save more money before she leaves that town but she didn't know an innocent walk into the forest would lead her to him. Seth he can be ruthless and cold at times he had to be he is the alpha's son. After all, he took one look at her and he knew she was strange but she was his mate.
1 chapter 7.1k views 2 4 New chapter Every 30 days

The Witch of Red

She was a monstrosity, literally and figuratively. Incubus and Succubus are rare, and because of that, they were only supposed to have full blooded children. Then she, and her beloved twin, were born. Half of something that should be whole. By granting wishes and taking others lust in the form of a kiss, she hopes to change her fate. (non erotic...
3 CHAPTERS 10.0k views 6 10 New chapter Every 30 days

Powerful Elements

A young man hoping to make it as an officer at the academy in a world where each person controls one element.
1 chapter 8.3k views 2 4 New chapter Every 30 days

Angels Of Three

Angels watch over both the faithful and wayward.
1 chapter 10.0k views 2 Story completed

Tournament Of Naioko

An epic tournament for the strongest warrior.
1 chapter 9.9k views 2 6 New chapter Every 10 days

Roommate from another era

Lukas George Michael is seemingly a atypical American young adult with a fairly mundane life. A man who is willing to put up with far more then what he usually would when it comes to simply getting through another day. After turning in from a long day's work to game his sorrows away, Lukas is rudely interrupted from a portal opening up in his ow...
10 CHAPTERS 15.5k views 1 7 Story completed

The Awakening

Nolan Reese is a newcomer in Ravenville, a city dominated by greed and, as he will discover, by the creatures of the night. No one is prepared to be consumed by the city's bloody darkness. Story participating in the challenge "The English Writer" of The Authors Cup 2020.
3 CHAPTERS 4.7k views 3 2 Story completed

A Long and Lasting Love

Non Verified story Title: A Long and Lasting Love Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Vampire Romance Summary: Forever is a long time... And many people wish for that forever... But what if you have that forever... And yet, there is always something missing... And then one day... Someone came to your life that fills the void of emptiness in your life... But th...
1 chapter 76 views 1 New chapter Every 30 days

The story of kila the pero

Non Verified story This is a story of a young pero who was abandoned by her flock and has to find a way to survive. As she gets old and the moths go by she will learn on how to survive.
3 CHAPTERS 31 views New chapter Everyday

The Witch Spell

Non Verified story The Witch Spell Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Fantasy World Synopsis: There was a Kingdom There was a Royal Family There was an Evil Witch There was a Curse There was a Prophecy There was a Baby From the Series "Fantasy World"
1 chapter 104 views New chapter Every 30 days

A Boy and A Girl

Non Verified story Title: A Boy and A Girl Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Travel Through Time Synopsis: There was a boy. There was a girl. They lived in two different worlds. They lived in two different lives. One suffers from the moment he exists. One was living in a wonderful life. Their life intertwined with each other by mercy. Will their encounter b...
1 chapter 226 views 1 New chapter Every 30 days

Alpha Liam

Non Verified story She could here the call but was jess ready for what may lay ahead
1 chapter 138 views New chapter Every 10 days

The Blood Family: Book And One

Non Verified story The stories about the first supernatural, how they became who they are. this story follow the story of Anniessa the queen of vampires. The life that she wants and the life her grandmother wants.
1 chapter 1 views New chapter Every 15 days

Life After You

Non Verified story Eight people, four of whom from the real world and the other four from various fictional worlds, are whisked right out of wherever they were into a different realm, named by a mysterious voice as "the world of Pistevo". With no other way to address that voice, the eight simply call him "Pistevo". They are subsequently assigned into four pairs an...
17 CHAPTERS 5.4k views 3 New chapter Every week


Non Verified story On his sixteen birthday, Samael died saving his friend and was brought back to life by the God of Darkness, Ranul. Now, with a god living inside of him, he's become something not quite human, not quite divine -a deifer-that an organization known as Deicidium desperately wants to kill once more. To prevent his own death, he must work with the De...
1 chapter 115 views New chapter Every week


Non Verified story Des ouvriers construisaient un édifice dans un chantier.Soudain, un jour on vient de leur déclarer que tous les matériaux qu'ils utilisaient ont augmenter.Que vont-ils faire continuer ou arrêter de travailler .....Pour connaître la suite ...lisez leur aventure...
12 CHAPTERS 1.2k views 1 1 New chapter Every 2 days